Friday, March 29, 2013

Whither Milk?

Eeek!  It's about to happen!  Where did the time go!

Self Help Radio is on the air today from 4 to 6pm with a show about milk.  Lactose tolerant, y'all!

88.1 fm in Lexington, elsewhere.

I hope the show doesn't make you farty!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preface To Milk: Is Cow Milk Good For Humans?

It seems to me like the only folks who say so these days are the people who make money from the industry.

Debunking the milk myth

Why milk is bad for you

Six reasons you should avoid dairy at all costs

Those are the first three articles that came up on a Google search.

I stopped eating dairy products because of the way the animals are treated - especially with all the antibiotics they give them - it was a natural step after stopping eating animals.  But it's nice to know that one of the consequences is that it's healthy to do so.

I always liked the sentence: "Cow milk is good for you - if you're a calf."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Milk Commercials

I have always been a little baffled by the longevity - which I suppose means success - of the whole "Got Milk?" ad campaign.  At best it's stupid - oh dear here are some beloved celebrities who don't know how to drink properly - at worst it looks like someone just came all over someone's upper lip.  It's a little gross.

The Japanese have a better idea (& that's a sentence I don't normally say):

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday's Question

On Monday, the Howlin' Brothers showed up to WRFL (I happened to be there) & they played an amazing thirty minute set live on air & they were amazing & it was tons of fun.  It reminded me of my time in Austin & meeting musicians who came down to SXSW & played not just their "showcase" but as many times as anyone would have them.  I love that about musicians - real musicians - they just want to play music.  Anytime, anywhere.

But - network morning shows?

I was up early & flipping the channels for some reason & some commercial country act was playing live on one of the network morning shows.  It was around 8am.  What the hell?  What the fuck?  Who wants to hear - well, forget that it was some horrible commercial country act - but who thinks to him or herself, "Wow, I've just woken up & my first cup of coffee is kicking in - hey! I could use some live music in a New York television studio!"

Answer: no one ever.

& let's not forget the musicians.  They may drive up to a college/community radio station at 1pm to play music, but 8am?  Forget it.  They were out till 4am.  Doing what they love.  But what they love does not translate to 8am anywhere.  Right?  Surely?

Commercial radio robots need not apply.  They're programmed to obey their masters whenever.

I had a question but I think I asked & answered.  I'll leave you with an indie rock related anecdote.

I was somehow made the point person for a band coming to RFL one afternoon to play live.  They were supposed to show up at 2pm but I got a call from their manager that they might be running late.  The reason?  He said, "Breakfast ran long."

I said, "It's 2pm.  We call that lunch."

He said, "Musicians."

Monday, March 25, 2013


I meant to put this up yesterday, but didn't get around to it today.  I wasn't procrastinating; it's just that it seemed like I had some time between today & tomorrow to get it done.  When I finally did, it wasn't even tomorrow - it was still today.  Which seems a shame.  Because a show about tomorrow belongs in a place called tomorrow.

The show theme was a special request & I hope the requester enjoyed the show.  She (& you) can listen to it now at Self Help Radio's irritating presence on the web.  Or!  If you want to listen to it directly!  Part one is here & part two is here!  There's a list of the songs played on the show below.

Don't worry if you can't listen today - the show will still be there tomorrow.

(part one)

"Science Of Tomorrow" Attileo Mineo _Man In Space With Sounds_
"Stepping Into Tomorrow" Donald Byrd _Stepping Into Tomorrow_

"Tomorrow" The Three O'Clock _Sixteen Tambourines/Baroque Hoedown_
"Tomorrow" Happydeadmen _You Thought It Was The End Of The World When The Rain Ruined Your Hair_
"Tomorrow" James _Whiplash_
"Tomorrow" The Concretes _In Colour_

"Tomorrow" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes _Are A Drag_
"Tomorrow" Morrissey _Your Arsenal_
"Tomorrow's Just Another Day" Madness _Total Madness_
"When Tomorrow Comes" Eurythmics _Revenge_
"Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today" Bart & Friends _Stories With The Endings Changed_

"All Tomorrows Parties" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds _Kicking Against The Pricks_

(part two)
"Why Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow?" Pelle Carlberg _In A Nutshell_
"Tomorrow Never Comes" Club 8 _The Friend I Once Had_
"Tomorrow Comes Today" Gorillaz _Gorillaz_

"Tomorrow Never Knows" The Chameleons _Strange Times_
"No Tomorrow" The Boyfriends _The Boyfriends_
"The Day Before Tomorrow" BMX Bandits _The 53rd & 3rd Years_

"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" The Shapiros _The Shapiros_
"With Tomorrow" This Mortal Coil _Blood_
"This Time Tomorrow" The Kinks _Lola Versus Powerman & The Money-Go-Round_
"Tomorrow Night" Shoes _Shoes' Best_
"Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow" Big Hello _Apple Album_

"Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow" Bikeride _Ocean Park Paradox_
"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" Tony Blackburn _Is There Another Way To Love You?_
"Wonder What I'll Do Tomorrow" Dislocation Dance _Music Music Music/Slip That Disc!_