Thursday, March 29, 2018

Self Help Radio 032818: Empires

(The Self Help Radio Empire circa never.  Original image here.)

The empire show rose & then it fell.  With not very much art or culture to show for it.  Just an entire empire of regret & rue.  It makes you wonder what held it together for the two hours it existed.  Spite?  Dread?  Delusion?  Whatever it was, it left a record, or at least a couple of mp3s, so other radio empires can laugh at its folly & probably also forget it ever happened.

Is that you as well?  Yes?  Well, in case you change your mind, you can relive all one hundred & twenty minutes of the Self Help Radio empire show at the Self Help Radio website.  You don't need a visa or passport or anything to enter, but you'll need to know secret words: username SHR & password selfhelp .  We're a pretty old show empire.  The empire lasted two hours & each hour gets its own volume, or, well, mp3 file.  What's in those files is listed below.

Enjoy the imperial sounds!

(part one)

"Songs Of Empire" Push Kings _Push Kings_
"Empire" Jack Frost _Snow Job_
"Art/Empire/Industry" Bill Nelson's Red Noise _Sound On Sound_

"Victoria" The Kinks _Arthur Or The Decline & Fall Of The British Empire_
"Sawdust & Empire" Attila The Stockbroker _The Pen & The Sword_
"Take Down The Union Jack" Billy Bragg & The Blokes _England, Half English_
"Empire" Bomb The Bass _Clear_

interview with author David Fruchter

"Empire Song" Killing Joke _Revelations_
"One Of Our Submarines" Thomas Dolby _The Golden Age Of Wireless_
"Empire Of The Senseless" The Mekons _The Mekons Rock 'N' Roll_

(part two)

"Empires" Jack Hardy _Noir_

interview with a specialist on empires an umpire

"Scythian Empires" Andrew Bird _Armchair Apocrypha_
"Lizard Empire" Chemtrails _Cult Of The Sacred Cow_
"I Don't Want To Be An Emperor" Hugo Kant _I Don't Want To Be An Emperor_
"End Of An Empire" The Henry Clay People _Somewhere On The Golden Coast_

interview with the Emperor of the Black Empire

"Fake Empire" The National _Boxer_
"Roaming Empire" Maritime _Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones_
"Vamps" Prism Tats _Mamba_
"Lucretia My Reflection" The Sisters Of Mercy _Floodland_

"Nobody's Empire" Belle & Sebastian _Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance_

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