Monday, October 01, 2018

How Many Times Have I Titled One Of These "Reminder"?

Well, here's another one.

This is a reminder that if you read this blog because you like to listen to Self Help Radio which usually happens once a week, Fridays at noon, that the show might not happen this week.

But wait!  Didn't I say that last week?  Yes, I did.  & it happened last week because the thing that might have kept it from not happening didn't happen but rather was rescheduled to happening this week.

& as far as I can tell, that thing will in fact happen this week.

What is the thing?  The thing is my wife having surgery.  This may require me to forego much of what I do to take care of her post-operation.  & most of what I do during the week is Self Help Radio.

For the moment, I am planning on doing the show.  But you know what they say about planning.  "Planning sometimes doesn't take into account surprises or other unexpected things which screw up plans."  Something like that.

Please consider this reminder reminded.  Or something.

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