Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preface To Indiepop A To Z # 38: Know Your Own Fest!

I have no time, I am going to the Know Your Own Festival which is sponsored by WRFL today from 3 pm to 10:30 pm.  It's on the UK campus right outside the RFL studios (corner of Limestone & Avenue Of Champions) & it's free, with a ton of local bands playing, & here's the line-up & times:

3:00 Warren Byrom & Fabled Canelands
3:25 De-Animator
3:45 Live Island
4:05 Three Legged Race
4:25 pezhed
4:45 I Like You
5:15 S H O Z O
5:45 Astor Place Riot
6:15 Switchmen
6:45 Those Crosstown Rivals
7:15 Cross
7:45 Dunebuggy Attack Battalion
8:15 Matt Duncan
8:45 Ancient Warfare
9:15 Absalom Absalom
9:45 Dream The Electric Sleep

In addition, if you come early, you can be involved in the dedication of the fab new statue outside the studios, recently completed by Garry Bibbs.  More info here.

Busy day for me!

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Single Widows"

Overheard on WRFL this afternoon, in a litany of people possibly affected & offended by supporters of "traditional marriage":

single moms, single dads, single widows...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Barefoot Redneck Incest

I was talking to a Kentuckian about Kentucky today & she asked me what words I thought about when I thought about "Kentucky."

I said, bourbon.  I said, hillbillies.  I said, coal.  I said, bluegrass music.

She obviously had something else on her mind; perhaps she was thinking about outsiders like myself who have the wrong idea about Kentucky.  She said, "I'm so tired of people who think of Kentucky & all they think about is barefoot redneck incest."

I said, "That sounds like the worst title for a porn video ever."  But she was not amused.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For Shame!

Perhaps I'm being shameless, but I felt no shame doing Self Help Radio's first regularly scheduled two hour show in almost six years.  I had previously believed someone would shame the WRFL management for letting it happen, but despite the shame being on them, they stuck to their decision.  I soldier on shamefacedly.

Two hours!  There's so much shame in one hundred & twenty minutes you might not want to get involved!  The show is now at the Self Help Radio website, but I'll understand if you're too ashamed to be seen around there.  You can download each of two parts with these links: part one | part two .  No one will ever know.

(part one)

"Shame" Denzil _Pub_
"Shame" The Lucy Show _Mania_
"Shame" Eurthymics _Savage_

"Shame" Norman Feels _Where Or When_
"Shame, Shame, Shame!" Smiley Lewis _I Hear You Knockin': The Best Of Smiley Lewis_
"It's A Shame" The Detroit Spinners _The Essential Collection_
"What A Shame" The Rolling Stones _The Rolling Stones, Now!_
"Oh It's Such A Shame" Jay Reatard _Blood Visions_
"Shame" Wet Paint _Pebbles, Vol. 7: Chicago, Part 2_

"City Of Shame" Robyn Hitchcock _Uncorrected Personality Traits_
"Shame For The Angels" The Jacobites _Hawks Get Religion_
"Shame Is A Girl" The Bridge _The Sound Of Leamingston Spa Vol. 4_
"Shame Is The Name" Morrissey _Swords_

"Ain't That A Shame" Fats Domino _The Original Rock & Roll Classics_
"Ain't It A Shame" Lloyd Price _Lawdy Miss Clawdy_
"Ain't It A Shame To Go Fishing On Sunday" Leadbelly _The Last Sessions_

(part two)

"Such A Shame" Talk Talk _It's My Life_
"For Shame Of Doing Wrong" Richard & Linda Thompson _Watching The Dark: The History Of Richard Thompson_

"Such A Shame" The Kinks _Kinda Kinks_
"Walk Of Shame" The Like _Release Me_
"Shame On You" The Darling Buds _Pop Said..._
"Shame" The King's Ransom _Teenage Shutdown, Vol. 9: Teen Jangler Blowout!_
"Shamemaker" Ween _La Cucaracha_
"Cryin' Shame" The Odds _Let's Breed: Part Two Of The Throbbing Lobster Saga_

"Shame Shame Shame" The Harmonettes _Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil-Up_
"It's A Shame (Mt. Airy Groove)" Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five _Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel_
"I'm Livin' In Shame" Diana Ross & The Supremes _The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 9: 1969_
"Shame On The Family Name" Calvin Scott _The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles: 1968-1971_

"Shame" The Children _Every Single Day_
"Whirlpool Vision Of Shame" Felt _The Strange Idols Pattern & Other Short Stories_
"Ain't Nothin' Like A Shame (To Bring It All Back Home)" Lucky Soul _A Coming Of Age_
"Hall Of Shame" Great Plains _The Length Of Growth 1981-89_

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whither Shame?

Can you listen to Self Help Radio tomorrow?  It'll be the first two-hour Self Help Radio since - gosh! 2006!  When I went from Wednesdays to Fridays & lost a half-hour.  That was in Austin, though.  This is Lexington.  There's more room for a show like Self Help Radio to grow!

Anyway, it's from 7 to 9am (it's weird not to write 7:30) & it would be a shame if you missed it.  Of course, it'll be a shame if you listen, since it's a show about shame, but that's the nature of the strange theme-based contradictions in your average Self Help Radio show.

You can listen in Lexington at 88.1 on your FM dial, or you can listen online at WRFL dot FM.  Shame on you for not listening live!  But I understand, it's early - I will shamefacedly place the show on the Self Help Radio website.

For shame!

Really, it's all for shame.