Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Whither Visions?

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Yesterday on this blog, I made the comment that I believed that visions & hallucinations are basically the same thing, & I had an anecdote to back up why I think that.  Today I was looking around, in preparation for tonight's show, & found this article about the difference between visions & hallucinations.  More looking around found this page, Basic Information About Voices & Visions, both of which have tempered my views somewhat.

Not that I now think that there's much of a difference, but that the way they're perceived makes all the difference.  In other words, they're of the same substance, but in general people who have visions tend to believe they're different than hallucinations.  The second website, with is called "hearing-voices dot org," has a comments section which is full of people who claim to hear things they know are not there.  The site asserts that between three to ten percent of the population hear things that others don't.  Visions are far less likely, but even if it's one in a hundred that seems like a hell of a lot.

Perhaps we'll get into this on the show.  It's a fascinating subject, & also it makes me a little sad - I kinda wish I heard voices at least some of the time, & would've loved a vision or two.  Instead, I have had audial & visual hallucinations only on drugs, or when unwell, like with a fever.  I comfort myself with the Shriekback line, "My dreams are visions."  I guess I can live with that.

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