Saturday, February 13, 2010

Preface To Mud: I'll Be On The Radio Tonight!

It's true, I noticed that there wasn't a deejay schedule for Saturday nights from midnight to three am so I asked the Station Manager if he wouldn't mind if I just came on the radio & played some music & I thought "Since the guy who's on from nine to midnight plays nothing but hiphop I'll go ahead & play rock & roll." So it'll be Saturday Night Rock & Roll. Or Sunday Morning Too Damn Loud. Or Weekend Night Who's Making All That Racket. Something like that.

If you're around in Huntington, it's on the fm dial at 88.1 - the call letters are WMUL. I may or may not put the show up at when I'm done, though I'll put up the playlist, 'cause I always do that.

Will I continue doing it after this week? I'd like to, but I'll be out of town next weekend (more about that later) so we'll have to wait & see. Till I decide - or, more likely, a decision is made for me - enjoy the show tonight. If you can.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Into A World Of Snow!

Didya see how much snow dry, arid Dallas got this week? That's awesome! Over twelve inches! I can't find stats online for the Huntington area, but I'm sure we've had more than twelve inches this winter... Just not all at the same time.

Also, the snow in Dallas will probably melt quickly. Here it stays - & hardens - & becomes evil snow which goes by the name "black ice" - & brother I hear that's a killer.

I don't think that's what I wanted to talk about - it's actually kind of important I remember this date.* I have several siblings, most of whom have reproduced, & therefore I am possibly called "uncle" by (let me count) at least eight people (or, at the very least, there are at least eight people to whom I would respond if I were called "uncle"). However, today, through no action of any member of my blood-related family, I became an uncle again. This may sound ridiculous, but unlike other relations by marriage, which are usually designated by the suffixed phrase "in law" (ie, "brother-in-law," "mother-in-law"), you're not called an "uncle-in-law," you're just an uncle. I think I'd prefer being an uncle-in-law just so the kid knows we're not related. & chances are, she'll be pretty amazing, so actually "uncle-in-law" will enable her to distance herself from me when I'm a crazy old coot & she's a world famous something-or-other. "Ignore him," she'll tell her handlers, "he's just my uncle-in-law."

It's actually pretty easy to remember - this is both Abraham Lincoln's & Charles Darwin's birthday. But I have a feeling this little girl won't be intimidated by such luminaries - she'll be fine. Even if the planet's dying. But don't tell her parents that!

Welcome to the world, little Zizu. If I misspelled your name, & you're googling this years later, let me just say that your Ciocia Magda told me that's how it's spelled & you already know she can't spell to save her life - or her career. Happy birthday from your new uncle-in-law!

*At least until this person gets a Facebook account that will remind me it's her birthday.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


One day remind me to tell you about the time I interviewed Jonathan Richman on the radio. He was a total douche to me. I was a little surprised - most every musician - especially the indie type - I had met up until that time was actually quite nice. I think he thought it was fun to be difficult. It didn't affect how much I loved his music - well, maybe the music I heard after the interview, since I was less prone to love it uncritically - but there's really nothing he could do to diminish my love for the first Modern Lovers record & some of that stuff up to & including the 80s. But I have never gone to see him live since then, & he tours a lot.

What else? Oh yeah, last night's Self Help Radio which was about girlfriends went fine. I didn't get into trouble at all with my wife. Whew! As per usual, it's over at for your listening & downloading & getting in trouble with your spouse pleasure.

Here's some extra insight: Matt Groenig's "Life In Hell" cartoon about girlfriends. Wow! It's true nearly thirty years later!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Huzzah! My Second Monday Night Show!

- I think last week's show went all right, didn't you?
- Guess so.
- What, didn't you listen?
- It's on kinda late.
- You were going to stay up late to watch Craig Ferguson anyway.
- I can record that.
- I record my show too! It's up at!
- Yeah, but listening to it after it's already been on, it's like, the moment's lost.
- Wait, what about Craig Ferguson? You tape that show!
- Sure, but it's not live. It's already on tape.
- Hold on. You'd listen to recordings of my shows if they were pre-taped but not if they're recorded live?
- Of course. It's meant to be heard live.
- Do you feel that way about live albums?
- I never thought about it.
- I think you're talking through your ass.
- Hey! No need to get grumpy. I'll listen to your stupid show.
- You will?
- I'll listen to it live, sure.
- That's awesome! Thanks!
- When is it on again?
- Tonight at midnight on 88.1 fm WMUL Huntington.
- All right then.
- I'll record it anyway, just in case.
- Whatever.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Whither Girlfriends On Valentine's Day 2010?

First of all, I am perfectly aware that Valentine's Day is a week away. I have to do the show before Valentine's Day, you know? Otherwise it's just weird. "Yesterday was Valentine's Day & here's the show I would've done..." That would be moronic. Although I can totally see myself doing it. In fact, I may start doing Halloween shows in late November.

Where was I? Oh yeah. See, Valentine's Day is a full six days (or, really, five days & twenty-one hours, but I rounded up) from when the show airs, so while it might seem early, it seriously could only be earlier by maybe a few hours. Otherwise it'd be an entire week away & then I'd just have the show on Valentine's Day. Or would I? Because maybe it'd be midnight on Valentine's Day, & that would be the same as doing it the day after.

Now my head hurts. You want to see the themes I've done in the past for Valentine's Day, just for poops & grins?

VDay 2003: Valentine's Day (generally)
VDay 2004: Love
VDay 2005: Hate
VDay 2006: (cancelled due to burned-down radio station)
VDay 2007: Crushes
VDay 2008: Jealousy
VDay 2009: Boyfriends

"Girlfriends" seemed a natural choice for this year. Who knows what's next?

Don't get ahead of yourself! We've got to survive this Valentine's Day first.