Saturday, October 29, 2022

Self Help Radio Halloween Shows!

Wow there are a lot of Self Help Radio Halloween shows!  & over on this page you can listen to eighteen (18!) of them.  Now that's terrifying.

From black cats to graveyards, from spiders to haunted house, from death to mummies, from zombies to clown, from Frankenstein to werewolves, there's bound to be a Halloween theme that pleases you.  Or scares you.  Or, if played loud enough, keeps the trick-or-treaters away.

That's at the Self Help Radio Halloween page.  Please make sure you note you'll need a username (SHR) & a password (selfhelp) to access the files - but only once.

Have a happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Spider Movies!

(image from the IMDb)

Self Help Radio's resident cinephile Chuck stopped by this week on the show to share with us some Halloween-friendly films featuring spiders.  Now's the time to check out all his links - including ways to watch these spooky films for free!

First, though - maybe you should listen?  The show is available at the Self Help Radio website & also at the KBOO website.  It's three hours of spidery fun!

Now, let's look at Chuck's links:
This is the IMDb keyword list where he found the films.
Here is his list of films on Letterboxd, along with his reviews.
(Chuck advises, "Click on the 'Read Notes' to find direct links to the videos on YouTube, info on where else to find them for free, & more.)
This is the YouTube playlist he created.
Here is a list films from IMDb you can stream for free in other places.

As always, we recommend you follow Chuck on Twitter!  Just to see what he's watching!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Self Help Radio 102522: Halloween 2022 - Spiders!

Halloween week started this morning on KBOO with Self Help Radio's annual Halloween show, this one about spiders!  In addition to three hours of spooky songs about spiders, we talked to several people about spiders in different capacities, & in the dark corners of the KBOO studios, the spiders lurked, afraid to come into the light, as I kept the lights blazing, since I am afraid of spiders.  As afraid of them as they long to bite me & wrap me in a web & cover me in their digestive juices &...  Sorry, I'm spiraling again.  I thought this show would help me with my fear of spiders but alas!  It did not.

The Halloween theme of spiders joins my many other Halloween themes of the years.  Should you wish to, you can visit a web page which collects most of my previous Halloween shows.

As for this week's show, it's available now at the KBOO web site & at Self Help Radio's web site.  The show on the SHR web site is downloadable but please remember to use the username SHR & to pass the password selfhelp.  Play it at parties!  To scare trick or treaters!  To end long-term relationships!

Everything that happened on the show is below.  Happy Halloween!

Self Help Radio Halloween Spider Show
"A Good Year For Spiders" Ken Nordine _Transparent Mask_
"Black Widow Spider Woman" Jack Hammer _Horror Hop_
"The Horrors Of Spider Island" Namen Namen _Namen Namen_

introduction & a discussion about spiders

"Spiders" Bruce Haack _The Electronic Record For Children_
"Spin Spider Spin" Takako Minekawa _Fun9_
"Boris The Spider" The Who _A Quick One_
"My Crystal Spider" Sweetwater _Sweetwater_
"Year Of The Spider" Shannon & The Clams _Year Of The Spider_

our resident cinephile Chuck stops by to chat about spiders in film

"The Atra Virago Or The Vargus Barking Spider" Nick Cave _Smack My Crack_
"Spiders" Jo Schornikow _Altar_
"Spiders & Snakes" World Famous Blue Jays _Star Power!_
"Stud Spider" Tony Joe White _Country Funk 1969-1975_
"Black Widow Spider" Lavelle White _It Haven't Been Easy_

interview with spider expert Earl Batson

"The Spider & The Fly" Fats Waller & His Rhythm _1938-1939_
"The Spider & The Fly" John Zacherle _Scary Tales Featuring John Zacherley_
"The Spider & The Fly" The Monocles _The Spider, The Fly, & The Boogie Man_
"The Spider & The Fly" Von Ruden _Turds On A Bum Ride_
"The Tale Of The Spider & The Fly" Synanthesia _Anthems In Eden (An Anthology Of British & Irish Folk 1955-1978)_

a conversation with my friend Barron Flemsey, who loves Halloween

"Glass Spider" David Bowie _Never Let Me Down_
"Lullaby" The Cure _Disintegration_
"The Buggy Boogie Woogie" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band _Lick My Decals Off, Baby_
"Spider" Beau _Creation_
"Spider & I" The Hope Blister _...Smile's OK_

interview with second grade science teacher Nancy Chumley

"Black Spider Blues" Robert Lockwood _"Delta Blues Goin' North" Mississippi Country Blues, Vol. 1 (1935-1951)_
"Crawlin' Black Spider" John Lee Hooker _John Lee Hooker_
"Mr. Spider" Cherry Vanilla _Venus D'Vinyl_
"I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes" The Boy Least Likely To _The Best Party Ever_
"Spiders In My Brain (feat. Space Kelly)" Torpedo Boyz _Headache Music_

interview with the Spider Guy

"The Black Widow Spider" Sanford Clark _Lee Hazlewood Industries: There's A Dream I've Been Saving 1966-1971_
"Spider Song" Townes Van Zandt _Sky Blue_
"The Spider" Momus _Turpsycore_
"Tarantula" This Mortal Coil _Filigree & Shadow_
"The Spider's Stratagem" Dead Can Dance _Into The Labyrinth_

conclusion & goodbye

"Spider-Man" Ramones _Saturday Morning (Cartoons' Greatest Hits)_
"Spiders In The Dressing Room" Toy Dolls _Cheerio & Toodlepip! (The Complete Singles)_
"Mind Spiders Theme" Mind Spiders _Mind Spiders_
"Spider" Momma _Household Name_
"Spiders & Spies" Second Still _Violet Phase_

Monday, October 24, 2022

Whither Halloween 2022 - Spiders?

There are two burning questions you doubtless have for me about this year's Self Help Radio Halloween show, which will be about spiders.  At least two.  Here are the two I will answer here:

1) Didn't you already do a Self Help Radio episode about spiders?

Yes, I did.  It was way back in 2004, after I was bitten by a brown recluse.  It was not for Halloween.  It occurred to me that this year, because Portland loves its spiders (see above image, taken a couple years ago in my neighborhood), that spiders would be a great Halloween theme.  Also, I doubt anyone who listened to that show, which aired in Austin, Texas, eighteen years ago, will be listening now & shaking their head at me for being repetitive & lazy.

2) Isn't Halloween next week?  Isn't your show next Monday on Halloween night?

Halloween is in a week, yes, but my show next week is technically on Tuesday, November 1, the day after Halloween.  I thought it would be more fun to start a week of Halloween celebrations rather be a footnote after such a week.

Maybe you have more questions?  Ask away!  & make sure to listen to Self Help Radio's show about spiders tonight on 90.7fm in Portland & online at  When?  It'll happen starting at the witching hour - midnight - & last till 3am.  All times Pacific.

Gosh, I hope you're not as scared of spiders as I am - or maybe I hope you are!

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Preface To Halloween 2022 - Spiders: Holy Shit

(image from here)

Well, I'm glad I went looking for pictures of spiders just now because I'm not going to sleep well tonight.