Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Whither Wells?

(Image found here.)

The corporate overlords of Self Help Radio wish to apologize to people who love & appreciate many different kinds of wells for this week's show, which will be predominantly about water wells (like the one above) as well as wishing wells, which look like but do not do the job of water wells.  Therefore, fans of oil wells, natural gas wells, gravity wells, H.G. Wells, & the like will not find satisfaction with the songs or talk in this week's show.

As well (no pun intended), the word "well" used adverbially ("this week's show is not going well"), adjectivally ("I don't feel well"), or interjectionally ("Well, this show is going to suck") will not make an appearance in this show, except inadvertently, as in the beginning of this sentence, or cleverly, as to draw a distinction between the diverse meanings while still being about the noun version of wells.  In any event, the Self Help Radio Home Office issues another apology to fans of the adverb, adjective, & interjection forms of the word "well" & hopes to perhaps goad the show's host to explore that someday too, so as to stave off any nuisance lawsuits.

What's so special about wells?  Honestly, many meetings with the senior staff have resulted in shrugged shoulders & day drinking.  Water wells have been around for over eight thousand years but, as Jenkins in accounting said, to the great amusement of all, so has cholera.  We have fun.  But once more Self Help Radio executives feel obliged to issue another apology, & remind any disgruntled listeners that there are many, many other shows one could listen to which, of course, the entirety of the management at Self Help Radio tends to do on Wednesday nights anyway.

However, should you wish to listen to a radio show about wells, this week's show airs tonight from 9 to 11pm eastern on 93.9 fm WLXU in Lexington & online everywhere at Lexington Community Radio dot Org.  Should you have feedback before, during, or after the show, please remember, we have issued three apologies & our lawyers tell us that's plenty.  We certainly hope so!

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