Sunday, February 04, 2018

Shift Change

This was in the KNON newsletter on Friday:
What's going on?  Did Gary & Jason have a falling out?  Did someone get fired?  What the hell?

No, Jason & I didn't have a spat, nor did anyone get fired.  Nil, who has hosted the Tuesday Morning Blend on KNON for quite a while, has left the station for personal reasons.  She has been absent a while but had to make it official last week.  Meanwhile, Jason, who has been helping me with the Wednesday Morning Blend, wanted his own show - & should have it! - but couldn't do Tuesday mornings.  My schedule is a lot more free - plus I was feeling weird about having two shows on the same day.  I know, it was in two different cities, in two very different stations, on two wonderful community stations - but still, that much Gary in a day is not a good thing for anyone.

So, this Tuesday, I am moving to the Tuesday Morning Blend while Jason begins his solo performance on the Wednesday Morning Blend.  Like with taking over Pippin's show (he who previously hosted the Wednesday Morning Blend), I have very big shoes to fill - Nil did radio in a way that I don't, & maybe can't, engaging with local musicians & connecting with the community.  (You can see how wonderful things were on her Tuesday Morning Blend Facebook page.  I will create another one for my version of Tuesday Morning Blend.  She doesn't need me mucking up her wonderful radio world.)

You see, I'm more from the old, lonesome fellow in a deejay booth playing music school of radio.  But I have learned much from Nil's show.  I hope I don't disappoint the people who loved listening to her!

Maybe you'll listen this Tuesday?  I'll mention it on the Self Help Radio Facebook page & on the show's Twitter feed.  But I'll talk more about the Tuesday show here tomorrow.

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