Friday, July 18, 2014

Self Help Radio 071814: Candles

An entire radio show made in defiance of electric light!  That's how it is.  The candle show flickered briefly & then was extinguished, but I have saved an impression in mp3 form.

The show was fun.  I spoke with a fellow who claimed to own the world's oldest candle, Tania called in & played a song, & a jet-lagged Dr. Howard Gently talked about the spiritual significance of candles - in addition to all the great music played!

You can listen now at the Self Help Radio website.  Please remember that the mp3s are now password protected, so if you want to listen, you'll need a username/password combo, which is on the site, or you can just remember SHR/selfhelp.  The songs I played are below.

Enjoy the scents & the beautiful flame!

(part one)

"Candle Song" Holly Golightly _Laugh It All Up!_
"Candle Mambo" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band _Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)_
"Candle" Lydia Ainsworth _Right From Real, Pt. I_

"Don't Burn The Candle At Both Ends" Louis Jordan _Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five_
"Burn My Candle (At Both Ends)" Shirley Bassey _Burn My Candle: The Complete Early Years 1956-58_
"Burn That Candle" Bill Haley & His Comets _Live It Up!_
"Wax Candle" Harverson Apricot _Psychedelic Schlemiels: Lost Sounds From The Britpsych Scene 1966-1969_

"Candle" Sonic Youth _Daydream Nation_
"Candleland" Ian McCulloch _Candleland_
"Glass Candle Grenades" Cocteau Twins _Head Over Heels_
"Black Candle" Leo Graham _Lee Scratch Perry: Public Jestering_

"Brief Candles" The Zombies _Odessey & Oracle_
"Light A Candle" Neil Young _Fork In The Road_
"Can I Get There By Candlelight" David McWilliams _Reflections Of David McWilliams_

(part two)

"A Candle's Fire" Beirut _The Rip Tide_
"Light A Candle" Orange Cake Mix _Infinite Beauty_
"Six Hundred Candles" Tiny Town _No Place Like Rome_

"No One Can Hold A Candle To You" Morrissey _I Have Forgiven Jesus_
"The Candle Burned Out" The Shout Out Louds _Work_
"Candlesticks" The Cannanes _Caveat Emptor_

"Seven African Powers" Russell Miles _Six Tunes By "Russ"_
"Candlelight" The Gestures _The Big Hits Of Mid-America: The Soma Records Story 1963 - 1967_
"Black Candles" Blue Bus _Magic Cube_
"Light The Glass Candle" Glass Candle _30 Seconds Before The Galico Wall_

"Roman Candle" Bedhead _Beheaded_
"Roman Candles" Half Japanese _Greatest Hits_

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whither Candles?

When I first came to Austin, I was responsible for the very first time for buying all of my food for myself.  I had applied to the University of Texas too late to get into the dorms, so I didn't have a cafeteria or a meal plan.  Up until that point, I had survived on meals made by my mother or me at home (from foodstuffs in the house) or on fast food.  Luckily, there was a big supermarket within walking distance of my apartments, & visit there I did all the time those first two years I lived in apartments south of the river in the area known as the "Riverside Student Ghetto."

(I just tried to find the place on Google Maps, but the area is so developed now - it's been over twenty-five years, man - that there are shops in front of the supermarket, instead of the giant parking lot I knew.  The street in front, too, has been widened.)

I had of course been in supermarkets before, so it wasn't like this was a new experience, but in general, the grocery stores I'd visited in Garland were much smaller, & didn't have things like housewares or more than two aisles of frozen foods.  One of the aisles I came to enjoy, for no apparent reason, was the aisle that had the religious candles.  They were solid, sturdy things, with lots of colors, & weird things written on them that I hadn't encountered so far in my life, being surrounded mainly by protestants.  I mean, look at this assortment from the Wikipedia:

Astonishing, right?  I bought a couple, sheepishly, but didn't really light them.  I wouldn't have known what they were for.  In a way, my fascination was filled with mockery; but I can't deny that they held an attraction for me: the lovely, unfamiliar images (Jesus with his heart glowing out of his chest!) & the prayers on the back (concentrate on your petition!) were just outside my world enough to make me feel I was being somehow transgressive - even though I was never really a Christian.

I gave one of the candles to a friend in the early 1990s, & he did what I could never do - he wrote a song about it.  I will play that song tomorrow.

I've decided to have a look around to see if I can find these candles in Lexington, & if so, I'm going to buy them & keep them somewhere around the house.  They were, in a way, the inspiration for this show.

& it's happening tomorrow!  Seven to nine a.m. (7-9am) on 88.1 fm WRFL in Lexington, online at the same time at the WRFL web site.  & later, of course, before the candles burn at, at Self Help Radio's new secure location.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You May Have Noticed (You Haven't Noticed)

All mp3 files on the Self Help Radio home page are now password protected.  I know!  I complained about it yesterday & today it's like, wow!  The username & password are on the front page, in a sort-of but not obvious place.  It's this paragraph:

(You can click it to make it bigger.)

I didn't want to write USERNAME: + PASSWORD: but I didn't want it to be hard to find, either.

Why is this happening?  Well, a couple of weeks ago, someone created a kind of program which went through my site & downloaded all the files.  This is a problem because there are a lot of radio shows there, & my web provider got mad at me (although it wasn't my fault) & shut down my site.  I begged & pleaded & did a few things that were probably useless, & my site reappeared.

Then, last week, it happened again.  I did more begging & pleading & a lot of reasoning.  My site came back up but it seemed obvious I needed to do something else.

Here's the thing: very few people know about my radio show, & there a smaller subset of those folks who listen to it.  (A smaller number, I would say, like it enough to download whole episodes.)  So when there's suddenly someone downloading (in a small span of time) 73 episodes, it's probably someone causing mischief.  Password-protection can hinder most of these situations, although, as one technical support person mentioned to me, there are people out there who can write sophisticated programs, too.  I hope I'm not on those folks' radars.

I hope that this doesn't keep people from listening to or discovering my dumb little radio show, & in that spirit, I will mention that, if you can't find the username on the web site (for whatever reason), & you can't find it written somewhere on the Facebook page, then I can only perhaps suggest that if you had to have a username, it might as well be SHR, & if you had to have a password, it might as well be selfhelp.

At this point, it's the best I can do.

Now let's hope I can put all this drama behind me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On Pins & Needles, Not On Candles At All

Didn't I do a needle show recently?  Oh yeah!

Remember last week around this time, when my site went down?  Well, I am in the process of trying to make the site slightly less susceptible to attacks by douchenozzles, but I am waiting for the folks from my hosting company to communicate with me about my changes.  If I don't hear from them today - a week after we've last spoke, I think - I'll contact them again.  Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the next attack - & the next flurry of phone calls in which I try to explain to every other person - I get a mean person & then a nice person, each time, over & over - that I am in fact doing everything I possibly can short of gutting my website & isn't there now a paper trail?

There appears to be (in my completely unscientific survey) in about half of the tech folks I talk to a lack of empathy & a weird desire to conform to whatever rules there are, no matter how much I explain.  To them, I am violating the terms of service & anything that has gone wrong is my fault.  They refer to files downloaded by an automated program as "malicious," as if they were asking to be used to disrupt online traffic.  The other half act like they're completely on my side, & they're the ones that actually help.  I hope they get more money than the meanies.

I went to the dentist today & while the dentist did the drilling, it appeared that the dental assistant did the filling.  That's unusual, isn't it?  Now the novocaine is wearing off.  It's a terrible feeling, like getting drunk at lunch & sobering up in the afternoon.  Ugh.  Ow.  I think I chewed up my lip while it was numb!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Eight

Memphis Minnie

I woke up early Friday morning feeling a little lonesome so the music I played on the show reflected that.  Maybe listening to some lonesome blues will help you feel less lonesome.

The show can be enjoyed now at Self Help Radio on the web.  The lonesome songs I played are huddling together below.

"Lonesome Woman's Blues" Rosetta Crawford _Clarence Williams & The Blues Singers, Vol 1: 1923-1928_
"Lonesome Weary Blues" Bertha "Chippie" Hill _Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers_
"The Lonesome Road" Gene Austin _The History Of Pop Radio (1920-1927)_

"Lonesome Lovesick Blues" Blanche Calloway _1925 - 1935_
"Lonesome & Sorry" Lillie Delk Christian _Hociel Thomas & Lillie Delk Christian: 1925-1928_
"Long Lonesome Blues" Blind Lemon Jefferson _The Best Of Blind Lemon Jefferson_
"That Lonesome Rave (Bertha Henderson, vocals)" Blind Blake _All The Published Sides_
"Lonesome Blues" Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony _Violin, Sing The Blues For Me_

"So Lonesome" Ramblin' Thomas _Roll & Tumble Blues_
"Lonesome Frisco Line" Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton _Roots 'N' Blues: The Retrospective_
"Lonesome Man Blues" Lee Green _Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1929-1930)_
"Lonesome Mind Blues" Speckled Red _Complete Recorded Works 1929-1938_
"Lonesome Day Blues" Blind Willie McTell _Complete Recorded Works, Vol.2 (1931-33)_

"Homesick & Lonesome Blues" Blind Boy Fuller _The Slide Guitar: Bottles, Knives & Steel_
"Look Down That Long Lonesome Road" Unknown Group _Deep River Of Song: South Carolina - Got The Keys To The Kingdom_
"Minnie's Lonesome Song" Memphis Minnie _Queen Of The Country Blues: All The Published Sides, 1929 - 1937_