Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sad News In Swinging London


This always seems to happen. I was in New York City when Ray Charles died, & right before I left for Europe, I get word that the Godfather of Soul has left us. MOTHERFUCKER.

If this were a just world, a world where greatness was truly respected,we would shrug off the deaths of evil fucks like Reagan (who died right after Ray Charles did, so the headlines were overwhelmingly focused on that clown) & Gerald Ford (who died right after Soul Brother No. 1) & the death of someone like James Brown - whom you celebrate, whether you know it or not, every time you dance to something funky - would result in a national day of mourning.

God bless you, James Brown. You touched the world more than you knew, & you KNEW a lot.

This is a short note from London. The city itself at the end of 2006 is not terribly cold but it is grey & crowded. Crowded! Tomorrow it's off to Cambridge & then Belgium.

Be sure to listen to Self Help Radio tomorrow - Lisa of the Clear Spot will be guest-hosting!