Saturday, September 03, 2022

Helping & Donateing Rules

Three years ago today, I snapped this picture in my neighborhood.  Where we live is more densely populated than anywhere we've lived before, & so while I'm sure there were some children (not many) in our neighborhood in Fort Worth, & definitely lots in our neighborhood in Lexington, there seems to be so many more in our neighborhood in Portland.  We are actually within walking distance of at least three schools, & we see signs of kiddos - toys, for example - as well as their creativity - lots of chalk art & writing on sidewalks - & things like this.

What is the context?  I don't know.  & I'm not sure I ever knew.  But it makes me wish my mother had given me a piece of poster board from time-to-time & told me I needed to write out some random rules.  I would've had a lot of fun.  & probably would have left it out on the sidewalk when I was done for some smart-ass with a camera to take a photograph of it.

Friday, September 02, 2022

Pig Graffiti


So... This week's show was a continuation of the Indiepop A To Z series.  I began the series way back in 2005 (after an earlier attempt) & have now finished 69 episodes.  I haven't counted but I'll bet it's now hundreds of bands & songs.  & although you can find each episode on the Self Help Radio website linked on the "Table Of Contents" page, you can't easily access them - they really should be on their own page.

& truly I'd love to have that, & I have prepared the page, I just wanted to also link to all the shows.  I thought that maybe I didn't have recordings of all the shows, but it turns out that was wrong.  I do indeed.  All except the first show, & I don't even have the playlist for that for some reason.

It's been relatively easy copying the playlists into one document.  The big challenge has been finding the original recordings & then uploading them onto the web server.  Because I delete my files from there after about a year.

See, I had the notion to reveal, today, that very page - where all 69 episodes of Indiepop A To Z (except the first one) could be accessed.  But I now have to upload a lot of shows.  So I will have to work on that before I present that page.

Instead, have a picture of some pig graffiti I took under the highway early this year.  & stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Self Help Radio 083022: Indiepop A To Z # 69

(all images from Discogs)

Some said it couldn't be done.  Others said it shouldn't be done.  Most didn't care one way or another.  But against all odds, or at least because I haven't died yet, Self Help Radio this week finished the letter P, managed to find a few bands & musicians in the letter Q, & began the letter R.  This was Indiepop A To Z # 69!

It's exactly what you think it is, so go listen at your leisure at either the KBOO website or at the Self Help Radio website.  If at the latter, please use the username SHR & pass the password selfhelp for access.  You can download the show though if you want!

All the songs played are listed below in glorious alphabetical order (I hope)!

Self Help Radio Indiepop A To Z # 69
"Nag Nag" Puffin _Medium Cool EP_
"Holiday" Pullover _A Gift From Sing-Sing_
"Common People" Pulp _Different Class_

"Jesus" The Pumpkin Fairies _Love Me_
"The Motorcycle Song" The Puncture Repair Kit _EardrumsPop 100_
"Century Of Time" Punky's Dilemma _Remote Sensing_
"Mirrors" Purdey _Mirrors_
"Aspidistra" Pure _The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 3_

"Little Devil" The Purelove _King Pop_
"All My Happiness Is Gone" Purple Mountains _Purple Mountains_
"Not Fair" The Purple Tulips _Something's Burning In Paradise_
"That Girl" Pussy Crush _Tormenting The Emotionally Frail_
"Turn Her Down" The Pussywillows _Spring Fever!_

"Hot Bed" Pussycat Trash _Plink Plonk Pink Punk_
"Crazy" Pylon _Chomp_

"California" Quasi _Featuring "Birds"_
"Take It All Back" The Quentins _Take It All Back_
"Crumbling Town" Queue Dance _The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 9_

"Bluebird" The Quiet Hearts _Between Two Waves: The Second Wave_
"Ringing In My Ears" Quigley _A Kind Of Loving EP_
"Stupid Thing" Paul Quinn & The Independent Group _Stupid Thing_
"Once Upon A Day" Quinn The Eskimo _The Mountain Is A Dandy_

"Postpartum & The Albatross" Rabbit In Red _Rabbit In Red_
"Coming Like Summer" Rabbits Wedding _Coming Like Summer_
"Shanghaied!" Racecar _LemonLime Volume Two...A Pop Compilation_
"Let Go" The Radio Arts _This Morning Makes Me Okey_
"Brilliant Books" Radio Bangkok _Brilliant Books_

"The Worst Taste In Music" The Radio Dept. _Pet Grief_
"Falling Into Darkness" Radio Ghosts _Messthetics # 105: DIY 77-81 Scotland I_
"Logstar" Radioflyer _Millefeuille_
"Last Matinee" Radiolaria _The Last Matinee_
"Student Wiccans" Radstewart _Wiccans & Beatlemancers_

"SPF-100" Ragazzi _Little Darla Has A Treat For You Volume 3, Spring 1996_
"Orange Juice Star" Raggedy Ann _Periscope: Another Yoyo Compilation_
"Brighter" The Railway Children _Reunion Wilderness_
"Tom Paine" The Rain _To The Citadel_
"Carolyn's Song" Rain Parade _Emergency Third Rail Power Trip_

"Bad Luck" Rain Refrain _Bad Luck_
"Fairytale In The Supermarket" The Raincoats _The Raincoats_
"Is That Yoo?" Raining Pleasure _Try A Little Sunshine: A Greek Indiepop Compilation_
"Just An Idea" The Rainkings _Sictransitgloriaswanson EP_
"Cool Forever" The Rainpals _A New Day_

Monday, August 29, 2022

Whither Indiepop A To Z # 69?

(In the name of twee, please enjoy this unbearably cute cartoon by Liz Climo.)

Ah yes, it has been four months (give or take a week) since the last installment of my never-ending series, Indiepop A To Z.  I have had five full episodes (& one partial episode) covering the letter P, & am happy to announce we will have covered it as well as I can by tonight.  I expect to be able to spend nearly the same amount of time on the letter Q.

Kidding!  I think I have like nine bands.  There are of course more than nine bands (& artists) out there whose names (last names in the case of artists) start with the letter Q (there's even a 1970s disco group called Q) but I didn't think they were influential to or part of the genre of indiepop.  Sorry fans of ? & The Mysterians!  Sorry fans of Quando Quango!

One thing I have done, which I reveal on Friday, is made good on a promise I made maybe a year ago, maybe a few months ago, but I'll say more at the end of the week.

In the meantime, enjoy the last of the indiepop Ps - Puffin to Pylon - a few indiepop Qs, & the beginning of the indiepop Rs.  That will happen tonight on 90.7fm KBOO Portland from midnight to 3am.  If you're not in our signal range, you can listen online at  It will only sometimes be as cute as that cartoon above.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Preface To Indiepop A To Z # 69: Under Construction

(Image from here.)

It's strange, I was starting to feel nostalgic for those "under construction" signs that used to be on every damn website in the very early days of the Web.  Then I saw the image above.  They're so awful!

What I was missing was an image I used to use which I got from an old psychology textbook which showed an old building with holes in the windows.  I probably just used Photoshop to put "under construction" on the image, but it appeared mainly on the KVRX website, which I maintained in the mid-1990s.  However, I never backed up that site, & that image is probably gone forever.  Or else I named it something else & can't find it now.

Darn it, I just thought I could find it with a different name but couldn't!

The reason I thought about this is that at one point, maybe earlier this year, I promised I would make a stand-alone page with all the Indiepop A To Z shows on it, & I'd re-upload all the episodes as well (the ones I've digitized).  But of course I didn't get to that today.  I probably did more, unimportant things.  I might be able to get to it tomorrow?

But there's no space for it currently on the Self Help Radio website, so there's no "under construction" image.  Wow, I can't believe how terrible all of those are.  Thankfully none of them are animated gifs!