Thursday, June 08, 2017

Self Help Radio 060717: Rising

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This is it, the Self Help Radio show with the theme "rising."  But why, Gary? I hear you ask, maybe even more than you actually ask.  Why a show about rising?  & what's next?  Stumbling?  Leaning?  Ambling?

Those are all excellent ideas & we'll get to work on them.  But for now, please enjoy this week's offering about rising, featuring not only an interesting mix of songs (how many shows have both Red Lorry Yellow Lorry & Johnny Cash on them?) but also interesting guests: my spiritual mentor the Rev. Dr. Howard Gently, SuperPAC CFO David Fruchter, & architect CJ Buchanan.  Add to that the fact that Houston duo Tania + Holy Worm wrote an excellent tune for the show & I can't imagine why you'd let something like a ridiculous theme stop you from listening.

The show is now at the Self Help Radio website.  If you've never listened before, please note that you'll be asked for a username & a password; these are available in the words at the top at the page, under the logo.  The show is in two parts, each about an hour in length.  What songs are played in each part is below.

It strikes me that if the show had had the theme "falling," no one would think it so weird.  That's all.

(part one)

"Rise" The Sisters Love _Give Me Your Love_
"Rise" The Perfect Disaster _Heaven Scent_
"Rise" 14 Iced Bears _Let The Breeze Open Our Hearts_

"My Bones Gonna Rise Again" Dave & Howard _Black & White Hillbilly Music: Early Harmonica Recordings 1920-30s_
"We Will Rise" The Shaky Hands _The Shaky Hands_
"Sandman's On The Rise Again" Felt _Rain Of Crystal Spires_
"Rise" Public Image Ltd _Compact Disc_

"Rising High Water Blues" Blind Lemon Jefferson _The Rough Guide To Blind Lemon Jefferson_
"Five Feet High & Rising" Johnny Cash _Five Feet High & Rising/A Cash Country Collection_
"Rising Sea" The Strange Death Of Liberal England _Drown Your Heart Again_
"Everything That Rises Must Converge" Shriekback _Oil & Gold_

"Rising" Tania + Holy Worm _Rising_

(part two)

"Scum, Rise!" Protomartyr _Under Color Of Official Right_
"Rise Up" The Commodores _Funk Drops: Breaks, Nuggets, & Rarities_
"Rise Up" Foxygen _Hang_

"Rise To The Groove" The Rose Of Avalanche _The Rose Of Avalanche_
"A Darkness Rises Up" Broken Records _Let Me Come Home_
"Early Riser" Plus-Tech Squeeze Box _Fakevox_
"Early To Rise" Nice & Smooth _Nice & Smooth_

"High Rise" Girlpool _Powerplant_
"Highrise" Tall Dwarfs _3 EPs_
"High Rise" The Cherry Orchard _Grimsby Fishmarket 4 Norrkoeping 0_
"Rise (I Hope One Day)" Neon Judgement _Mafu Cage_

"The Rise" Red Lorry Yellow Lorry _Nothing Wrong_
"Rise & Fall" Madness _The Rise & Fall_
"The Rise & Fall" The Thought _The Thought_

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