Saturday, June 04, 2011

Preface To The Wondering Show: It's Going To Be One Of Those Shows Isn't It

Fancy is struck. The passive voice is implemented. No one has any cause for alarm.

I know people get in trouble for things everyone else is doing - illegal downloads & marijuana smoking are two things that I just thought of - but some kids were talking the other day about both of those things, how they do it without feeling like it's wrong & how they just don't feel the law has caught up. But they could get into trouble for doing either!

Even though it hasn't gone anywhere, I do kind of miss vinyl. I was never sensitive enough (or self-important enough) to claim it sounded better than digital music. I gravitated to digital music out of convenience. But the presentation of music on vinyl is more aesthetically pleasing.

One of the more fascinating, & possibly illegal, developments is the fact that people will put songs on YouTube as a "movie." I was talking to a friend in Austin about a song that she didn't know if she'd heard & I just went to YouTube & there it was. In fact, some deejays I know play their entire shows off YouTube these days. Not me. I still use CDs.

I like playing requests but I wish people who made requests would be sensitive to songs that have bad words in them - what the FCC considers bad words - when they make their requests. I have no idea if it makes them mad if I can't play a song with "fuck" in it at eight in the morning, but I am grateful for those song lyrics web sites because I can at least scan the lyrics before I play a song I'm unfamiliar with.

Actually, I don't mind that they don't care - they're not familiar with the FCC & they probably don't even think about the songs & whether they're indecent or obscene. That's my problem. I just feel a twinge of guilt when I can't play it for its content of even the simplest of naughty words.

I have a headache. Do you?

Friday, June 03, 2011

I'm Hungover/I'm All Over The Place

Both are true. With the wife out of town & the dogs paid hush puppies as hush money, I am free to be me & me. But instead I am squandering my freedom eating too much & subbing radio shows.

TONIGHT - Friday the 3rd - I'll be subbing The Uncle Bill Show, one of WRFL's best shows, & I'm hoping not to make a mess of it. That's from 8 to 10 pm Eastern time. Listen at 88.1 fm on your radio or online at wrfl dot fm.

Monday morning is another Sugar Substitute & Self Help Radio but MONDAY NIGHT I am subbing the Old School Hip Hop show from 10 to midnight. It'll be pretty old school. That's at the same place: 88.1 fm on your radio or online at wrfl dot fm.

I need to take a nap now.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Devil - Er, I Mean, Satan - Of A Show

It was a quiet Memorial Day show this morning, wherein I played more songs that talked about Satan than most heavy metal shows. I don't think anyone was awake to listen, though.

The devil has lots of names (& he's been called a lot of names, too) & today's show examined a few of them: Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, The Evil One, The Prince Of Darkness, Mephisto - even Gary. We also talked about backwards masking, different origin stories for Satan, & I hoped someone would send me lots of Chick Tracts. No such luck, though. It's still just me & Satan.

The demonic songs I played are below. The show is where it usually is at self help radio dot net. It's in two parts, as I've recently begun to note, with part one in this part of hell & part two in this section of the Inferno. Since there's no such as a devil, it's not at all scary. Unless you think there's such a thing as a devil. That's frightening!

As always, thanks for listening. Satan thanks you, too.

xo gary

(part one)

"Liszt: Mephisto Waltz # 1, 'Der Tanz In Der Dorfschenke'" Angéle Dubeau & La Pietà _Infernal Violins_

"Beelz" Stephen Lynch _The Craig Machine_
"Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese & Milk" Stark Effect _Mic In Track_
"Bus To Beelzebub" Soul Coughing _Ruby Vroom_
"Satan" Deerhoof _Holdy Paws_
"Yom Pha Barn Norn Pahwaa (Satan's Nightmare)" Paiboon _Thai Beat A Go-Go, Vol. 1_

"Satan Is Real" Louvin Brothers _Satan Is Real_
"Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down" Frank Proffitt, Vilas, NC _High Atmosphere_
"Chased Old Satan Through The Door" The Woodie Brothers _Black & White Hillbilly Music_
"Get Thee Behind Me, Satan" Almanac Singers _Songs For Political Action 03: The Almanac Singers: March 1941-July 1941_

(part two)

"Train To Satanville" Gin Gillette _Desperate Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 2_
"Party Of The First Part" Bauhaus _Swing The Heartache: The BBC Sessions_

"Led Zeppelin" Michael Mills _Hidden & Satanic Messages In Rock Music_
"Satanic Messages" Michael Ian Black _I Am A Wonderful Man_
"Dignitaries Of Hell" Coven _Witchcraft Destoys Minds & Reaps Souls_
"Prince Of Darkness" Mr. Flood's Party _Mr. Flood's Party_
"Don't Shake Me Lucifer" Roky Erickson & The Aliens _The Evil One_

"Lucifer Over Lancashire" The Fall _458489 B Sides_
"Satan Rejected My Soul" Morrissey _Maladjusted_
"Prince Of Darkness" Mekons _Heaven & Hell_

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whither A Devil By Any Other Name...?

You might notice that I don't repeat themes - except on my anniversary shows - so when something strikes my fancy, & it makes me think of a theme, but I recognize (despite my early-onset senility) that I have in fact done that theme before, one thing I can do is see if there's some kind of semantic loophole I can utilize to "revisit" the theme without actually repeating it.

One of the earliest shows I did, back in July of 2003, when Self Help Radio wasn't even a year old, was a show with the theme "The Devil You Say." It was songs about devils. Since there are so many songs simply about devils, I didn't have to add songs about the other names of The Devil - like Satan, or Lucifer, or Beelzebub, or Justin Bieber - they remained in limbo. Until this show idea came along. Therefore, I am doing what appears to be another show about the devil - only no "devil" songs on it. A loophole! Unlike the kind you wish you could find in contracts you sign with the Evil One for your soul.

By the way, when I did the "devil" show, way back when, I got a call from a listener - this was in Austin, mind - who asked me if I was doing the show because that same day an inexplicably popular morning deejay on the NPR station - whose name I shall not say because he might be conjured by the attention, & he's a great reason not to be in Austin - had done a similar show. I told the caller that, no, I didn't listen to that particular person on the radio & would prefer electro-shock therapy to having to endure his dreadful idea of a radio show, & also that I had been working on the show all week without knowing he had done a show with the same theme (though I didn't have the interns he had to find music for me).

The caller seemed alarmed. "What do you think it means," he said, "that the two of you came up with the same theme on the same day?"

I said, "It's a pretty broad theme. It's just a coincidence."

"I don't think so," the caller scoffed. "It seems kinda ominous."

In radio land, you don't want to tell a listener that they're acting dumb & superstitious - or just dumb - & you certainly don't want to engage them & ask them what sort of supernatural mechanism known only to their tiny brains might be at work in such a situation - I'm sure he wouldn't have been as freaked out if the theme coincidentally repeated by the two of us had been "cheese" - so I just said thank you for the call & hung up.

Ah, Austin.

Meanwhile, in Lexington, you can listen to lots of songs about properly-named devils tomorrow on Self Help Radio on the 88.1 frequency at 7:30 am, following a new Sugar Substitute at 6am. You can listen everywhere that Satan can (especially in Austin, where the success of that NPR deejay can only be explained by a deal with Beelzebub) online at wrfl dot fm. I'll be archiving the show later that day, but just in case Satan doesn't allow it to air - you should listen!