Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Preface To Ringo's Show: One Photogenic Beagle

My dog Ringo was easygoing & got along well with his siblings, so I thought I'd share pictures of him with them (sleeping, one of his favorite things to do) from the past few years.

You saw yesterday a photo of him with his brother George.  Here he is with George & the upstart beagle Winston:

They did love sleeping together.  Here he is with his little sister Pauline:

She's a bit much more the smaller beds, but his littlest sister Yoko was just fine, as you can see here:

& here's a picture taken just a couple of months ago of him with little Winston:

This last picture means a lot to me - I took a bunch of photos of my animals but I hardly ever took photos with them.  This is a picture of me & Ringo from seven or eight years ago:

I miss him so much.

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