Saturday, February 27, 2010

Preface To Indiepop A To Z # 25: I Have A Cold

Am sick. Won't be able to radio show tonight. Will get better so can do Self Help Radio on Monday. Must go drain sinuses now. Excuse me.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Back In The Quiet

Yes, the Self Help Radio returned safely two days ago to the wilds of West Virginia after a brief sojourn in the New York City area, where it took in a Broadway show & a Daily Show, but mainly ate lots of delicious vegan food in Manhattan & Brooklyn. Oh god can that radio show eat! Even in cold rain!

It also looks like the Self Help Radio escaped a blizzard in the Large Apple... Though the plane from Cincinnati was daringly de-iced & flew the half hour to Huntington through some snowy resistance, there's no snow on the ground here but maybe some flakes floating in the sky.

Are you uncomfortable that the host of Self Help Radio refers to himself as the show? That's kinda weird, right? Is it a desire to anthropomorphize or some weird clingy ego that makes him identify entirely with the show? & what about the whole "writing about himself in the third person" thing? That's weird, right? Who else would be writing this if not him? It's not like he has a staff!

In any event, the Self Help Radio will return to its normal slot on Monday night, the first evening of March. In addition, on the night of the next-to-the-last-day of February, the host of Self Help Radio will be playing three hours of rock & roll on a show he's calling "Saturday Night Rock & Roll" because, frankly, after naming shows like "Self Help Radio" & "Sugar Substitute" & "Dickenbock Electronics," he's really all out of idears.

Also, he has the sniffles. That's not going to sound very good on the radio, is it?

By the way, though this blog post has a lot of questions, & there's a comments function so one could easily attempt to answer them, please don't feel obliged. They're rhetorical & the answers have already come to the Self Help Radio & it's feeling awful about everything.

After vacation, everything returns to normal.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Remember! Today!

If you are like me & never remember when Self Help Radio is on, you should perhaps get (like I did) its time tattoo on the cuticle of your right hand ring finger. Which is painful. Especially since the time slot has changed a lot in the last few months. Also, is it all right if your cuticle has turned a kind of moss green? I need to see a doctor.

Anyway, my rotting finger is telling me that the Self Help Radio is on tonight at midnight, but how can that be? I am in another city in another state entirely. (Just to clarify, though, the other city I am in is also in the other state that I am in, so I am not violating the laws of space & time like Albert Einstein used to do.) I can't get back to do the Self Help Radio tonight! I plan to be selling shoes in Rockefeller Center!

Oh, but I have another method of reminding me of important dates & times. Y'see, I have a laptop computer, & when you close the computer, there's all this space where you can carve notes to yourself. & I see that a youngster named Brian will be doing the Self Help Radio tonight in its normal place (let me check my cuticle) ah! Mondays at midnight on 88.1 fm WMUL in Huntington. Whew! Do you know how fast I'd have to run to get there by midnight? Me either. But I can't run that fast. Not in these heels.

Please listen & I'll return next week. Meanwhile, I have to see if I can sneak into this bed & breakfast to have a shower.