Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Any News??

Oh, you can't fool me.  I know you're waiting with bated breath ("bated" means "in great suspense; very anxiously or excitedly," as opposed to "baited," which would imply someone had put, let's say, worms in your mouth to help you catch fish maybe?) for word about whether there will be a new Self Help Radio this week.  The answer is I don't know yet.

On the way to Dallas this morning to do the Tuesday Morning Blend (I resisted just now linking to the page but have since thought better of it) I listened to many songs about radiation.  There are plenty & they're good!  But it remains to be seen if I'll have the time to put a show together.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear - what?  You found this blog by accident & you have no idea what it is?  It's for a radio show...  Oh, you don't care.  You just read this far in case there might have been something about pornography or drugs?  No, no, there isn't.  But wait!

Damn, they left.  Anyway, I'll keep hoping that I'll be able to put a show together.  & I'll probably know whether or not I'll be able to do that when I write again tomorrow.

No!  There's nothing about porn or drugs here!  It's called Self Help Radio for fuck's sake!  Why would you even think...  Oh, they're gone now.

The internet is weird.

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