Thursday, October 04, 2018

Whither No Show About Radiation?

Some facts about this week's Self Help Radio:

1) It doesn't exist.  Not in the sense of "it doesn't exist now but will tomorrow" but in the sense of there won't be an episode of Self Help Radio this week.

2) It doesn't mean there won't be an episode about radiation.  That will happen in two weeks.

3) Because the radiation show will happen in two weeks does not mean there won't be a new Self Help Radio next week.  Self Help Radio returns Friday, October 12.

4) The show next week will not be about radiation because it is the show's 16th anniversary episode.  The very first episode of Self Help Radio aired on October 9, 2002.  Next week's show is the closest to the 9th without being before the ninth.

4a) On anniversary shows, I revisit an old theme.  Since I've never done a show about radiation before, I have chosen to move the radiation show to the week after.

4b) The theme I am revisiting is mirrors, which first aired around fourteen years ago.  Since the show was only two years old (& I didn't know how long I'd be doing it), I didn't do a two-year anniversary then.

5) Tomorrow I will find some interesting things for you to listen to.

6) My apologies.  Even if the show were on the air, I would not have been able to do the show this week.

7) Seven facts is way too many for this nonsense.

8) & yet it continues.

9) It may never end.


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