Tuesday, May 01, 2018

That Was Brutal

The wife & I headed up to KNON this morning with a bunch of songs about monkeys in the hopes of raising some money for the station on the first day of Spring Pledge Drive & despite all the monkey songs, we raised very little.

Remember what I said yesterday?  "I have made the mistake of having my self-esteem tied up with how I do with raising money."  So I've naturally felt awful today.  Because while there are certainly different methods for being successful with pledge drives - good premiums, powerful pitches, etc. - it seems the easiest way to encourage people to support what you do is to do a good show, one that people enjoy listening to.  When no one (well, three people) feels moved to help out the needy non-commercial radio station in your show's name, it's hard not to find it an indictment on your abilities as a programmer.

So yeah, I take it as solid evidence that I suck.

To make matters worse, I sat down tonight to watch The Last Jedi for the first time since seeing it in the theater, where I was very surprised that I dug it, & the blu-ray disc fucks up almost exactly at the half-hour mark.

A brutal morning, a disappointing evening.  Let's hope this doesn't feed into an extremely awful episode of Self Help Radio this week.

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