Friday, February 01, 2013

Whither The Naked Show?

Dude, it is EIGHTEEN DEGREES FAHRENHEIT in Lexington, Kentucky, right now.  (That's negative eight degrees Celsius if you must know, or as I like to say, -8.)  Who in their right mind would want to do a show about nakedness in freezing temperatures?

It's rather warm in the WRFL studios, is all I'm saying.  Why is that?  It's because it's boiler room heat!

Listen!  It's a clothing-optional Self Help Radio!  From 4 to 6 pm TODAY!  On 88.1 fm in Lexington!  On wrfl dot fm in warmer & colder climes!  Or listen later in the privacy of your own nudist colony at the Self Help Radio website!

(It may take awhile, though - I might have frozen extremities after two hours naked in this temperature.  Boiler heat or not.)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Preface To The Naked Show: Gymnophobia

Gymnophobia literally means "naked fear" & I hope you don't have it.  Sure, it's a phobia, it's irrational, you know it's irrational, but like being afraid that bugs might be crawling over you, you start to think about it & then you're swatting your pants leg & then they're all over your back & you can feel them in your hair & you're like OH GOD THEY'RE EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE AGGH! AGGGGHHH!

That very thing (in ALL CAPS!) may happen to you if you're afraid of nudity & you listen to Self Help Radio this week.  That would be the very definition of unfortunate.  As unfortunate, you know, as happening to listen to Self Help Radio.

The Wikipedia has a short article about it & has this tidbit, "Child gymnophobia is common due to peer pressure, bullying, & a fear of exposing sexual organs."

This reminds me of a weird experience in the field house - you know, the place where you "dressed out" in gym class in middle school - when I was in sixth grade.  I was not a terribly bright child & most probably hadn't hit puberty yet, & didn't have any information about what might happen when I did, & I remember watching two older boys - eighth graders! - teasing each other in a playful way by roughhousing & snapping each other with towels & that sort of thing so popular (one imagines) in gay pornography.  The freaky moment happened - & I think I was watching this because I found the field house so incredibly frightening & I "dressed out" in-between the wall & the door of my locker - one of the two older kids made the other feel bad by "flashing" him his junk, which, he proudly pointed out, featured public hair.  (I assumed the other boy didn't have any yet.)

Yeah, I had no idea that sort of thing - hair. down there. - was going to happen to me.

Imagine!  I went to gym class every day of sixth grade for at least nine months & that's all I really remember about it.  Trauma!

I don't know if I'm gymnophobic, but I certainly don't like to see people I know in states of undress.  Perhaps it's just prudishness, or perhaps it's some fear that there's something that's supposed to happen to my naked body that hasn't happened yet - & I'll see it on someone else - & that would freak me out as much seeing male pubic hair for the first time.

My show will probably not have anything to do with this story.  I just went where my memories led me.  Nakedness, so popular on the internet, has proved a bit of a weird tangent on this naked blog.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last Night

First night on a Friday was about last night.  Why do we say "last night" & not "last morning" or "last afternoon"?  If we do say that, what do we mean?  Grammarians are asked!  Answers might even be found (that would be a nice thing)!  If you didn't listen last night, it'll be up for many nights in the future!

Radio show here: website.  Radio show in two parts: direct link to part one, direct link to part two.  List of what songs are in both parts: below.

Thanks for listening!

(part one)

"Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" Lead Belly _Country Blues Outlaws_
"Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night)" Hank Ballard _Sexy Ways: The Best Of Hank Ballard_
"Last Night I Dreamed" Max Bygraves _The Decca Years 1957-1962_

"Last Night" Mondo Crescendo _Beikoku-Ongaku Magazine # 11 - 1998 Early Summer_
"Last Night On The Back Porch" The Andrews Sisters _Sing The Dancing 20s_
"Last Night I Fell Asleep On Your Floor" Saturday Looks Good To Me _Saturday Looks Good To Me_
"Last Night I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep" Hank Williams _The Complete Hank Williams_
"After Last Night" The Rev-Lons _One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found_

"Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" The Smiths _Strangeways, Here We Come_
"Had A Dream Last Night" Sandie Shaw _The Greatest Hits Of Sandie Shaw_
"Something I Dreamed Last Night" Julie London _London By Night_
"Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" Indeep _The Disco Years Vol. 2: On The Beat (1978-1982)_

"On Her Doorstep Last Night" Percival Mackey & His Band _Songs The Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us_
"Where Did You Stay Last Night?" Famous Hokum Boys _The Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2: 1930 - 1931_
"You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me Last Night" Davis Sisters _The Davis Sisters, 1952-53 Vol. 2_

(part two)

"I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill" Joan Baez _Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival_
"I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night" Billy Bragg _The Internationale_
"Last Night" Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen _Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set_

"I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (12" Mix)" The Thought _The Thought_
"Something Almost Brilliant Happened Last Night" The Siddeleys _Slum Clearance_
"Late Last Night" The Clean _Anthology_
"I Fell In Love Last Night" Heavenly _Heavenly Vs. Satan_

"Last Night" Me & You _Floating Heavy_
"Late Last Night" Slim Harpo _The Best Of Slim Harpo_
"Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me" Lillie Delk Christian _Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers_
"Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night?" Zuzu Bollin _Ham Hocks & Cornbread_
"Last Nite" The Strokes _Is This It?_

"I Cried Last Night" The Shondells _The Ikon Records Story_
"Spent A Week With You Last Night" The Records _Smashes, Crashes & Near Misses_
"Late Last Night" The Boomtown Rats _The Fine Art Of Surfacing_

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gird Your Loins

According to these guys, "gird your loins" means "to prepare yourself mentally to do something difficult."  The site helpfully adds, "This phrase comes from the Bible, where girding up your loins meant to tie up long, loose clothes so that they were more practical when you were working or traveling."  & not something disgusting, which is totally what it sounds like.

Hey!  Self Help Radio is gearing up to get back into a regular schedule!  Show on Fridays!  Tomorrow I'll post last week's show!  No more vacation, taking time off, ignoring this blog!

Well, until tomorrow, that is.