Thursday, October 20, 2016

Self Help Radio 161019: The Past

(Original image here.)

Now that this week's show has happened in the past, the fact that it is - or was - about the past makes it seem, to me, more authentic, & yet more poignant.  More nostalgic, & yet more wistful.  More appropriate, & yet more regrettable.  More timely, & yet more ill-conceived.  You get the idea.

There is something I have to tell you.  While I was live-tweeting the show, I was watching the last presidential debate.  It didn't cause any major mistakes, though I missed some zingers doing airbreaks, but please don't think I'm a bad hombre for multitasking.  At least I didn't come across as some kind of nasty woman!

Anyway, that's all in the past.  The show about the past which aired in the past happens to exist now & into the future some at the Self Help Radio website.  As was true in the past, to access the show you'll need a username & a password.  These are on the website.  They're not hard to find.  The songs I played are listed on the website & below.  The people I interviewed are not, however.  You'll have to listen to hear them.

Now, to the future!

(part one)

"Forward Into The Past" Firesign Theatre _Forward Into The Past_
"The Past" Screamin' Jay Hawkins _The Best Of Red Top Records, Vol. 2_

"I Am The Past" Eleanor Friedberger _Personal Record_
"Ivory Past" Felt _The Pictorial Jackson Review_
"Past Is Getting Near" Joe Berluck _The Erotic Voice Of Joe Berluck_
"I Don't Care About Your Past" Ella Washington _Southern Grooves_

"The Past Sure Is Tense" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band _Ice Cream For Crow_
"My Sordid Past" Half Japanese _Greatest Hits_
"Drunk In My Past" X _More Fun In The New World_
"The Past Comes Back To Haunt Me" Calvin Johnson _What Was Me_

"A Past Gone Mad" The Fall _The Infotainment Scan_
"Leave My Past Behind" Mike Franco _Humma-Humma-Hummin' Bird_

(part two)

"Journey Thru The Past" Neil Young _Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972_
"If This Were The Past" Alsace Lorraine _Through Small Windows_
"Past Lovers" Ballboy _The Sash My Father Wore & Other Stories_

"The Past" Edges Of Wisdom _On The Fringes Of Freaked Out Lunacy_
"Past, Present, & Future" The Shangri-Las _Golden Hits Of The Shangri-Las_
"Past Lives" Langhorne Slim & The Law _The Way We Move_
"Talk About The Past" The Wake _Testament: Best Of The Wake_

"The Past & The Future" The Purple Persians _The Past & The Future_
"Past Lives" Mighty Clouds _Mighty Clouds_
"Heyday Past Heyday Due" Nodzz _Innings_
"Danger In The Past" Robert Forster _Danger In The Past_

"Here Comes The Past" St. Christopher _Man, I Could Scream_
"Part Past Part Fiction" The Chills _Submarine Bells_

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Whither The Past?

(Image from here.)

Self Help Radio is stuck in the past.  Think about it.  A full one hundred percent of the music played on the show was made in the past.  This is undeniable!  Perhaps at some point - in the past - live music was made during the show, in the show's present, but that never happens now.  & music from the future?  Besides it being impossible, it's not something the show has ever even tried!

& you already know this: the show is pre-recorded!  Even when it airs live in Lexington, it was made over a day before.  This is true!  As this blog post is being written, the show that will air tonight has already been recorded.  The show exists only in the past, as far as you're concerned.  There's nothing you can do right now to change it.  Me neither!

Let us then celebrate the past, where much of what we love is, & where we eventually, like everything, will end up.  The past is where most of everyone who ever was is, & while hopefully you & I will still be in the future for a very long time, we'll most likely spend most of the time we exist in time in the past, until time itself ends.

Damn, this got heavy!  Dude, it's just a radio show!  & you know what?  It's on from 9-11 pm in Lexington (that's 8-10pm Central) on 93.9 fm WLXU + everywhere at Lexington Community Radio dot org (select WLXU pleez).

& yes, it's on during the final debate.  One thing I can promise you is no one of the show will threaten to jail any presidential candidate once elected.  Guaranteed!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Preface To The Past: Me Vs. The Past

Hm, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this here before but I have a very particular recurring dream which has to do with the past.  In this dream, I am at some point in my life - it isn't really ever the same point - it'll be the summer before my eighth grade year, or the middle of my ninth-grade year, or the first few weeks of college, or right before my college girlfriend betrayed me & broke my heart - it's never a time or place that I have deliberately chosen or was thinking about recently - but in these dreams, I'm not reliving a memory.  No, I am back there physically as well as mentally, except I remember everything that comes after, to the point of time at which I am having the dream.

Not only am I completely aware of the situation - I understand immediately what's going on - I also know that I am being given a second chance.  A do-over.  I know everything that's going to go wrong, & now, I can sidestep it.  & though the dreams don't last all that long, it's what I immediately set out to do.  I begin the process of re-organizing my life to avoid things that I know will sooner or later fuck me up, & I do so immediately.

One reason I think I do this, in the dreams, is that I am not entirely sure that my brain will retain the memories of the life that's already happen, which I am changing.  In at least two of the dreams that I can remember, I find a notebook & start writing down an outline of my life which I hope will help me retain the memories, although, you know, if I didn't remember what something like "1998 - Susan" meant, it might not help me when it's 1998 & I meet Susan & I don't recall what I did to screw everything up.

The reason I mention this is because I do dwell on the past a lot, & often wish I could have a chance to go back & make some changes to get through difficult moments I barely survived (or really, really hated living through).  But there's a reason to think a second go at things wouldn't really help, & that reason is: I continue to do stupid things even though I should "know better."  This, certainly, is the human condition.  To be entirely aware one is making the same mistake or mistakes one made earlier, & to be completely helpless to stop oneself from doing so.

You may ask, do I continue to have the dreams?  I do, & sometimes they're frightening in their attention to detail.  I'm sure I have them & often don't remember them, but when I do remember them, I am struck by the weird moments it picks for me to "re-start."  Sometimes it's pretty recent - I had a dream in the last year that began the first time I stepped into WRFL, in the summer of 2010 - & sometimes they're very far away.  When I was in first grade, one day, when it was probably ten am, & we were sent out to recess, my exhausted, unhappy brain thought it was the end of the day, & I ran all the home, surprising my mother, who was watching daytime TV & ironing clothes.  She had to walk me back to school, embarrassed for me (I was embarrassed, too).  In the dream, I was standing on the edge of the school, about to cross Saturn Road, ready to run home, when I realized where & when my consciousness had placed me.  Instead of running home, in the dream, I crept back to the playground of Caldwell Elementary & blended in.

The mind holds so many memories that it can access at the strangest times!

This, then, is my way of describing to you my adversarial relationship with the past - my past, specifically.  The thing is, it's pretty obvious which side is winning.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Fall Vs. The Past

(The Fall circa 2005.  Picture from here.)

My favorite band in the world is the Fall.  Ask me about it sometime.  If it were up to me, I'd play them on every radio show I do.  But on Self Help Radio, they have to have a song that fits the theme, & sometimes they don't.

However, this week's show - which is about the past - finds three obvious Fall songs that I could play.  They are:

"Futures & Pasts"

"A Past Gone Mad"

"The Past # 2"

I have to play one of them.  Which one should I play, though?

Do you have a favorite?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Here's Something I Like

The web comic Jake Likes Onions.  Here's the most recent one:

Enjoy it at the comic's website & follow it on Tumblr & shit!  It's awesome.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Self Help Radio Anniversary Extra!

The elephants are waiting in a line for this.  (Image from here.)

When I was gathering music for this show, I faced a bit of a conundrum: there were lots of elephant songs that were instrumentals.  I have nothing against instrumentals, but I generally only use them on Self Help Radio to talk over during airbreaks.  Perhaps if the show were longer...  But as it is, I like the songs on the show to be about whatever the theme is.  Sometimes an instrumental feels a little like a cheat.

But seeing as it's the show's anniversary week, & seeing as I usually give out a gift for the show's anniversary, I figured I needed to do something, even if it that something were a little cheap.  This year, I give you an extra mix of songs about elephants, all of which happen to be instrumentals.  There's an hour of them, which means I could totally have filled an entire sixty more minutes with elephant songs.  Oh well.  Maybe in a different radio world...

The mix has been placed on the Self Help Radio Extra page.  I used to make extra mixes like this many moons ago, but stopped when I was doing so many fills at RFL.  Does that mean I may start doing them again?  Maybe.  But maybe not.  Don't hassle me!

Here's the tracklisting.  Hope you dig!

"Pink Elephants" Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang _Wild Cats_
"Jive Elephant" Rahsaan Roland Kirk _The Complete Mercury Recordings Of Roland Kirk_
"Elephant Trail" Les Baxter _African Jazz_
"Elephant Soul" Baja Marimba Band _For Animals Only_
"Elephant Stomp" The Dragons _Troll_
"Wild Elephants" James Clarke _Ready, Steady Boogaloo!_
"Elephant" The Philly Four _The Sound Of Philadelphia: Philadelphia Roots Vol. 2_
"Mama Elephant" E. Cap _The Sound Gallery, Vol. 2_
"Pink Elephants" Mick Harvey _Pink Elephants_
"A Great Visitation Of Elephants" The Jazz Butcher _Illuminate_
"March Of The Triumphant Elephants" Eggs _Exploder_
"Disruptive Elephant" Isan _Salle D'Isan_
"Elephant Ride" State Of Bengal _South.Asian.Summer_
"Elephant Man" Eat Static _Decadance_
"Elephant Generators" Solvent _New Ways_
"Elephant Takeover" Me & You _Floating Heavy_

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Self Help Radio 101216: Elephants - The 14th Anniversary Show!

(Original image here.)

Fourteen years later, here's what Self Help Radio has come to.  A show about elephants.  Elephants!  Still trying to prove its coolness by hanging around impossibly cool people & things.  What's next?  A fifteenth anniversary show about the Fonz?  Pathetic.

Actually, no.  Self Help Radio is happy to be fourteen years old & who cares if no one likes the themes.  It likes its theme fine.  It was fun to do a show about elephants twelve years ago but if was way more fun to do one this past week.  Because even though the show is going through puberty, & its face is way too spotty, & its voice cracks in awkward moments, it is in fact older, & feels a little smarter, & hopes it can one day muster up the courage to talk to radio shows of the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, elephantophiles can enjoy the show now & whenever at the Self Help Radio website.  You know about the username & password, right?  They're on the front page.  The elephant songs I played are below.  The interviews are not, so you have to listen to know who's being interviews.

Here's to fourteen more years!

(part one)

"Oliphant The Elephant" Tiny Tim _For All My Little Friends_
"Ellie The Elegant Elephant" Dick "Two Ton" Baker _I Like Stinky Cheese_
"Elephant Talk" King Crimson _Discipline_

"The Elephant & The Ass" Morry Goodson & Sonny Vale _Songs For Political Action: Folk Music, Topical Songs & The American Left 1935-1954 - Charter Records 1946-1949_
"The Mighty Mighty Elephant" Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine _Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine_
"Elephantoplasty" Monty Python _Matching Tie & Handkerchief_
"The Elephant's Graveyard" The Boomtown Rats _Mondo Bongo_
"Elephantine" Kitchens Of Distinction _Elephantine E.P._

"Elephant Stone" The Stone Roses _The Stone Roses_
"Elephant King" Yellow Ostrich _Strange Land_
"Pink Elephants On Parade" Circus Contraption _The Half-Wit's Descent_
"Pink Elephants" Phil Harris & His Orchestra _The Uncollected Phil Harris & His Orchestra - 1933_

"The Elephant Song" Marty Feldman _The Crazy World Of Marty Feldman_
"The Elephant" The Virgin-Whore Complex _Stay Away From My Mother_

(part two)

"White Elephant" Volcano Suns _All Night Lotus Party_
"Elephant Germs" Digital Dinosaurs _Messthetics Greatest Hiss_
"Nellie The Elephant" Toy Dolls _Cheerio & Toodlepip! (The Complete Singles)_

"The Monkey & The Elephant" Bobby Bare & The Family _Singing In The Kitchen_
"When I See An Elephant Fly" Robbie Fulks _O Mickey, Where Art Thou?_
"An Elephant Never Forgets" Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra _It's Five Fifteen & Time For Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra_
"Elephant Memory" Smack Dab _Majestic Root_

"Zousan (Little Elephant)" Elizabeth Mitchell _You Are My Little Bird_
"Effervescing Elephant" Syd Barrett _Wouldn't You Miss Me: The Best Of Syd Barrett_
"Elegant Elephant" Broadcast _Mother Is The Milky Way_
"Elephant Candy" The Fun & Games _Elephant Candy_
"Elephant Game (Part I)" Renfro & Jackson _Elephant Game_

"No Elephants" Lisa Germano _No Elephants_
"Zólty Ston" Novi Singers _Bossa Nova_

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Whither Elephants?

(Image from here.)

Why a radio show about elephants?  Why not a radio show about elephants?  Why has it taken me so long to do a radio show about elephants?  (Since, you know, the first time I did a radio show about elephants, it wasn't really on the radio.)

This begs the question: if Self Help Radio hasn't done a show about elephants, what animals has Self Help Radio spent time with?  Let me look: Lionstigers.  Cats & dogs.  Spiders & snakes.  Dolphins & whales.  Rabbits, mice & rats.  Frogs, turtles, alligators & crocodiles.  Ants, bees, & worms.  & a whole menagerie of birds:  Crows, chickens, ducks, owls, & swans.  & yet, no elephants.

How could this be?  It doesn't matter; we rectify this situation today!  The Self Help Radio show about elephants airs from 9-11pm Eastern, 8-10pm Central, on 93.9 fm WLXU in the city of Lexington, & everywhere at Lexington Community Radio dot org.  So many songs about elephants plus interviews with elephant experts & the like.

Look, I know I'm not capable of making a show as majestic as these creatures, but I trust they'd forgive me, as they are not egotistical in any way.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Preface To Elephants: A Show That Wasn't

Look!  It's another damn playlist!

Above is the playlist reflecting the first time Self Help Radio did a show about elephants.  You see, eight years ago, when the show was six years old, I said to myself, "Since I'm in this for the long haul, & since I have made a promise to myself to never revisit themes, maybe I can make an excuse, & revisit themes that I've done on my anniversary shows."  & so it has been the case.

But!  If you look at the header for the playlist above, it says, "Imaginary Radio Show."  What's up with that?

You can one day sit with me in a bar & drink beer & I'll tell you the long version, but since we're on the computer together, & I'm all out of beer, I will tell you the short version here:

The radio station which aired Self Help Radio, KOOP Austin, was a very political place, with camps competing for control of its meager resources & especially its airwaves.  To get a sense, here is a web page describing a struggle that happened at the station at the end of the last century, before I came aboard.  The people whose fight is detailed in that web page, alas, lost.

At some point during my first few years at KOOP, I became involved in the more political aspects of the station, although I was at first skeptical that dirty tricks could be played on me, the goofy guy who did a silly show.  I was elected to the Community Council, the body that chose the Board of Directors.  The opposition won that election, but it was pretty obvious there were shenanigans.  I spoke about them, asked questions about them, & became a political enemy of the opposition.

My own penchant for being a big dork & saying stupid things backfired on me, & was used by them to take my show away from me.  I came back from a visit to New York to discover I was suspended "indefinitely."  I continued to volunteer - I felt obligated to do so as an elected representative of the station, but, missing my show, during that summer of 2004, I continued to make an episode of Self Help Radio a week, sharing mp3s with friends.  I made playlists of the songs I gathered & noted the show on the website as "imaginary."

The suspension didn't last for more than a couple of months, & the people who suspended me made even more egregious mistakes (not the least of which was not paying attention to the station's by-laws) & were out by the end of the year.  That's a pretty interesting tale in itself.  But - not enough beer!

Maybe the fact that they suspended me on petty grounds helped the station recognize the need for more transparency & democracy (later on, the by-laws were changed to allow direct election of Board members by the station membership, for example), & if so, it was worth it to sit out two months of radio, even if it was & has always been the thing I love to do the most.  But how would I know such things?  In the middle of it, it was pretty awful.

Now, though, the elephant show can be actual instead of imaginary.  & it's happening tomorrow night!

(By the way - on the show tomorrow, I will play only seven or eight of the songs I "played" on that first show - which is a reason to revisit themes - new stuff is always out there!)

Fourteen Years Ago

There it is, the first playlist from the first Self Help Radio, which aired at 2pm Central on October 9, 2002 (a Wednesday) on 91.7 fm KOOP in Austin.  There are some things to note about that show.

1) There appears to be a Self Help Radio show before the first Self Help Radio.  It's not.  At that time period there was a show called "The Pilot Show" which I, as a member of the Training Committee, oversaw.  That particular day, the trainee either flaked or there wasn't a trainee scheduled - so it was up to me to fill the hour.  Most probably I knew there was no one scheduled for that time, which is why I had a theme prepared.

2) Technically, I had done a couple of theme-based shows previous to this one, on a Friday morning slot that I had to give up.  (I sort of told the story here, but suffice it to say, I could do either slot, but the fellow who had the Wednesday show would have preferred Friday, & I said cool.)  I don't count those because I didn't have a name for the show nor an intro.  This show felt like the beginning to me.

3) There is a misspelling of a band on the very first playlist there that I have corrected (on the html; I haven't uploaded it to the server yet) that has been there as long as I've had playlists on my website.  My apologies to the band.  & how embarrassing for me!

4) So eager was I to show off how many songs I had for a particular theme that I couldn't fit into an hour-long show that, for the first few playlists, I noted a few of those leftover songs.  That's what that "more war not broadcast" line means.  I soon realized that was dumb, & stopped doing it.

5) You might be curious why my first show would be about war.  Well, at the time, we had a President who desperately wanted to go to war with a country called Iraq, & was frantically looking for (& not finding, so fabricating) evidence to go to war.  Everyone knows that the United States invaded Iraq in March of the next year, but war was in the air already in October.  My friends & I really, really hoped the warmongering would lead to Bush losing in Congress, but also in the air was the spirit of 9/11.  So, darn.

That may be all to note.  I have the show on cassette somewhere, & that cassette is still in Lexington, or maybe I'd digitize it & share it.  Maybe next year!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fourteen Years

Here are some things that may happen to you once you're fourteen years old:

According to this,

"By age 14, it's common for teens to:

show signs of puberty:
in boys, testicular enlargement is followed by penile lengthening & the growth of pubic hair; most boys start puberty between 9 & 15 years of age;
girls continue breast development, grow pubic hair, & possibly begin menstruation. The first menstrual period usually occurs by age 13, but can come as late as age 15;
both have oily skin &/or acne;
both yearn for peer acceptance, independence, & time to be alone;
both focus on personal appearance & behavior (because they think all eyes are on them)"

There's more here.

It's very hard to think of Self Help Radio going through puberty because I don't want to have to deal with that again.

Or do radio shows age differently than human beings?  & if so, how?

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Self Help Radio 100516: Who's The Boss?

(Original image here.)

Who is the boss?  Well, it takes two hours, four interviews, & twenty-seven songs, but you will find out definitively on this hard-hitting episode of Self Help Radio.  Please note: no Tony Danzas were harmed in the making of this show.  We couldn't live with ourselves otherwise.

More importantly, who is your boss?  Unfortunately, we didn't want to pry, so that secret remains undiscovered.  You of course know who your boss is - unless you work for a Mason - but it's certainly not something you need to share, say, in the comments below this.  No one cares.  But if you want to share, also include a picture of your boss.  Tony Danza will want to know who he needs to punch.

Whatever you boss orientation (as if there's such a thing), there's an entire radio show about bosses available now for your not-safe-for-work pleasure at Self Help Radio the website dot net.  It's in two parts.  What songs were played is in each part.  To listen to the interviews, you have to listen to the whole show.  Sorry!  The boss told me that was the rule.

Get back to work!

(part one)

"Brand New Life (Who's The Boss Theme)" Larry Weiss _100 Greatest TV Themes, Vol. 3_
"Hey Boss Man" Ray Smith _The Sun Years Plus_
"Say Boss Man" Bo Diddley _The Chess Box_
"The Boss" James Brown & The JB's _The Singles, Volume 8: 1972-1973_

"Big Boss Man" Bobbie Gentry _The Delta Sweete_
"Working For The Man" Mental As Anything _Creatures Of Leisure_
"Capitalistic Boss (Part 1)" Saul Aarons _Songs For Political Action: Folk Music, Topical Songs & The American Left 1935-1954: Theatre & Cabaret Performers 1936-1941_
"Hallo Boss, Hallo" Bill Ramsey _Ohne Krimi Geht Die Mimi..._

"Maggie's Farm" Solomon Burke _How Many Roads (Black America Sings Bob Dylan)_
"I'm Gonna Be Boss From Now On" Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys _San Antonio Rose_
"Boss Of Me" They Might Be Giants _A User's Guide To They Might Be Giants_
"Boss Of Me" David Bowie _The Next Day_

"The Boss's Daughter" Gene Pitney _The Best Of Gene Pitney_
"You're The Boss" Cud _Elvis Belt_

(part two)

"The Boss/Dump The Bosses Off Your Back" Utah Phillips _We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years_
"Boss Inside" Adam Green _Minor Love_
"Summertime Blues" Eddie Cochran _Somethin' Else: The Fine Lookin' Hits Of Eddie Cochran_

"Boss Man" Dean Hawley _The Dore Doo-Wop Story, Vol. 3_
"Boss Lady" The Detroit Cobras _Life, Love, & Leaving_
"Boss" The Bolshoi _Books On The Bonfire_
"Executive Dive" Dicks _These People_

"Space Boss" T.Rex _Bolan's Zip Gun Boogie_
"Please Mr. Boss Man" Candy Man & Gumption Band _Please Mr. Boss Man_
"Boss" Aceyalone _Leanin' On Slick_
"Do The Brown Nose" The Dead Milkmen _Metaphysical Graffiti_

"Boss" Screaming Females _Castle Talk_
"Boss Man" Alan Moorhouse _Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend, Vol. 2_

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Whither Bosses?

(Image from here.)

Have you ever been a boss?  I have!  I've been a boss, but never the boss.  Maybe it's best to say that I've been in "middle management."  There's always been someone higher than I am.  In fact, that reminds me of a Mr. Show sketch:

It's almost like there's always another boss!

The thing is, I'm currently boss-less.  Unless you count my pets, who treat me more or less like an employee.  I'm their only employee!  But have I ever been named "Employee Of The Month"?  Hardly!

So, yes.  Yes.  I'm doing this show because my pets have asked me to do so.  A show about bosses.  They will enjoy it.

It's on tonight - tonight!  From 8-10 pm Texas time, 9 to 11 pm Kentucky time, on 93.9 fm WLXU in the fine city of Lexington & online at Lexington Community Radio dot Org.

Since we're mostly not bosses, we can't really join in the celebration of bosses.  But maybe afterwards we can just go on strike!

Preface To Who's The Boss: Danza Fandom

(Image from here.)

This week's show is not two hours of me raving about the television show Who's The Boss?  I'm sure there are enough songs about Tony Danza, Judith Light, Katherine Helmond, & Alyssa Milano to fill up two hours of programming (not sure if there are any songs about poor Danny Pintauro, though*).  So why not?  Why not a Danztactular, with Light & Milano & Helmond?

Oh all right.  The truth is, there aren't a lot of songs about Tony Danza.  When I google "songs about Tony Danza," the number one hit is a misinterpreted Elton John song, "Hold me closer, Tony Danza."

What is wrong with the world that there aren't hundreds of songs about Tony Danza?  I understand we're living in a world crass enough to not have songs extolling the virtues & talents of a Katherine Helmond, & of course a world where Judith Light sings terrible songs from the 90s, but why hasn't every band in the universe just put pen to paper & composed a magnificent ode to Tony Danza?  This is a mystery for the ages; I am ill-equipped to figure it out.

To be sure, there will be talk of Danza & Who's The Boss on tomorrow's show, but the show, sadly, isn't about those delightful subjects.  Just the same old boring Self Help Radio junk.  However, I would like to believe that these two songs below, by the Pixies & Morrissey respectively, are actually about Tony Danza.  I won't play them tomorrow, but I play them forever in my heart.

* That's a gratuitous joke.  Sorry.

Monday, October 03, 2016

It's October At Self Help Radio!

(I found that image here.)

Happy October!  Almost everywhere north of here, leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, & pumpkins are patching!

In Fort Worth, temperatures are dropping a little, which is encouraging some folks to put all kinds of gourds on their porches & doorsteps.  But what does that mean for Self Help Radio?

Frankly, it's more of the same, but here's a brief preview of what your Self Help Radio October will be like.

This week, of course, we have a show about bosses, & not, sadly, about the television show Who's The Boss?  I'll obviously talk more about this tomorrow & the next day as is my wont.  Also, I just want to say "Tony Danza."

Next week is the show's 14th Anniversary!  The show first went on the air in Austin, Texas, on October 9, 2002, with the theme "The War Show."  Every year since maybe the fifth or sixth anniversary, I've used the anniversary to revisit an old theme, update it, maybe add to it.  This year I'm actually going to revisit a theme that never made it to air - which is a story to look forward to next week!

The third week of the month will find me wistful & sentimental, as I do a show about the past.  I'm full of regrets but I've already done a show about regrets, & anyway, we all get older, we're always looking back instead of living in the moment or planning ahead.  I will just be leaning into that storm.

& the last week of the month is the show before Halloween, so there'll naturally be a Self Help Radio show about a Halloweeny topic.  This year, the show is about death.  That's pretty scary, & perhaps made more scary because the previous week we'll have been meditating about the past & naturally we'll be more sensitive about things & hopefully it'll scare the bejeezus out of you.

This is the time to remind you that if you have an idea for a show, or for a song that might fit the themes, or just want to write to the show because you think it's a good listener, there's an email address,

It's nice to get mail.  & have a happy month!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Someone Said Goodbye

Something I forgot to mention - & wouldn't have noticed unless friend of the show Jenny hadn't mentioned it on her Twitter feed, which is that WRFL said goodbye to me & Self Help Radio in their promotional magazine, the Rifle.  (Older issues are archived here.)

The new issue hasn't been put online, & of course I no longer live in Lexington & wouldn't be able to grab a copy, so Jenny handily scanned the small notice, which went like this:

Diana & Collin were deejays I never met nor heard, but I can say it's rough for RFL to have lost Chuck, whose show was on the same as mine, & was always fun; & Justin, whom I loved on the Catacombs although his freeform general format show was always excellent; & Cody, who came to the station a couple of years after I did, & whom I watched grow up from a nerdy high school music geek to a nerdy college music geek.  (I'm sure listeners of RFL barely noticed Self Help Radio's gone.)

Where are they now?  Chuck's still in Lexington, running WLXL & WLXU (& he's been nice enough to air Self Help Radio there while I take too much due time to find a new station here). Justin's down in Houston teaching college (I'm hoping he goes over to KTRU at Rice to make more radio).  & Cody's going to grad school in Los Angeles.  I miss them all.

Again, thanks to Jenny for this, & thanks to RFL for waving goodbye.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Self Help Radio 092816: Wandering

(Original image here.)

Ah! A radio show about wandering! & wander it does! Just look at that playlist below: children's music, country, indie, outsider, soul, song-poem, blues, r&b, bluegrass, novelty, folk, garage rock, even a little early ska.  It is entirely appropriate that a radio show about wandering should wander all over the place musically.

But there's not just music!  There are silly interviews with the regular cast of "experts" as well as a song performed just for this show by a Lexington singer!  It's way too much, I know.  Like a two week vacation where you visit fourteen countries!

So here it is, a show about wandering that I hope you take with you in your wanderings.  It's at the Self Help Radio website - please pay attention to username & password information!  The songs played on the show are below.

Be safe out there!

(part one)

"The Happy Wanderer" Max Bygraves _The Decca Years 1957-1962_
"Chant Of The Wanderer" Sons Of The Pioneers _Tumbling Tumbleweeds_
"I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud" Julian Cope _20 Mothers_

"The Wanderer" Dion _Best Of The Sixties_
"Zig Zag Wanderer" Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band _Safe As Milk_
"I'm A Wanderer Too" Faine Jade _It Ain't True_
"I'm Wandering" Aretha Franklin _The Tender, The Moving, The Swinging Aretha Franklin_

"Come Wander With Me" Jenny Adkins _Come Wander With Me_
"Wandering" Amor De Dias _Street Of The Love Of Days_
"Wandering" The Hidden Cameras _Awoo_
"Wanderin' Star" The Perfect Disaster _Alvin Lives (In Leeds): Anti Poll Tax Trax_

"Wandering Boy Blues" Clara Smith _The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Vol. 1: 1917-1927_
"Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight?" Shelley Stuart _The Human Breakdown Of Absurdity_

(part two)

"My Wandering Boy" Flatt & Scruggs _1964-1969 Plus_
"Wandering Gal" Jimmy Witherspoon _The Swingtime Records Story_
"Born To Wander" Rare Earth _The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 10: 1970_

"Wandering" The Babies _Our House On The Hill_
"Wanderer Wandering" Slow Club _Complete Surrender_
"Ramblin' & Wanderin'" Space Ghost _Musical Bar-B-Que_
"Just Wandering Around" Vermont Sugar House _Carlton Gardens_
"Wandering Hobo" Crispian St. Peters _All The Hits & More_

"Wandering Eyes" Charlie Gracie _The London American Label Year By Year: 1957_
"Weary Wanderer" Laurel Aitken _You Got Me Rockin' (The Blue Beat Years 1960-1964)_
"Wandering Kind" Scavengers _IGL Dance Jamboree '66_
"Wander Through" Elf Power _Elf Power_
"Wandering Lucy" The Haircuts _Sorrow Is The Way To Love_

"My Wandering Days Are Over" Belle & Sebastian _Tigermilk_