Monday, February 05, 2018

Tomorrow Is Eek!

Yes, tomorrow is my first Tuesday Morning Blend as its regular host, but - this is where it gets hairy - it's all a Pledge Drive Show.

What? Yes! It's the KNON Winter Pledge Drive!  Click that link & support community radio in Dallas - & maybe mention the Tuesday Morning Blend?

Back to me, though: do you see the predicament I am in?  I am going to be doing my first show.  But I am going to be on the radio begging people for money.  Which is fine, but the sort of people who are most likely to give money to a radio show are people who are familiar with the host - & the previous host of the Tuesday Morning Blend, as I mentioned yesterday, is immensely beloved.

But of course I can't not ask for money, KNON is listener supported, & it needs every dollar it can get.  It will be perfectly understandable if no one donates tomorrow.  I accept that.  Except.

Holy shit my self-esteem will take a beating if no one gives anything to the show!  My history with pledge drives is that I am not good at them.  So, frankly, the show tomorrow might be brutal.

Wanna listen?  It's on from 7-9am central on 89.3 fm in Dallas & online at knon dot org.

Seriously.  It's going to be brutal tomorrow.

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