Monday, September 24, 2018

Back-To-Back Back Surgeries

There are two things to say about the title of this post:
1) I am not going under the knife.  I had back surgery nearly seventeen years ago.
2) For the purposes of this post, "back-to-back" can mean "seventeen years apart."

Yeah, it was just to be able to say "back" three times.

If you listened to last week's show, you'll know I said I might not be doing this week's show, because my wife was having surgery this week.  That was the case until this afternoon, when they had to reschedule.  Someone had an emergency & that person got the priority.  It's frustrating but it happens.

The crazy thing is, it happened to me when I was scheduled for surgery!  Does it happen to everyone?  Is getting scheduled for surgery the worst kind of appointment in all of medical appointments?  Because I had an appointment recently with a podiatrist for 2pm, & I showed up at 1:45 because I knew they'd need me to fill out forms but I was ready before 2 & you know when they saw me?  3pm.

But a week later!  That's amazing.

For the porpoises of this show, however, it means that, yes, there'll be a new Self Help Radio this week.  (& I'll be able to do the Tuesday Morning Blend next week as well.)  As for the week after next - it's anyone's guess.

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