Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Whither Empires?

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Not gonna lie, this one was a little tough to put together.  I don't know why I rushed it, honestly.  Usually I make sure that I can fill a couple of hours with songs & then some.  This one, well.  Several things converged to make it problematic.

1) Turns out lots of songs that might have the word "empire" in their titles & lyrics don't really talk about empires, actual or metaphorical.  That was annoying.

2) It seemed fair game to then focus on specific empires, which is cool (there are lots of songs about the British Empire, or referring to it anyway), but when I thought about the Roman Empire, I was reminded I once did a show with the theme "Caesar" which used up a few songs I could've otherwise played.

3) Many of the best songs were a bit looooong which might seem like a good thing - takes up more time - but actually I'd like the show to be more diverse.

4) Therefore I had to spend a little more time looking for & listening to songs.

But I think there'll be enough empire to make you glad you live in something that looks & smells like a republic.

The show is on tonight from 9-11pm eastern on 93.9 fm WLXU in Lexington & online at WLXU online everywhere.  Hope the emperor inside of you listens & has some of its desires quenched.

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