Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Whither A Week Without Self Help Radio?

(Image from here.)

There will be no new Self Help Radio this week.  But I do believe there will be an old episode of the show (probably a repeat of last week's) so the graphic above is misleading.  The show will not be off the air & of course the radio station WLXU will be on the air.  I am just terrible at finding appropriate graphics for these announcements.

What do you do if you don't want to listen to a repeat of Self Help Radio?  (Either tonight's show or the dozens on the archive page.)  I dunno.

Maybe read a book?

Or binge watch something on a streaming service?  (I am currently enjoying the show Mindhunter.)

Play with your pets?  Like, really play with them.  Wear them out.  Convince them you're more cat/dog/guinea pig/fish than human.

Make something with clay?  Or papier-mâché?

Listen to something new someone has recommended to you despite the fact that you think there's no good music anymore & you're going to end up listening to something you've heard a million times before?

Take a walk (weather permitting)?  Take a drive (but be safe)?

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have fun.  The show will be back next week at this time.  That's a promise, though I know it felt like a threat.  & promises are made to be kept.  No one keeps a threat.  No one says, "I made a threat & I'm gonna keep it."  That's just weird.

Boy this went on longer than I thought it would.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Preface To No Show This Week: Should I Say Something About Nothing?

Nope, there's no new Self Help Radio this week.  Whatever will you do?  I mean, besides not listen like you normally do.

Hey!  Didya know?  There's a whole lot of old shows archives for you to listen to!  If you're so inclined.  Or you can wait until next week, when there'll be a brand new show.  About gas.

Here's a show that isn't archived: ten years ago, Self Help Radio had songs & talk about pies.  So maybe pretend it is ten years ago, & tomorrow you may be hearing a show about pies.  In that case, reading this will make a lot more sense.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Tumblr Blog I Like # 1

Although I have liked other Tumblr blogs before, especially ones that are basically internet comic strips*, I haven't liked them in a numbered fashion, & so I begin an irregular series where I occasionally talk about Tumblr blogs I like.

(Previous ones do include Poorly Drawn Lines & Jake Likes Onions, just in case you missed those.)

Today I share with you Web Comic Name:

That hits a little too close to home.

The blog is here for you to enjoy.

* Why are internet comic strips funnier these days than the ones in the newspapers?

Sunday, November 05, 2017

A Week Without Self Help Radio

(What an absurd headline.  Also, it's out of context.  Context here.)

This week there will not be a new episode of Self Help Radio.  Please, stifle your cheers of applause & sighs of relief.  I have done no calculations but I believe that, not counting automation errors, a new episode of Self Help Radio has aired every week since it premiered on WLXU, which would have been well over a year ago.

Wait, I can hear you say, automation?  Yes, you knew the show was pre-recorded (usually the day before it airs) & put on the automation to be broadcast on Wednesday nights.  Well, I can hear you rebut, then what's the problem?  Why not put it together earlier than usual so you can still have a show this week?

But.  But.  I want a vacation!

Is that all right?

The blog will remain active because I can't help myself but otherwise you'll have to "suffer" through a week without a new Self Help Radio.

Maybe, I dunno, listen to an old favorite?  Or even hate-listen to a show you really, really regret listening to?