Sunday, December 31, 2017

That Was The Year That Was

It's time for end of the year accounting.  You don't need to be here for this.

Total number of radio shows I did this year is: 62

Total episodes of Self Help Radio: 51*
Total episodes of freeform radio: 11
Total numbers of radio stations I was on: 3**

Self Help Radio episode stats are going to be a little complicated.  As you see above, there were 51 episodes this year (although one was repeated on the air in Lexington in November when I took a week off, & as I note below, I did re-do two episodes on KVRX just two days ago).  Of those 51, you can say that 41of those had unique themes***, by which I mean themes that the show had never explored before & were not themes folded into a regularly scheduled holiday spot.

Because there are shows I do for special days, like Valentine's Day & Halloween, that may seem like repeated themes, which in some way they are, although I pick a different aspect of the holiday each year.  Here are the themes that recur, with the unique element covered this year:

My birthday: 1981
Valentine's Day: Sweethearts
Halloween: Black Cats

There are three shows I do which have the same theme but always feature different music.  Those are;

Magda's Birthday Show (all birthday songs, but ones never played for this show)
Gary's Favorite Music (songs from the year that I dug)
A Very Self Help Radio Christmas (holiday tunes I've never played before)

& then there's the Indiepop A To Z series, which happens three times a year, & which is a continuing alphabetical list of indiepop bands.  No two episode is the same, but it is part of a series.

Finally, one show is a repeat of a theme.  My anniversary show revisits an old theme, but adding new songs or perhaps reevaluating said theme.  This year, we went back to reconsider a show from 2004.  I am too tired now to see how many songs were repeated from the earlier show.

That adds up to 51!

Non-Self Help Radio data: I subbed ten shows on KNON in 2017, & played around for four hours on KVRX a couple of weeks ago just playing music.

That adds up to 62!

If you want to count the four hours I redid two Self Help Radio shows on the 29th, it's 63!  But I'm not greedy.

Certainly I hope to do more radio in 2018.  As for now - well, if I said I'd already started drinking, I'd be lying, but if I said I was thinking about starting to drink this early in the day I would not be lying.

Thanks for listening to Self Help Radio in 2017!  Look for more of the same nonsense in 2018!

* 53 if you count the two episodes I re-did on KVRX in late December.
** You can say four if you count the arts calendar I do every week for KFTW.
*** Here they are, in alphabetical order: Apples, Are You Ready?, Bars, Betty, Blondes, Cafes, Control, Cosmic, Crooked, Dancing, Diamonds, Dust, Fate, Ferris Wheels, Faces, Firsts, Foxes, Gas, Guards, Guilt, In The Sky, Johnny, Leonard Cohen Tribute, Lightning, Machines, Maybe, Mercy, One Day, Pencils, Questions, Rising, Rubber, Seventeen, Sidewalks, Smash, Tails, Turn It, Umbrellas, Venus, Visions, & Warnings.

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