Thursday, March 08, 2018

Self Help Radio 030718: Health

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As I write this, I am surrounded by cats.  It's near breakfast time, you see.  Most of them are in good health, although each of them has their own issues.  One has asthma, another has diabetes, yet another has urinary tract issues, you know how it is.  My cats are a microcosm of the health problems of the average American family.

& yet, despite the massive amount of health coverage on this week's show, feline health was given short shrift.  You'd think, as the owner of four cats, I might be inclined to weigh in on the issues that affect the wellness of kittens, but let's be frank here: they could not care any less about my own health.  Not one of them ever says, "Hey, dad, maybe that's enough whiskey for tonight."  Or "Hey, papa, do you really need all ten of those cookies?"  Or, "Yo pops, I know we lie around all day & make it look good, but you could really use some exercise."  Nope.  Not a single damned word from them.  Until it's time to eat, like now.  Then they're all up in my grill.

In any event, there's so much more health covered on this week's show that you'll not miss any discussion or discursion about feline health or canine health or cephalopod health or whatever.  It also won't affect your healthcare plan, if you're lucky enough to have one.  You're covered, for this show at least.  Nothing out of pocket.  But I can't write scrips.  Sorry.

Listen now at Self Help Radio dot net.  You must use a username (SHR) & a password (selfhelp) to access the show.  These are available on the page as well.  The show is two hours long, & divided into two parts.  What songs are played in each part, plus what guests might be interviewed, are listed below.

If I were as cool as Stephen "Colbert Report" Colbert, I'd say, "I'll see you in health!"  But even he isn't that cool anymore.

(part one)

"Ich Bin Rund & Gesund" Illo Schieder _Ich Bin Rund & Gesund_
"Little Fine Healthy Thing" Billy "The Kid" Emerson _Red Hot: The Sun Years, Plus_
"National Health" The Kinks _Low Budget_

"As Long As You've Got Your Health (with The Merry Macs)" Ray Noble & His Orchestra _Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Songs Of The Depression 1929–1937_
"Healthier Folk" Palehound _Dry Food_
"My Healthcare Plan" Hari Kondabolu _Waiting For 2042_
"Technicolor Health" Harlem Shakes _Technicolor Health_
"Health Place" Happy Supply _Happy Supply_

interview with alternative health provider Moggsy Boggs

"Happy Carrot Health Food Store" Sonny & The Sunsets _Talent Night At The Ashram_
"Case Study: Copeland's Down Home Health Stop" Superego _Superego Season 3, Episode 9_
"Healthclubs Hypocrisy" The Through Comers _Teeny Poppers_
"Health Food Nut" Bob Dorough & Dave Frishberg _Who's On First?_

"Swim For Health" Ballboy _Club Anthems_

(part two)

"Health Man No. 1" Congress Of Wonders _Sophomoric_
"Young & Healthy" Bing Crosby with Guy Lombardo & His Orchestra _The Crooner: The Columbia Years 1928-1934_
"Health & Happiness" Dalek I Love You _Dalek I Love You_

interview with "the healthiest man in America" David Fruchter

"Health Man No. 2" Congress Of Wonders _Sophomoric_
"Health & Knowledge & Wealth & Power" Shriekback _Oil & Gold_
"You're Not Very Well" The Charlatans _Some Friendly_
"Mental Health Hotline (CJ Bollands Mix)" Black Dog & Black Sifichi _Genetically Modified_

interview with medical student Bingham Killkid

"Health Man No. 3" Congress Of Wonders _Sophomoric_
"Picture Of Health" We Were Promised Jetpacks _In The Pit Of The Stomach_
"Its Health & My Own" Wild Moccasins _Skin Collision Past_
"Health Clubs" Lewis Black _Rules Of Enragement_

"Dancing For Mental Health" Will Powers _Dancing For Mental Health_

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