Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Preface To Radiation: Nope!

Hi.  I spent most of today (starting around 5am) in a hospital, or going to & from a hospital, gathering things to be taken to a hospital.  My wife had surgery on the spinal area around her neck, which seems tricky but is apparently a very common procedure, & she's done well, thank you, but if I spent the lion's share of the day with her today, when there were more people around to help, I can't imagine I'll have the time to do anything but help her when she comes home, as I hope she will.  & if she doesn't come home tomorrow, I will be spending most of the day at the hospital.

Here's a funny story: she is a dork who thinks she's some kind of hero, & she loves to get high scores, good grades, accolades of any kind.  When one of her students visited her, he told there were three stars on the board outside her room.  My wife immediately said, "I'm the best patient ever!"  When we asked the nurse what the stars meant, she said, "They indicate fall risk.  Three stars mean we have to help the patient in & out of bed."

Was my wife discouraged by that?  Hell no.  She asked, "What do I need to do to get four stars?"

This means no Self Help Radio this week.  My apologies to anyone who might have wanted to hear a show about radiation - that'll happen in a couple of weeks.  Next week is my anniversary show - celebrating sixteen years of Self Help Radio.

If you've nothing better to do, might I suggest catching up on older SHR episodes?  Or maybe listening to my last couple of KNON shows?

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