Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seriously, Does Anyone Read This Blog?

I mean, really.  I write stuff about my silly radio show, but it's probably not terribly interesting. & while I sometimes try to be clever, I often fail.

Still, if you are one of the undaunted few who happen upon this in the month of October, 2012, & you'd like to get a Self Help Radio 10th Anniversary Mug - made from real ceramics! - then send an email to this email address - which is - & I can get a mug to you.  My treat!

But who in the world would be reading this?  Seriously, this blog seems more something *I* am required to pay attention to, not you.

Monday, October 15, 2012

There's Spiders In My Anniversary!

Whew!  Ten years is a long time.  Not so long, perhaps, for a tarantula, which might live for twenty years, but for your average spider, that ten times their normal lifespan.

Which is my way of saying, if a spider did Self Help Radio, the show would have ended after a year.

A celebration of spiders on a celebration of longevity.  The show is at the Self Help Radio website, in its web there.  You can listen to it directly in two parts: part one & part two.  But be careful!  The web is sticky!

Thanks for listening, & if you've listened to Self Help Radio for ten years - what's wrong with you?

Here's what I played in each part of the show:

(part one)

"Spiders" Bruce Haack _The Electronic Record For Children_
"A Good Year For Spiders" Ken Nordine _Transparent Mask_
"Inky Dinky Spider (The Spider Song)" Kids Next Door _Hey! Look What I Found Vol. 7_

"Boris The Spider" The Kords _Mindrocker: Anthology Of 60's US-Punk Garage Psych, Vol. 3_
"Spiders & Snakes" World Famous Blue Jays _Star Power!_
"Spiderman" Wreckage _A Pop Sampler_
"Spider & I" The Hope Blister _Smile's OK_

"Spider & The Fly" Barbecue Bob _Chocolate To The Bone_
"The Spider & The Fly" Fats Waller _The Definitive Fats Waller_
"The Spider & The Fly" Von Ruden _Pebbles, Vol. 7: Chicago 2_
"The Spider & The Fly" Monocles _Box Of Trash: Pebbles Box_
"The Spider & The Fly" John Zacherle _Monster Mash/Scary Tales_

"Crawlin' Black Spider" John Lee Hooker _Blues In Transition 1955 - 1959_
"Black Widow Spider" Big Bill Broonzy _Greatest Blues Licks_

(part two)

"Black Widow Spider Woman" Jack Hammer _Horror Hop_
"Ole! Tarantula" Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus Three _Ole! Tarantula_
"Tarantula" This Mortal Coil _Filigree & Shadow_

"Spidereggs" Elf Power _Elf Power_
"Spider" Ed's Redeeming Qualities _At The Fish & Game Club_
"Spiders" Editors _An End Has A Start_
"Spider" K.G. Young _Piccadilly Sunshine # 2_

"Spider" They Might Be Giants _Apollo 18_
"The Man, The King, The Girl & The Spider" Deerhoof _Halfbird_
"Spider" Pants Yell! _Received Pronunciation_
"You Spider" The Jessica Fletchers _You Spider_
"Spider" Swan Lake _Enemy Mine_

"Ziggy Stardust" David Bowie _ The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars_
"Spider" The Merrymen _Pebbles, Vol. 20: The Continent Lashes Back - Sweden_
"Does 'Things Could Be Worse' Mean I Should Be Happy" Beloved Binge _Pockets_

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Whither Spiders? Whither A Tenth Anniversary Show?

It occurs to me that, if I am allowed to continue to do Self Help Radio into the future, I might revisit a theme (since I have decided that I should revisit themes on my anniversary shows) about which I have written once before on this blog.  That shouldn't happen any time soon - I've only maintained this blog for the past six years, or 6/10ths of the life of the show.  There are many more shows to revisit that aired before then.  (I'm surprised I didn't celebrate the sixth anniversary of my blog.  But now that I think about it, the reason I don't celebrate many anniversaries is because I never can remember when they are.)

Tomorrow, though, it's all about spiders.  (Even, as I keep getting suggested, spiders from Mars.)  I will be giving away special tenth anniversary Self Help Radio swag on the air & later on my Facebook page.  So please listen!

That's 7 to 9 am tomorrow (Monday) (the 15th of October) on 88.1 fm WRFL in Lexington & online at WRFL dot FM.  You won't want to miss it, but if you do - & I hope it's not because of a spider bite - you can hear it again & again at the Self Help Radio website.

Happy tenth anniversary, show!  You're still quite juvenile.