Friday, July 25, 2014

Self Help Radio 072514: Backwards

After all those years of people telling me I am backwards sort, I did a backwards radio show.  Or, really, I played a lot of backwards songs.  Which is not to say the songs were backwards themselves, but were about backwards things.  At no point did anyone say, "mih ssim, mih ssim, daed si luaP," however.  Which is just as well.

Hey!  The show is now at Self Help Radio online.  Please remember username/password info, available on the page.  It's to protect the show from stupid people trying to take down the page.  The songs I played are below.


(part one)

"Sdrawkcab (Backwords)" Lothar & The Hand People _This Is It, Machines_
"Backwards & Forwards" December's Children _Backwards & Forwards_
"Headcoat On Backwards" Thee Headcoats _Bleached Earls_
"The Backwards Alphabet" Soupy Sales _Use Your Noggin'_

"Up The Hill Backwards" David Bowie _Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)_
"Counting Backwards" Throwing Muses _The Real Ramona_
"Talking Backwards" Tender Trap _Language Lessons_
"My Son Spells Backwards" The Victorian English Gentlemens Club _The Victorian English Gentlemens Club_

"Backward Century" The Loud Family _Attractive Nuisance_
"Backwards Again" Ant Farmers _Yarn_
"Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" Tame Impala _Lonerism_
"You Got Your Head On Backwards" The Sonics _Introducing The Sonics_

"Driving Me Backwards" Brian Eno _Here Come The Warm Jets_
"Racing Backwards" Blank Dogs _Phrases EP_

(part two)

"Count Backwards (Rock & Roll Never Dies)" The Secret History _The World That Never Was_
"Backwards" Tania & Juan _Backwards_

"Backwards Town" Eugene Chadbourne _Country Protest Anew_
"Backwards" Smile Smile _Marry A Stranger_
"Talking Backwards" Real Estate _Atlas_

"Backward Bill" Shel Silverstein _A Light In The Attic_
"Bent Backwards" Mrs. Kipling _Sunny Sunday Smile_
"The World Backwards" Broadcast _Work & Non Work_
"Backward Town" Grapes Of Wrath _Treehouse_

"Bend Over Backwards" Archie Powell & The Exports _Great Ideas In Action_
"Cigarette In Backwards" The Suburbs _Ladies & Gentlemen, The Suburbs_

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Whither Backwards?

I kinda spend all day Thursday working on my show for Friday.  This is because I am a magnificent procrastinator, & because, like all procrastinators, I believe I work well under pressure.  It's really only because I have been doing this for like twelve years (Self Help Radio, that is) & I've developed a system that I get anything done at all.

I don't really work all day on my show, though.  I do work in bits & pieces, & then, suddenly, it's 11pm, & I guess I'm done.  All right then.  Oh yeah.  Write in the blog.

I can't remember why I thought a backwards show would be fun.  Maybe that Eno song?  Or the Throwing Muses song?  Or the similarly-titled Secret History song?  Whatever.  I got enough stuff together for a two-hour-long backwards show.  Plus I'll talk to my ridiculous friends, who are pretending to be people they're not.  That's fun.

Tomorrow from 7 to 9 am on 88.1 fm in Lexington, online everywhere there's a long enough cord at wrfl dot fm.  I'll have it up by noon so you don't have to wake.  Anyway, you're just lying to me & saying you'll listen.  You never do.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Preface To Backwards: A Backwards Post

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Forgot

I forgot I had a blog today.

I forgot for a moment that I did a dumb radio show in the middle of Kentucky that very few people listen to.  Not to be a jerk to the very few people who listen to the show (a small subset of which may actually enjoy the show).

I feel bad about it, because I really don't do very much else in my life.  I've thought about volunteering for causes I believe in, but you know how it is, you're busy playing a video game & then suddenly it's after five & their offices are closed & what're you gonna do?  I mean, the liquor store stays open till 10!  That's what I call convenient.

I'd like to apologize, but my "posting" to this "blog" is erratic, which guarantees that no one really comes here regularly.  So I apologize to me.  I'm sorry, me, you dumbass, I forgot to write in our stupid blog.  What were you doing?  Posting pictures no one will ever look at on the dumb Tumblr blog?  What a fucking moron.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Nine

Ida Cox

This past week's episode of Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, which featured singles released in 1939 (although some of them were recorded in 1938) is now available for listening at the Self Help Radio website.  I thought I should do a show with less scratchy vinyl than usual, so I picked the year war started in Europe - when Americans were still distracting themselves with the boogie woogie.

Please remember that to listen you'll need a username & a password.  They are available on the website but I can confide in you that they're also here, SHR/selfhelp.

The songs I played are below.

"Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)" Robert Johnson _The Complete Recordings_
"Frankie & Albert (Part 1)" Lead Belly _Sings & Plays_
"Roll 'Em Pete" Joe Turner _The Boss Of The Blues_

"Good Gravy" Sonny Boy Williamson _Black Name Blues_
"Floyd's Guitar Blues" Andy Kirk with Mary Lou Williams & The 12 Clouds of Joy _The Very Best Of Jazz_
"Booker T. Blues" Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band _Washboard Story_
"Preachin' The Blues" Big Bill Broonzy _Big Bill Broonzy, Vol. 8: 1938 - 1939_
"Melancholy" Meade Lux Lewis _Backwater Blues_

"Boogie Woogie Stomp" Albert Ammons & His Rhythm Kings _The Many Faces Of Boogie Woogie_
"Four Day Creep" Ida Cox _Ida Cox, Vol. 5: 1939-1940_
"My Daddy Rocks Me, No. 2" Trixie Smith _Trixie Smith, Vol. 2: 1925-1929_
"Everybody Oughta Make A Change" Sleepy John Estes _Working Man's Blues_
"Jivin' Woman Blues" Blind Boy Fuller _Sweet Honey Hole

"You Can Mistreat Me Here" Tommy McClennan _Big Joe Williams & The Stars Of Mississippi Blues_
"Better Not Let My Good Gal Catch You Here" Johnnie Temple _Johnnie Temple, Vol. 2: 1938-1940_
"The Fives" Jimmy Yancey _Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1: 1939-1940_