Thursday, June 15, 2017

Self Help Radio 061417: Visions

(The original is here.  Apologies for defacing a classic.)

Here you go.  Two hours of music & talk about visions.  All kinds of visions, from the strictly supernatural to the selfishly personal.  I think I learned something.  Is that rare?

In addition to all the music - which, as you can see below, ran the gamut from 60s psych to 80s synthpop, with stuff in-between & outside around - I had the chance to chat with a true visionary, with our friend Allen who is a pesky know-it-all, & to my spiritual mentor who has had more visions, I'll bet, than I've had hot meals.  Sure, there was some silliness here & there, but when is there not?  I must ask you, sir or ma'am, when is there not?  That's what I thought.

Perhaps this is enough to entice.  You may find the show now at the Self Help Radio website.  As always, pay attention to username/password information that's on the page.  The show is in two parts, each roughly or tenderly an hour long.  The songs I play in the parts are listed below.  Should I also list when the interviews happen?  I may start doing that.  It might be helpful.

The show is not responsible for any visions it may induced while listening.  Standard disclaimer.

(part one)

"Visions" The Looking Glasses _30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall_
"Visions" Letting Up Despite Great Faults _Untogether_
"Visions" Soko _My Dreams Dictate My Reality_

"Visions Pt. 1" Skyway Man _Seen Comin' From A Mighty Eye_
"Vision Of '61" The Embarrassment _God Help Us_
"Vision Board" Maria Bamford _Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome_
"Visions Of China" Japan _Tin Drum_
"Visions Of Domino" T.Rex _Dandy In The Underworld_

"Blind Vision" Blancmange _Mange Tout_
"You Are In My Vision" Tubeway Army _Replicas_
"Distance Equals Rate Times Time" The Pixies _Trompe Le Monde_
"Visions/Revisions" Adult Books _Running From The Blows_

"Visions Of Blue" Ultravox _Quartet_

(part two)

"Vision In Rags" Young Knives _Ornaments From The Silver Arcade_
"Some Grand Vision Of Motives & Irony" The Loud Family _Plants & Birds & Rocks & Things_
"Double Visions" Mini Mansions _The Great Pretender_

"Visions Of Sugarplums" John Davidson _Goin' Places_
"(Vision) In A Plaster Sky" Basil _Magic Cube_
"Thoughts & Visions" The Liberty Bell _Revolution! Teen Time In Corpus Christi (1965-1970)_
"Visions Of Johanna" Bob Dylan _Blonde On Blonde_

"The Vision Of Peregrine Worsthorne" McCarthy _I Am A Wallet_
"A Vision" Seapony _A Vision_
"Visions Of Old Machinery" Hood _Singles Compiled_
"Nightvision" Ornaments _Nightvision_

"A Powerful Vision" Legowelt _Amiga Railroad Adventures_

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