Thursday, January 25, 2018

Self Help Radio 012418: Ringo's Show

This week I chose to remember my sweet Ringo by playing a bunch of songs about some famous & infamous Ringos.  I know, it's not much of a tribute.  I wish I had recorded him more, had hours of his barking, snoring, whining, & huffing.  It would've made a more interesting show.  But I felt I needed to do something to memorialize him.  He was such a good dog, such a good friend.  He was supposed to be with us for much, much longer.

Anyway, the show is now at the Self Help Radio website.  You'll need a username & password to listen, those are available on the site.  The show is in two one-hour parts.  What's in each part is listed below.

& yeah I wish you could've met him.  To know Ringo was to absolutely adore him.

(part one)

"Ringo" Lorne Greene _Pop Memories Of The 60s, Vol. 1: Walk Right In_
"Ringo's Revenge" Robin Garrett _Ringo's Revenge_
"The Other Ringo" Larry Finnegan _The Other Ringo_

"Ringo Ringo" Darlene Terri _Ringo Ringo_
"Go Go Go With Ringo" The Whippets _I Want To Talk With You_
"John, Paul, George, & Ringo" The Bulldogs _John, Paul, George, & Ringo_
"What's Wrong With Ringo?" The Bon Bons _What's Wrong With Ringo?_
"Ringo Beat" Ella Fitzgerald _Jukebox Ella: The Complete Verve Singles, Vol. 1_
"Ringo For President" The Young World Sisters _Ringo For President_

"My Ringo" The Rainbows _My Ringo_
"Ringo Did It" Veronica Lee with The Moniques _Foreign Boy_
"Ringo Comes To Town" Chug & Doug _Ringo Comes To Town_
"Like Ringo" Dick Lord _Like Ringo_
"Johnny Ringo" Dickson Hall _Country Boy's Dream: Country, Western, Bluegrass, & Instrumental Classics_
"Ringo" The Big 3 _Live At The Recording Studio_
"The Return Of Ringo (Maurizio Graf, vocals)" Ennio Morricone _Il Ritorno Di Ringo (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film)_

"Beagles" Monty Ray _The Great Outdoors Show, Vol. 2_
"Macho Beagle" Bunnygrunt _Standing Hampton 7"_
"Looking For The Beagles" The Beagles _Here Come The Beagles_

(part two)

"My Friend Ringo" The Young Fresh Fellows _The Men Who Loved Music_
"Ringo Buys a Rifle" Dead Milkmen _Beelzebubba_
"Ringo" Polyphemus _Scrapbook Of Madness_

"Like Ringo" Wildfang, The Band With 1,001 Names _The Promised Airwaves_
"Ringo" Month Of Sundays _Month Of Sundays_
"Three Geniuses & Ringo" Michael T. Scott _Pre-Chewed Appetizers_
"Head Of Ringo" Love Battery _Far Gone_
"Ringo (I Feel Like)" Custard _Loverama_

"It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small" Morrissey _Swords_
"Ringo, I Love You" Stereo Total _My Melody_
"Ringo Starr On A Bingo Card" Lefty Jones Band _Businessmanland_
"Ringo" The Young Liberals _It's... The Young Liberals!_
"The Real Ringo" Elvis Don Ringo _Songs In The Key Of Z, Vol. 1: The Curious Universe Of Outsider Music_
"Ringo The Gringo" Laurel Aitken _The Godfather Of Ska Anthology_

"Total Ringo" Happy Mondays _...Yes Please_
"Ringo" Atmosphere _Fishing Blues_

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