Friday, April 19, 2013

Whither On My Mind?

You know who was on my mind all day yesterday?  My friend Suloni, who had a birthday on that very day.  She is the person who designed the Self Help Radio bear & whose art you can look at at her web page.  Please do!

What's on my mind today is of course my radio show, which happens today, & I wish it was on yours, because then I wouldn't have to remind you that it's on from 4 to 6pm.  You can listen to it (if I've now put it in your mind) on 88.1 fm in Lexington & its surrounding horse farms or online at

I'll understand if the stuff that's on my mind is not on yours.  You should consider yourself lucky!  It's hard having to try to sort through all the different versions of the Legion Of Super Heroes!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preface To On My Mind: What's Actually In My Mind?

Should I talk tomorrow about the nuts & bolts of the human brain?  In other words: how can we know what's on one's mind if we don't know what's in one's mind?

Well, here you go!
Perhaps I'll discuss it tomorrow.  Just remember that you until the show, you're on my mind!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Don't Understand This At All

You've seen these ads:

They're for a website called "" & there's a discussion about whether they're legit or a scam here.  (I didn't read through it because I don't think I'd go to a ubiquitous web advertising company to help me financially.)  (Which is my way of saying, if it isn't a scam, why would a company go to such lengths to make it seem like a scam?)

No, what I don't get is the image with the ad.  Have you seen these?  What the hell does that unflattering picture of an older gentleman with rosacea have to do with auto insurance?

I searched the Google for their ads - people have noticed them before, of course - but no one seems to know just why the company picks these pictures, except perhaps to make people say, "What the hell?"  My favorite is what some blog called "the homeless Jesus guy":
Someone involved with the company has got to be picking these images to put into web ads.  Is it perhaps the interns?  Some sociopath the company can't fire because he/she is related to the CEO of Experian (Business Week tells me that's who runs  Is there an ironic hipster working in the ad department?

If only Mad Men could last until we find out a very old, senile Don Draper is responsible for this!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It's been over twenty-four hours & I'm still messed up about what happened with Boston.  I have nothing but the most fervent hope that those who are injured get well & that whatever psychopath or -paths responsible get their just desserts post haste.

But I wish people would stop saying "we're praying for the victims" or "keeping the people there in our prayers."  Why?  Hannibal Buress put it far better than I could:

So I can hope there's resolution & that everyone will be all right, & I can trust in humans to take care of each other in this crisis, & I can try to believe our police forces & government are competent enough to bring whoever did this to justice.  But prayer?  I simply don't understand how that's in any way a consolation.