Thursday, October 05, 2017

Self Help Radio 100417: Foxes

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Yay foxes!  It's about time someone gave them a radio show!  So glad it got to be Self Help Radio!

& already the reviews are pouring in: every fox with a radio or the internet loved it, while most hounds with access to the show are giving it mixed reviews.  How do the foxes get their reviews to me?  Like everything else, I learn what people think by reading the comments section.

There's also some indication that humans who find themselves "foxy" also enjoyed the show, so if you missed it but consider that adjective apt, by gum, listen now.  There are not only lots of fox songs, but there's an interview with a zookeeper, a report from a furry convention (where people dress as foxes), & my spiritual mentor talks about the deeper meaning of foxes.  It will also give you something to talk about with foxes in those awkward moments when you come across one & find they're immune to small talk.

The show is now at the Self Help Radio website.  You don't have to be sly as a fox to figure out the username & password needed for the show - it's on the website already.  The show is in two parts, & what's in the parts, as well as where the interviews are, is listed below.

Yay foxes!

(part one)

"The Fox" Odetta _At The Gate Of Horn_
"The Fox" A Certain Ratio _Early_
"The Fox" The Rondelles _Shined Nickels & Loose Change_
"A Fox (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)" The Smothers Brothers _Aesop's Fables The Smothers Brothers Way_

"Hounds Of Love" Kate Bush _Hounds Of Love_
"The Old Fox" The Mekons _Natural_
"Arctic Fox It's A Setup!" Mike Birbiglia _Two Drink Mike_
"Foxheads" Close Lobsters _Foxheads Stalk This Land_
"Fox On The Run" Dondero High School A Capella Choir _Pop Concert 1995_

interview with the Rev Dr Howard Gently

"Fine Old Foxy Self" James Brown _The Singles, Volume 3: 1964-1965_
"Foxy Girls In Oakland" Rodger Collins _Bay Area Funk_
"This Is A Foxy World" Tom Tom Club _Close To The Bone_
"Foxy Lady" The Cure _Three Imaginary Boys_
"Foxy Boxer" Bearsuit _Oh:io_

"The Fox In The Snow" Belle & Sebastian _If You're Feeling Sinister_

(part two)

"Fox & The Hounds" Henry Thomas _Before The Blues, Vol. 3: The Early American Black Music Scene_
"The Fox Chase" Wade Ward & Bob Carpenter _Southern Journey, Vol. 2: Ballads & Breakdowns (Songs From The Southern Mountains)_
"Lonnie's Fox Chase" Lonnie Glosson _The History Of Country & Western Music, Vol. 5 (1935-1937)_

Marge Most reports from a furry convention

"Fox In Socks" Marvin Miller _Dr. Seuss Presents Fox In Socks, Horton Hatches The Egg, & Other Stories Including The Sneetches_
"The Bear & The Fox" Tim Yen Yen _Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You_
"The Fox & The Grapes" Joan Gerber _The Story Lady_
"Nice Fox" The Rosebuds _Life Like_
"Foxx & I" The Magnetic Fields _50 Song Memoir_

interview with zookeeper Tony Sharpetti

"Red Fox" The Choir Practice _The Choir Practice_
"Foxes Of Kalahari" The Search _Deranged Minds Unite_
"Find The Fox (Demo)" XTC _Coat Of Many Cupboards_
"Fake Fox Fur Pillowcase" The Wave Pictures _Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon_
"Faux Foxes Improvise Limelight" Drug Boyfriend _Faux Foxes Improvise Limelight_

"Reynard The Fox" Julian Cope _Fried_
"Fox Box" The Dirtbombs _Horndog Fest_

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Whither Foxes?

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Damn, foxes are cute as fuck.  They make me want to just have every frickin' show be about cute things, just so I can put pictures of them on the Facebook page.  I mean, the theme of the show the week before was guilt.  No one wants to look at pictures of guilt!

& yet, their adorable nature was not the reason for the show.  No, the idea came to me because I was reading about another cute animal dear to my heart: beagles.  The story of the fox is often wrapped up into the story of the hound.  Not only are they closely related, but, you know, one hunts the other, thanks to human beings.  I bet otherwise they'd just hang out together.

Stuff I was reading talked about domestication, which I talked about yesterday, & which led to the show today.  That's sometimes how inspiration strikes.  It's often deliberate.

& so Self Help Radio's show about foxes is on tonight on 93.9 fm WLXU in Lexington & online of course at LCR Online.  It's on from 8-10pm central & 9-11pm eastern.

The show's not nearly as cute as that picture above.  Just warning you in advance.

Placeholder: 2,700th Post

This is the 2,700th discrete bit of writing on this blog, which began September 12. 2006, just a little over eleven years ago.  It has never really had much of a purpose & continues to in that vein.

Huzzah.  Celebratory music.  Confetti.  Toasts & cheers.  Revelry.  Regret.  Depression.  Acceptance.

"Here's to 2700 more," one drunken fool burps, & is promptly punched in the face.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Preface To Foxes: Domestication

There was an argument today on the morning dogwalk between me & the wife (not me & the dogs) about the domestication of foxes.  I had read that one of the more interesting things about foxes is that, despite their being related to wolves & dogs, they have resisted domestication.

The wife, who is a smarty-pants, said, "What about the Russian foxes?"

Sadly I had to confess to her that I hadn't heard about them.  When I quickly read about them on my  phone - probably while she was picking up dog poop - I was able to point out that this particular attempt at domestication has only been going on for a few decades.  In contrast, some researchers believes humans domesticated dogs like fifteen thousand (15,000) years ago.  That's quite a difference.

Luckily she doesn't notice things like this report, which is about a fox being domesticated, although it is a fox that has been bred for its fur, so it's not a wild fox.

None of this by the way dissuades me from wanting a fox of my own.  I don't know if I could handle a wild fox, but if you know of any douchebag fox fur farms around here, let me know - it might be worth planning a rescue.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Meet My Pets (Again?) # 8: Yoko

I adopted Yoko from my sister, who died two years ago, & who asked me - when I didn't think she was very sick & when she knew no one else would - to take her if anything bad happened.  I discussed that here, but that wasn't much about Yoko.

Yoko's a chihuahua mainly - some think she may have a little hound in her, maybe dachshund - but she's scrappy & yappy & definitely wishes she could be one person's dog - it used to be my sister, now it's me, although she does fine with the other dogs & with the cats & with the wife.

Yoko & I travelled from Texas to Kentucky over two day in the summer of 2015.  She was very needy when the car wasn't moving, & so I took her with me wherever I went.  If I left her in the hotel room, she'd claw at the door & bark.  So when I went for food, I took her.  I went to a pet store to buy her food, since my sister had told me she was finicky.  & I put her dog bed - taken from my sister's house - on the hotel room bed with me, so she could sleep there.

It might be that she bonded with me then.

My wife Magda was in Spain doing research at the time & she later told me she had intended to adopt Yoko out, but Yoko stole her heart within days.  Magda gave Yoko her name, too - she said the little dog "broke up the beagles."  She also advised me that Yoko wasn't finicky, just spoiled - she would eat, Magda said, when she was hungry.  She was right - & Yoko also took to walks right away, if only to bark at everything that passed.  She especially hates bicycles & mail carriers.

She weighed over twelve pounds when I brought her home.  She now weighs between seven & eight. She's healthy, she's happy, & she has, as I've said, fit it well with the other dogs.  But she does follow me around.  If I have time to nap, she will come very happily into bed with me during the day & burrow under the covers.

& she's mellowed out.  When we have guests over, she gets used to them quickly, & remembers neighbors whom she's already met.

Magda often says that she'd rather have Pat, my sister, back, but she wishes she could tell her what a gift Yoko was to us.

Maybe I should've talked about the night I met Yoko - when Pat was in the hospital, & she asked us, who were visiting, to let her out.  Yoko hated us.  She growled & cowered in a corner.  I tried & tried to befriend her.  It wasn't until we were there for a while, when the other dogs needed to go out in the middle of the night, that she just came along with us.

Well, that's the story.  There's more to it, I guess.  Just like there's a lot more to Yoko.  The youngest, newest member of our pack.