Friday, May 03, 2013

Whither Necks?

What if I told you I didn't have any better idea?

I am a little freaked out that people eat the necks of things, but one of the main reasons I stopped eating meat way back when was discovering that we ate the muscles of animals.  Honestly, I didn't really know what part of the animal we were eating - except when someone would say "liver" or "wing," which was self-explanatory - but finding out specifically what freaked me out.  I'm glad that I don't do that anymore.

I once had a terrible dream & woke up with my hands around the neck of the person I was in bed with. I am glad I didn't hurt her.  She told me that I never even tightened my grip, it was just weird, I woke her up by putting my hands around her neck.  I was dreaming I was about to strangle someone.  That could've turned ugly.

I have a radio show about necks today, did you know?  It's true.  It's on my 4 to 6 pm on 88.1 fm WRFL here in Lexington; you can listen online at the WRFL website (which has other charms).

Listen or I'll wring your neck!  Okay, that was mean.  Sorry.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Preface To Necks: What's With Necks Anyway?

Sounding like a stand-up comic, asking that silly question.  Thinking about this old dude I used to know who, at the age of like seventy had a facelift, so his face was as smooth as - well, something that everyone would think is smooth - I dunno what - I wish there were a cliché I could use right here - anyway, he had a smooth face but his neck looked awful.

Thinking about the weird shit that happens on necks.  No, not hickeys.  Fool.  Thinking about skin tags.  Weird hairs.  Adam's apples.  then, with age, wrinkles from hell.

Considering how far necks fall.  Start out as things you want to kiss.  End up as things you're vaguely afraid of.

The curse of time!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Know I Promised...

I would do a tribute show for the late, great George Jones this week, but events overtook me so I'll have to plan it for next week.  It'll feature some George Jones songs & songs about George Jones & who the hell knows what else - I haven't even begun to plan it.

In the meantime, here he is performing with Tammy Wynette one of my favorites - I hope it'll tide you over.

Indiepop A To Z # 40

Coming at you late - but as twee as it wants to be - we're still in the letter H - I only made one alphabetical mistake - though I probably left out an important band or two.

Show at website: Self Help Radio dot Net

Direct links to show: part one | part two

Songs played: below

Long week getting longer.

(part one)

"So You Think You're In Love" Robyn Hitchcock _Luminous Groove_
"Still In Love" Holiday _Ready, Steady, Go!_
"Clover Valley Road" Holiday Flyer _You Make Us Go_

"Cincinnati" The Holiday Makers _Cincinnati_
"Bus Stop" The Hollies _The British Invasion: History of British Rock, Vol. 3_
"Don't Slow Down" Hollow Men _Cresta_
"New Colors" Holy Shit _Homemade Hits Vol. 1_
"Slip Away" Home & Abroad _Swings & Roundabouts EP_

"Rocket" Home By Hovercraft _Are We Chameleons?_
"Hearts In Exile" The Homosexuals _Astral Glamour_
"Judas In Me Singing" Honest Johns _The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 2_
"Dead Souls" Honey Langstrumpf _Warsaw: Un Homenaje A Joy Division_
"Go Now" Honey Skoolmates _Moshi Moshi (Pop International Style)_

"Walking Into Walls" Honeybunch _Time Trials: 1987-1995_

(part two)

"Sister" Honeyburn _LemonLime Volume 1_
"One False Move" Honeycrash _A Sandwich & A Sweater_
"Drive" Honeymoon Diary _Homemade Hits, Vol. 1_
"(Lack Of) Love Will Tear Us Apart" The Honeydrips _Here Comes The Future_

"Untitled" Honeymooners  _The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 5_
"Fabrications" The Honeymoons _This Coherent Excitation_
"Sweeter Than Sunshine" Honeyrider _Splashdown!_
"The Man Who Was Through With The World" The Honeys _The Man Who Was Through With The World_
"Peace In A Picture" Honeytrap _The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 3_

"You Can Take A Heart But You Cannot Make It Beat" Hong Kong In The 60s _My Phantoms_
"Schottische Schloesser" Die Honigritter _Mind The Gap The Tape_
"Funny" Hope _Funny EP_
"Hanky Panky Nohow" The Hope Blister _Smile's OK_

"¡Free Arthur Lee!" Hopkirk & Lee _Beneath The Apple Tree_
"Rubinoos T-Shirt" Hormones In Abundance _Hit Music Only_
"I Need A Blanket" Horowitz _Frosty Cat Songs_