Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finally, Thank Yous

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Last week, seeing the Winter KNON Pledge Drive come to its end, I wanted to thank the nice folks who pledged movie to me on the air doing the Tuesday Morning Blend.  My first two Tuesday shows were Pledge Drive shows, & I feared the worst.  However, I did all right, thanks to the nice people who pledged, whose named I will list now:

Al, Allen, Andres, Annie, Audrey, Bobby, Bonnie, Connie, David, Janet, Jenny, Jerry, John, Josh, Kara, Leora, Margot, Paul, & my wife, who knows who she is.

Of the pledgers, I knew six personally - two were family members - & I swear I didn't beg them or anything!  It's nice to know that they cared enough to help support my very unprofitable hobby.  The rest were kind people who liked what I was playing &/or the gifts we had for donating.

My damaged self-esteem is well established, but I'm not so broken I can't feel a little happy that so many people - nineteen of them! - wanted to keep KNON on the air & showed it with their hard-earned cash.  I can't thank all of you enough.  You're my heroes.

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