Saturday, September 04, 2010

More Information About Robots & Electronic Music

Robots are not afraid of words unless they have been programmed to be. Robots do not use things such as band-aids or bandages. Robots are often defined by their differences to humans. Robots can become quite vain.

I had a lovely brunch today & then made today's episode of Dickenbock Electronics, which features new music from Ital Tek, ISAN, Solvent, & more. It was a very nice show & the robots now all love me. Don't you want the robots to love you? Is that too much to ask?

Please enjoy the show at The robots who hang out there won't hassle you if you say you're there for the music. Just don't mention if you have any integrated circuits on you. You have been warned.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Cartoon Of Movies Of Movie Cartoonists

Sometimes I write things that don't make any sense. Okay, I always write things that don't make any sense. But some of these things seem to begin with purpose, then peter out. For example, this, below. I don't know what I was intending & it's not exactly a parody or satire. Maybe I wrote it with sympathy for the unheralded writers & artists of Disney. Who know? It certainly falls apart soon enough.


Scene: Hollywood, California. A bungalow on a movie lot. Time: then. Date: now.

A thick pile of night-black cat hair rises up to talk. It's Frisky Feline, star of stage & screen!

Frisky Feline introduces the short documentary film. He's smoking a cigarette on a long diamond-encrusted holder, to signify the wealth he's made in the movies. It's a stark contrast to the terrible working conditions the cartoonists who created him had to slave in!

Scene switches to: a sweatshop in Santa Barbara. Cigar smoke fills the air.

Rows & rows of middle-aged white men in their shirtsleeves lean over their drawing boards, allowed only a pipe or a cigar to calm their grumbling guts. Standing over them, wearing a double-breasted suit, is the Overseer. He wields the pen that signs the checks. He has a giggling blonde tattooed on each arm - but these poor cartoonists will never see.

Scene switches to: wealthy voice-over artists on their palatial estates in the Hollywood hills, getting foreign massages & other bizarre treatments while explaining how they rewrote scripts to suit their talents.


Just to let you know. I have scraps of things like this everywhere. I think people who really write - songs, poems, stories, etc. - save their scraps & find ways to use their ideas in other ways. I just save them. Then I look at them occasionally & go "What the fuck?"

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Revenge Of The Obscure Radio Show!

Actually, that should say, "Revenge, this week's theme on that obscure radio show." The obscure radio show is of course Self Help Radio, which you've never heard of & why should you? It's really not that good.

However, if you have some time to kill & you'd like to hear lots of songs about revenge, this radio show would fit your bill. You can listen to it & other eminently time-wasting shows at It's all very normal.

As normal as revenge.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Whither Revenge?

It's funny you should ask that. I was having a conversation with someone tonight - let's just say it was my mother, since she's 82 & more or less inoffensive - & she was talking about a friend with whom she's estranged & the desperate need she seems to feel to do something to "pay them back" for a perceived wrong. This wrong, it turns out, is simply disagreeing with her. My mother (hypothetically) can't abide the fact that this friend disagrees with her on how she (my mother, but not really) feels her friend should be living her life.

How would this revenge she desires take place? A sarcastic card seemed to be the weapon of choice. I asked my mother (it wasn't really my mother), "Do you want to stay friends with this person?" She said, yes. But she was angry at her. I said, "Do you think this card you would send with mean stuff written in it would make her realize that you were right & she was wrong, or do you think it would make her not want to speak to you ever again." My mother (who is not the person I am really talking about, I swear) said she thought it would continue the feud. "I guess I'd rather be her friend than hurt her," she said.

I'll bet you she sends the mean card anyway. People are like that.

Oh, & yes, Self Help Radio is on very early Tuesday morning at 4:30 am. You won't be up for it, this I know, & I don't expect you to be, though you can of course hear it live on the 88.1 fm frequency in all of Lexington as well as online at if you are. If you're like me & I certainly hope you're not that unfortunate, you will wait to hear it some time on Tuesday at You can download it in secrecy & if anyone asks, just tell them it's porn. That's not as embarrassing.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preface To Revenge: Why Do You Do Me Wrong?

Revenge is a dish best served over easy.

Seriously, after a day like this, that's all I've got.

Plus, the wife never fills the water bowl. We've got like six animals & I'm always finding the water bowl empty. That's kinda cruel, don't you think? Maybe not Michael Vick cruel, but still. She's not going to win any awards.

Is this mic on? What? Where am I? What have I done?

One ought to be more magnanimous, that's all I meant. You know?