Thursday, February 01, 2018

Self Help Radio 013118: Idiots

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What a mean idea for a show!  What's next?  Morons?  Imbeciles?  Dumbfucks?

Personally I don't endorse this kind of negativity on the radio.  Oh, I know, I said, "This is neither a celebration nor condemnation of idiots & idiocy" or something like that last night, but simply entitling a show "idiots" puts hostility out into the universe.  For example, what if someone were feeling like an idiot when he or she listened?  Wouldn't that make things worse?  Aren't we all just hanging on a thin thread over here?  Damn it all.

What's done is done.  Let's just hope that there are more uplifting Self Help Radio episodes in the future.  Though, frankly, that particular forecast looks grim.

Listen to the show on the Self Help Radio website.  You're not an idiot, you know about the username & password.  The show is two hours long, in two, idiotic parts.  The songs & the interviews in the show are noted below.

Non-musical portions of the show written & performed by the usual gang of idiots.

(part one)

"The Idiot" Fol Chen _Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made_
"Idiot" Oy Vey _Botanical Curiosity_
"Idiot" Dollys _Tense_

"Idiot Button" Evans The Death _Expect Delays_
"Crawling With Idiot" Elbow _A Cast Of Thousands_
"A Stiff Idiot Is The Worst Kind!" The Firesign Theatre _Just Folks... A Firesign Chat_
"Idiot Dancers" Industrials _Industrials_
"Idiot's Delight" John Wesley Harding _Dynablob_

interview with writer David Fruchter

"Idiot Joy Showland" The Fall _Shift-Work_
"Reasons Not To Be An Idiot" Frank Turner _Love Ire & Song_
"An idiot's End" Daniel Johnston _Songs Of Pain: Dan Johnston 1980-81_
"Idiot Savant" Fosca _Diary Of An Antibody_
"Museum Of Idiots" They Might Be Giants _The Spine_

(part two)

Self Help Radio panel discussion

"I Was A Teenage Idiot Dancer" Cleaners From Venus _Town & Country_
"Dance, Idiot, Dance" Chumbawamba _ABCDEFG_
"Classics Of The Contemporary Drama: 'The Idiot'" Christopher Guest & Bill Murray _Buy This Box Or We'll Shoot This Dog: The Best Of The National Lampoon Radio Hour_
"Idiot Heart" The Mendoza Line _We're All In This Alone_
"Idiot Strength" The Nightingales _What A Scream (1980-86)_

interview with broadcaster Allen Shariaty

"Why Sting Is Such An Idiot" Allan Clapp & His Orchestra _One Hundred Percent Chance Of Rain_
"Idiot Child" Madness _The Liberty Of Norton Folgate_
"Village Idiot" Van Morrison _Hymns To The Silence_
"Village Idiot" Volcano Suns _All Night Lotus Party_
"Global Village Idiot" Wondermints _Big Deal Corporate Annual, Vol. 1_
"Idiot Wizards" Knight School _Revenger_

"Idiot Wind" Bob Dylan _The Bootleg Series, Vol. 2: Rare & Unreleased, 1961-1991_
"Idiot Son" Damien Youth _Happy_

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