Monday, April 30, 2018

Raising Dough

Yikes!  Tomorrow is the first day of the Spring Pledge Drive on KNON!  & who has the third show of the Pledge Drive?  This guy!  I repeat: Yikes!

Ever since my first Pledge Drive, which was at KVRX, in which I did terribly, I have made the mistake of having my self-esteem tied up with how I do with raising money.  I've never been good at raising money, & I've never been a terribly popular disc jockey.  But what I want of course is to help the stations that kindly, foolishly let me deejay on their airwaves by making sure they can afford to continue broadcasting.  When I can't do that, it's even worse than the feeling of being disliked (or, worse, ignored).

During the first Pledge Drive this year, I decided on a simple strategy: bring a little Self Help Radio to the Tuesday Morning Blend.  So, my first Pledge Drive show was about money, & my second show was about kissing (since it was the day before Valentine's Day).  I think I did okay.

Tomorrow, I'll do a show about monkeys.  Maybe monkeys will delight listeners enough to open their wallets for KNON?  I sure hope so!

Wish me luck.  I will definitely need it.

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