Thursday, February 22, 2018

Self Help Radio 022118: In One's Head

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This week you got to spend Self Help Radio in someone's head.  Was it in his head?  In her head?  In my head?  In your head?  Yes, yes, it was.

How could that be?  Was it a miracle of modern science?  Was it an aural hallucination?  Was it a trick of memory, a manipulation of senses?  Naw.  It was just a radio show with a bunch of songs about things "in my mind," "in your mind," etc.  But I think it went well!

You can listen to the show now & whenever at the Self Help Radio website*.  There is, you know, a username & password requirement, but those are not a secret, they're on the front page.  The show is in two approximately hour-long parts, & what's in those parts, including the interviews, is listed below.

Experience what it's like to be in another's head!  For once.

(part one)

"Too Many Stars In His Head" Pearly Gatecrashers _Spectacular!_
"Harmony In My Head" Buzzcocks _Operators Manual_
"In My Head" Skating Polly _Lost Wonderfuls_

"In My Head" Dum Dum Girls _Only In Dreams_
"Rockets In My Head" Astropuppees _You Win The Bride_
"Stuck In My Head" Tim & Adam _Tim & Adam_
"Heaven Is In My Head" Aquarian Blood _Last Nite In Paradise_

interview with Dennis Quaid

"Vacuum In My Head" Pere Ubu _Ray Gun Suitcase_
"In My Head" Asobi Seksu _Fluorescensce_
"Voice In My Head" Boys Forever _Boys Forever_
"Movies In My Head" The 6ths _Wasps' Nests_

"In My Head" The Psychedelic Furs _World Outside_
"I'm In My Head" toyGuitar _In This Mess_

(part two)

"Dead In Your Head" Bleached _Ride Your Heart_
"Your Words Are Still Stuck In My Head" The Garlands _The Garlands EP_
"In My Head" Holiday Ghosts _Holiday Ghosts_

interview with Dr. Karl Dolla

"Fire In My Head" The Nits _Ting_
"Music In My Head" Psychic Ills _Inner Journey Out_
"Sing In Your Head" Space Ghost _Yeah, Whatever..._
"Rocks In My Head" Mouse & The Boys _Just For Kicks, Vol. 1_
"All In My Head" Good Shoes _All In My Head_

interview with David Fruchter

"In My Head" The Ballet _Mattachine!_
"All In Your Head" Thomas Tantrum _Mad By Moonlight_
"In One's Head" Drug Boyfriend _In One's Head_
"In Your Head" Kendra Smith _Five Ways Of Disappearing_

"All In Your Head" Secret Shine _There Is Only Now_

* To go directly to the show, the link is this one.

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