Thursday, April 05, 2018

Self Help Radio 040418: Wells

(Moments before Self Help Radio fell down the well.  Original image here.)

Well, well, well.  Well, well.  Well, well, well, well.  Oh hey.  I didn't see you there.  I was counting all the wells that were featured on this week's Self Help Radio, which was about wells.  Well, well, well.  I think it was at least thirty wells.

& no, why do you imagine that would include famous people named Wells?  It does not!  If you need a list of famous people named Wells, go here & make your own radio show.  Or podcast.  Or webpage.  Sheesh!

What's mostly cool about the show is that there are two new songs, written especially for the show, one by Kentucky artists Jenny Adkins, & another by Texas duo Drug Boyfriend & Holy Worm.  Honestly, the show's done nothing to deserve such gifts, but I'm extremely grateful!

The show, which isn't as deep as it thinks it is, is now at the Self Help Radio well waiting for you to dip a bucket in.  That sounds naughty.  I'm sorry.  In any event, please remember the username & password info, which is up there on that page.  The show is in two parts, & what's in each part is listed below.

(part one)

"You Always Miss The Water (When The Well Runs Dry)" Maxim Trio (feat. Ray Charles) _The Swingtime Records Story_
"Dry Well Blues" Charley Patton _Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 4_
"Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More" Lead Belly _Lead Belly's Last Sessions_

"The Well" Tarnation _Gentle Creatures_
"The Well" Salem 66 _1983-1987 (Your Soul Is Mine, Fork It Over)_
"The Well" His Name Is Alive _Home Is In Your Head_
"The Well" Smog _A River Ain't Too Much To Love_

"Down To The Well (BBC Version)" The Pixies _At The BBC_
"There's Something At The Bottom Of The Well" The Moontrekkers _The Joe Meek Collection: Intergalactic Instros_
"Cat's In The Well" Bob Dylan _Under The Red Sky_
"Every Well" The Deslondes _Hurry Home_
"Bottomless Well" Bobby Bare _Sings Lullabys, Legends & Lies_

"The Well Of Loneliness" McCarthy _I Am A Wallet_

(part two)

"When Your Well Runs Dry" Billie Poole _Confessin' The Blues_
"No More Water In The Well" The Temptations _Emperors Of Soul_
"Lost In The Well" The Wishing Stones _Wildwood_

"O Well, Oh Well" Jenny Adkins _O Well, Oh Well_
"Wishing Well" Glo-Worm _Glimmer_
"Wishing Well" California Snow Story _Close To The Ocean_
"Wishing Well" Love Is All _A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night_
"Wishing Well" Bob Mould _Workbook_

"Wishin' Well" David Lynch _The Big Dream_
"The Wishing Well" Jacobites _God Save Us Poor Sinners_
"Wishing Well" Dylan Mondegreen _While I Walk You Home_
"Wishing Well" The Proctors _Everlasting Light_
"Wishing Well (Beloveds Go Deep Mix)" Black Dog & Black Sifichi _Genetically Modified_

"Dollar Wells" Drug Boyfriend & Holy Worm _Dollar Wells_
"Wishing Well" Smack Dab _Queen Crab_

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