Tuesday, September 25, 2018

It Might Be Autumn If...

You just made pumpkin pie cupcakes.

That picture above is not a cupcake I made.  It's the picture from the recipe I used, which I found here.  The frosting has been frosted on the cupcake & they're in the fridge, so the frosting doesn't melt all over the place.  I don't know how they tasted, but the batter & the frosting were both pretty awesome before put to use.

Baking is not something that comes natural to me.  For one thing, I don't own a fancy mixer, or even a hand mixer, so I furiously mixed everything with what is either called a spatula or better a scraper.  I even timed the furious mixing as if I myself were the mixer.  The speeds, however, were not constant, as I was making a mess & would pause to clean up.

There's another downside to baking in our household: living with a sugar addict who's also weight-conscious.  On the one hand, this person will eat as many sweets as possible without the slightest hesitation, but on the other hand, she (because it ain't me) will become quite angry when there are "treats" in the house which may increase her weight & will in fact throw them away rather than exercise self-control.  In fact, I made half the recipe - six cupcakes - & she's now talking about giving most of them to friends.  When I mentioned I didn't have any friends, she suggested neighbors.  Please understand: she hasn't even tried one of them yet.

So how does one get better at baking while living with such a neurotic companion?  The truth is, one doesn't.  One gives baking up.  Until one decides, I really should learn how to bake.  & then one hopes the fruits of one's labors don't get thrown or given away without one noticing.

Perhaps I will keep you posted.

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