Thursday, March 19, 2015

Whither Twins?

I meant to write in my dumb blog every day during my vacation but spent the day yesterday with an old friend (& later, with her new boyfriend, who is a newish friend) so between my sunburned face & the beer I consumed last night, I never quite made it to a computer.  That was nice.

Anyway, I had nothing of real value to say so I would've just said "Today was nice."  So pretend this is a Wednesday & you've accidentally stumbled onto this dumb blog, & here is what is says: Today was nice.

I did want to stop in & remind you that tomorrow from 7-9am (the regular time) Macy & Maria will be hosting Self Help Radio with a show about twins.  I like their show a lot - it's regularly on Sundays at 2pm on RFL - & asked them personally to do the show.  They had wanted to fake-interview me like I fake-interview lots of folks (including them a couple of times), but our schedules didn't work before I took off.  I'm sure they're going to be great.

They have chosen the theme "twins" because the two of them finish each other's sentences, say the same thing simultaneously, & (for all the hell I know) dream the same dreams.  They are not twins, & I think just met in college, but they're obviously close in a way that really, only people in their twenties &/or real twins can be.  So it should be a blast!

Interestingly, I have a little brother, who's a year younger than I am, & growing up it was said we resembled one another.  People would often ask if we were twins.  We weren't, & as time went by it became increasingly evident that we weren't very much like each other, even if we did kind of have similar faces.  Unlike Macy & Maria, who want to celebrate their closeness, my little brother & I began to resent anyone who asked if we were twins.  Which might have bred a little resentment for each other in us - as if the other were deliberately trying to look/be/act like that in order to sabotage the individual self we were both sure we were.  Naturally, we had a lot of similarities - we were related, for fuck's sake - but I have a sense we grew apart in some way because we were regularly thought to be so close.  Like most of my brothers, I haven't spoken to my little brother in years.  There's no reason to think this aspect of our childhood was responsible for that, but it sure didn't help.

I have twin nephews who seem close, however.  I wonder if Macy & Maria will talk about this sort of thing tomorrow?  I will try to listen & find out - you do the same!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Notes On Vacation

Drove six hours today. Some observations:

1) I don't have the stamina I once did in regards to driving. When I was younger, I could drive for eight hours at a stretch; I got behind the wheel today & within minutes I was thinking about sleeping.

2) The old tricks for staying awake while driving - looking around, loads of caffeine - work with diminishing returns.

3) Bad drivers outnumber decent drivers a thousand to one. I don't want to cast aspersions on one group or region because it no longer matters. Bad drivers swarm the American highways like gnats. & gnats are widely known as the assholes of the insect world.

4) This is not (as far as I know) proven by any studies, but I believe perhaps 50% of bad driving could be ameliorated by proper use of the turn signal.

5) The older I get, the more I want to go other places; the more I go other places, the more I worry about my cats.  They are hating on me right now.

6) I forgot this was just supposed to be about driving, but if I read this before the next time I travel: Hey, dipshit! Remember to bring a comb!

I am ready to vacate now! Is that the proper use of the verb form of vacation? I hope so! Otherwise it sounds desperate or gross.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Taking The Week Off

This week I'm going to be out of town - I'm going to see one of my favorite comics, Bo Burnham, & I also found out that a band I dig, Twerps, will be playing as well, so I'll get to see them too - but Self Help Radio will still be around, as darling RFL deejays Macy & Maria will be hosting the show.

Maybe you've heard their show?  It's great!  They're best friends, & roommates, & so close they often say the same thing at the same time & finish each other's sentences.  So, naturally, they're going to do a show about twins.

I am happy to leave the show in their capable hands.  I am not so happy that they'll probably do a much better show than I usually do & you'll realize how bad I really am at this thing I've spent almost thirteen years doing.

But I need a week off.  A road trip.  A comedy show.  Ethiopian food.  Long dog walks out of state & out of the way.  Great vegan pizza.  Quiet moments with a book.  Vacation.

Don't forget about me!  Please listen to Maria & Macy's show!