Friday, October 10, 2014

Self Help Radio 101014: Heaven Revisited (A 12th Anniversary Show)

Yay! 12 years of Self Help Radio! Oh boy! Oh no!

I think it was a fun show.  I like being able to do an entire show with every song having the same title.  I've only done that once before.  & I may never get a third chance.

The show features twenty-four songs called "Heaven" (not counting the songs in the airbreaks over which I talk, which are also called "Heaven") plus interviews with heaven expert Jeff Stevenson, with author Charmagne Fluffernutter, author of The Six Animals You Meet In Heaven, & with my spiritual advisor, the Rev. Dr. Howard Gently, who knows a thing or two about heaven.  Again, it was a fun show, although not good enough to justify twelves years of this nonsense.  Twelve years!  Where did my life go?

Listen at the Self Help Radio website!  Pay attention to password info.  Pray there's not twelve more years of this!

Thanks for listening!

(part one)

"Heaven" Joey & The Lexingtons _Heaven_
"Heaven" The Rascals _Freedom Suite_
"Heaven" Boxcar Willie _20 Great Tracks_

"Heaven" Pere Ubu _Datapanik in the Year Zero: 1975-1977_
"Heaven" Squeeze _East Side Story_
"Heaven" Girls At Our Best! _Pleasure_
"Heaven" Psychedelic Furs _Mirror Moves_

"Heaven" Talking Heads _Stop Making Sense_
"Heaven" Robyn Hitchcock _Fegmania!_
"Heaven" Eurthymics _Savage_

"Heaven" Kristin Hersh _Strange Angels_
"Heaven" The Woodentops _Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway_

(part two)

"Heaven" The Frazier Chorus _Ray_
"Heaven" The Golden Palominos _Pure_

"Heaven" Majestic _The Majestic 12 Years 1994-1998_
"Heaven" The Rapture _Echoes_
"Heaven" Bitter:Sweet _The Mating Game_
"Heaven" Club 8 _The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming_

"Heaven" Envelopes _Here Comes The Wind_
"Heaven" Pocket (feat. Mark Burgess) _A Force Of Nature_
"Heaven" Frankie Rose _Herein Wild_

"Heaven" Popstrangers _Antipodes_
"Heaven" ChameleonsVox _m+d=1(8)_
"Heaven" Pomegranates _Heaven_

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Whither Heaven?

On December 3, 2003, I did what was somewhere between my 45th & 49th episode of Self Help Radio*.  The theme was heaven.  My show in those days was an hour long, & not terribly well-constructed**.  I didn't, for example, have music under my voice during airbreaks.  In a real sense, I was still "finding my voice" for the show.

I believe I have a tape of that show, but I didn't think about playing it till just now, & I don't have time to try to find it & digitize it.  Too bad!  It would be interesting to listen to it!***

In 2008, when the show was six years old, I hit upon the idea of revisiting an old theme on my anniversary.  So when this, my twelfth anniversary, rolled around, & I was looking at old playlists, it hit me that I could re-explore a theme & also do something I love to do (I've only done it once before, though): have a show where all the songs on the show have the same title.  It'll happen tomorrow: the show will revisit the theme "Heaven" & all the songs will be called "Heaven."  Yay!

It's on Friday morning from 7 to 9am on 88.1 fm in Lexington or online at WRFL dot fm.  If you're celebrating the anniversary early, & aren't able to wake up early enough, I understand, & I'll put the show on my website later in the day.

Twelve years!  I can't imagine there'll be twelve more.

* I don't know how to count which shows are official shows.  At that time, there was a show called "The Pilot Show" the hour before SHR.  I was the person tasked with being there to watch over new & trainee programmers.  Oftentimes, they would cancel at the last minute, so I made it a habit to have an extra themed show prepared in the case that that occurred, which it did somewhat often.  But do I count those?  If so, 49th is the more or less right number.

** Yeah, yeah.

*** For interesting, read: painful.

Week Of Heaven: Thursday

Last day of Self Help Radio's anniversary week celebration of obvious songs.  Because the show debuted in Austin on 10/9/02 - exactly twelve years ago today! - this week the show revisits an old theme - "heaven."  Here's the last music video with "Heaven" as its title - & all the songs I'll play tomorrow will be titled "Heaven" - today it's the Eurythmics!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Week Of Heaven: Wednesday

Continuing Self Help Radio's anniversary week - the show began on October 9, 2002 - I revisit an old theme on anniversary shows - I'll return to the theme "heaven" (first visited in December 2003) & every song I play on Friday will be called "Heaven." I'm posting videos of the most obvious "Heaven" songs I know. Yeah, they're all from 1978 - 1987. Today: Robyn Hitchcock!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Week Of Heaven: Tuesday

As I said yesterday, this week's show is Self Help Radio's 12th Anniversary.  On my anniversary shows, I revisit an old theme, & so I'll be revisiting the theme "heaven" &  every song I play on will be called "Heaven."  I'm posting videos of the most obvious "Heaven" songs I know.  No surprise: they're all from 1978 - 1987.  Today: Psychedelic Furs!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Week Of Heaven: Monday

This week's show is Self Help Radio's 12th Anniversary.  The show first went on the air on October 9, 2002, in Austin, on 91.7 fm KOOP.  On my anniversary shows, I revisit an old theme, & so I'll be revisiting the theme "heaven."  Plus, every song I play on the show will be titled, simply, "Heaven."  From Monday to Thursday this week, here & on my blog, I'll post videos of the most obvious "Heaven" songs I know.  No surprise: they're all from 1978 - 1987.  First up, Talking Heads!