Thursday, January 11, 2018

Self Help Radio 011017: Evenings

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Evenings are good time for radio.  Or are they?  Aren't they better times for spending with family & friends (& by friends of course I mean "animal friends")?  In fact, evenings are terrible times to listen to the radio!  Who wants to listen to a dumb radio show while eating, for example?  No one!

What's more, one might be expected to don evening wear if one is going to listen to radio in the evening.  Absurd!  Ridiculous!  Who dresses up for the radio?  Not the deejays (in general) (I mean, I have seen some well-dressed deejays) (most of the time they're lucky I remembered pants)!  So why should you have on evening wear if the evening deejay(s) on the evening show doesn't bother?  It's an outrage & I am furiously penning a letter to my senator in my head.

Please note: I am penning the letter in my head.  I do not have a senator in my head.  But if I did, it would probably be Kirsten Gillibrand.  I mean, I would want it to be that senator.  It would probably end up being Mitch McConnell.

Where was I?  Who knows.  Here's Self Help Radio's show about evenings.  It's made with knowledge born of experience, as Self Help Radio has aired in the evenings now since gosh the fall of 2016.  So we know what we're talking about here.  For once.

Listen at the Self Help Radio website.  Remember the password/username info.  See what the two parts of the show contain below.

(part one)

"Wednesday Evening" John Lee Hooker _The Classic Early Years 1948-1951_
"Wet Wednesday Evening" The Hardy Boys _The Hardy Boys Play Songs From The Lenin & McCarthy Songbook_
"Good Evening" The Tickle _Real Life Permanent Dreams (A Cornucopia Of British Psychedelia 1965-1970)_

"In The Evening" Robert Petway _Big Joe Williams & The Stars Of Mississippi Blues_
"Some Enchanted Evening" Ezio Pinza _American Musical Theatre: Shows, Songs, & Stars, Vol. 3_
"The Evening News" George Carlin _More Napalm & Silly Putty_
"A Quiet Evening" The Silly Pillows _Woosh! Little Teddy Recordings 1991-2001_
"Evening Standards" The Jags _Evening Standards_

interview with fortune teller Freed Jonesin

"Return The Gift" Gang Of Four _Entertainment!_
"Evenings Fall" Louis Philippe _Delta Kiss_
"It's Getting Late In The Evening" Bobby Powell _Soulin' Vol. 4_
"Rapt: In The Evening Air" The Art Of Noise _The Seduction Of Claude Debussy_

"Music For Evenings" Young Marble Giants _Colossal Youth_
"Raymond Chandler Evening" Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians _Element Of Light_
"Evening Sun Goes Down" Reverend Gary Davis _Pure Religion & Bad Company_
"Evening Time" Allen Clapp & His Orchestra _One Hundred Percent Chance Of Rain_
"Evenings Of Damask" Tyrannosaurus Rex _Unicorn_

interview with the Rev. Dr. Howard Gently

"In The Evening" The Memories _Royal United Song Service_
"That Evening Train" T-Bone Walker _Stormy Monday Blues_
"Another Evening, Another Town" The Pooches _The Pooches_
"This Brilliant Evening" In Embrace _This Brilliant Evening_

interview with talk show host David Fruchter

"Evening Gown" The Left Banke _There's Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-1969_
"Evening Dress At 3pm" Fosca _The Painted Side Of The Rocket_
"An Evening Out" Brincando De Deus _Moshi Moshi: Pop International Style_
"Red Bar Evenings" Spring _The Last Goodbye_
"The End Of The Evening" The Airfields _Up All Night_

"Evening Of Light" Nico _The Marble Index

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Whither Evenings?

Sometimes*, this show will have a theme somehow connected to the date, or to some recent event, or something topical**.  This will happen on Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.  But mostly, we have to admit, a theme has almost no bearing to what's going on in the real world, especially since it is formed in my brain, which is the very opposite of the real world***.

As Dave Gahan has said, "But not tonight!"  No, the theme this week is "evenings" & it just so happens - I mean, seriously, what are the odds - it's way too fitting to be a coincident - believe it or not, young Ripley - Self Help Radio is a radio program that airs in the evenings.

Crazy, right?

Tonight will be an evening show about evenings.  Hell, it might even represent an evening out**** of the divide between topical themes & arbitrary themes.  This evening's show about evenings may mark a new way of choosing themes for Self Help Radio!

But probably not.  Listen anyway, this evening, from 8-10pm central, 9-11pm eastern, on 89.3 fm in Lexington & online at  It may not be the best way to spend an evening, but I will be in fact one way to spend an evening.  & I am standing by that statement.

* Rarely.
** A topical topic.
*** True that.
**** You know, like making things even, not like going out for an evening.*****
***** You know it's a terrible pun when you have to explain it.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Preface To Evenings: Seriously, I Don't Know How Bees Do It

This evening I am busy working on tomorrow's Wednesday Morning Blend on KNON.  Which makes me busy as a bee.  Busy how?  Look:

Okay, maybe not busy as a bee.  But too busy to write nonsense in here tonight.  But listen tomorrow morning!  & then tomorrow night!

(Image from here).

Monday, January 08, 2018


Hey! I can't write now! I have to do a radio show on KNON tomorrow morning!

Also! I have to do a radio show on KNON Wednesday morning!  & for a lot more Wednesday mornings after that!

& there's that show I do on Wednesday nights!  Oh no!

It will be a helluva radio week!  But it will make the blog lonesome & sad.


Sunday, January 07, 2018

Prospects, Part IV

(This is an image of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, from here.  It has nothing to do with this blog post.)

Previously in this blog - here, here, & here - I detailed my attempts to find a home for Self Help Radio in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  I've lived here for about a year & a half, & I must say never has it been so difficult for me to find a place for the ridiculous radio show that I am attached to, & the truth is, I have been resigned to doing it on WLXU until such time as they tire of it.  (I hope that isn't any time soon!)

But there has been a development!  It's not that Self Help Radio has found a home on the Dallas airwaves, but rather, that I will be doing live radio in Dallas.  I have been chosen to helm the Wednesday Morning Blend on KNON starting this Wednesday, January 10th.

The idea behind the various Morning Blends is that it's a showcase - a blend, if you will - of all the different sounds you'd hear on KNON during the day & week.  If you've listened to Self Help Radio, you know I'm all right about playing different genres, so this should be a good fit for me.  But never underestimate my ability to screw things up!

But for now, I'm glad to have a chance to be on the radio in the city & I'm ecstatic it's on KNON, a legendary community radio station.  It's 7-9am central every Wednesday, starting this Wednesday.  I hope you'll stop by at some point!