Saturday, December 15, 2012

Preface To Gary's Favorite Music 2012: At Last! The Show About Lips Posted!

Sorry this show has been posted so late!  What?  No one noticed?  Oh well.

Here's last Monday's show about lips.  No kissing or smacking noises to be found.  You can see the songs below.  You can listen to the show at the Self Help Radio website, or directly - part one is here & part two is here.

Enjoy the show!  Thanks for listening!

(part one)

"Kiss Your Lips" Allo Darlin' _Allo Darlin'_
"I Want A Lip" April Stevens _Ultra Lounge Vol. 18: Bottoms Up!_

"And Then I Kissed Your Lips" Gary Wilson _You Think You Really Know Me_
"I Bit My Lip" The Housemartins _Raise The Flag_
"His Lips Get In The Way" The Shirelles _Dedicated To You_
"Don't Give Me No Lip Child" Dave Berry _This Strange Effect_
"Purple Lips" Nico _The Aura Anthology_
"Stiff Upper Lip" Ella Fitzgerald _Ella Fitzgerald Sings Gershwin_

"Scottish Lips" Momus _Oskar Tennis Champion_
"Lipsmacker Kiss" All Girl Summer Fun Band _Summer Of '98_
"Lip-Smacking Good" Todd Barry _Super Crazy_
"Lip Service" R. Stevie Moore _Games & Groceries_
"Lips Like Sugar" Echo & The Bunnymen _Echo & The Bunnymen_
"Lippy" Sarandon _Kill Twee Pop!_

"Lipstick" The Buzzcocks _Complete Singles Anthology_
"Lipstick On Your Collar" The Saints _Wild About You_

(part two)

"Lippenstift Am Jacket" Conny Froboess _Rock & Roll Party - 1957-62 In Deutsch_
"Lipstick Traces On A Cigarette" The O'Jays _Beg, Scream, Shout: The Big Ol' Box Of 60s Soul_
"Lipstick Vogue" Elvis Costello _This Year's Model_
"Lipstick" Dressy Bessy _Little Music_

"Our Lips Are Sealed" Nouvelle Vague _3_
"Pucker Your Lips" The Bluenotes _The Best Of Red Top Records Vol. 2_
"Your Lips + My Lips" Spring Boutique _It's A Sweet Thing!_
"Lip Crud" George Carlin _When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?_
"The Lip" Louis Prima & Keely Smith _Just A Gigolo_
"Lips That Are Not Mine" Po! _Ducks & Drakes_
"Lips Are Redder On You" Bobby Ross _The Joe Meek Collection - Hidden Gems Vol. 1_

"Sugar Lips" Dub Dickerson _Boppin' In The Dark_
"Pale Thin Lips" The Wave Pictures _Beer In The Breakers_
"Molly's Lips" The Vaselines _The Way Of The Vaselines - A Complete History_
"Mutilated Lips" Ween _The Mollusk_
"Lucky Lips" Ruth Brown _Atlantic Rhythm & Blues (1947-74)_
"Lollipop Lips" Connie Francis _Rockin' Connie_
"Bite My Lips" Boat _Dress Like Your Idols_

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What A Week This Was

Hey, I just checked my probably-not-reliable Google Analytics, which tells me the number of times I visit my own blog (&, if there are others, how many others) & it says recently a handful of people have found their way here, & maybe it's even to listen to my recent shows, to see that I've posted them over on the Self Help Radio website, because they're interested I can imagine almost, or because they want to see what I played.

(Right now I am listening to Scott Walker's new record & it's all I can do to hold on to my sanity as I write this.)

For reasons that will be covered in a later show (at the first of the year), I've had a terrible week & while I've managed to edit half my show for the web, I am not done yet - & I probably won't be until Saturday.  So I am sorry!  I am sorry!

I hope this doesn't inconvenience you.  It has certainly inconvenienced me.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Whither Lips?

Are you a fan of kissing?  I should hope so!  Kissing is generally performed with the lips.  This much is true.  In fact, Wikipedia (to whom I gave money recently) admits, quite frankly that kissing is "the act of pressing one's lips against the lips or other body parts of another person or of an object."

There are obviously different kinds of kisses, which made my brain say, "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"  But that's neither here nor there, brain.  Why you gotta interrupt me like that?

Of the different kinds of kisses, many authorities without lip sores rank the "romantical kiss" as the best of all.  That's a kiss between lovers, the sort of kiss that kinda grosses you out if you're not in on it, or if you're not watching pretty people do it in a romantic comedy.

I might have also said something about pornography, but I don't think they're allowed to kiss in pornography, are they?

Here's something that's chilling if you (a) have lips & (b) enjoy kissing (of the primarily romantical nature): if you get married, & if that marriage is of the traditional monogamous variety, you probably won't get to kiss anyone besides the person you marry for the rest of your life.

For example, I have not kissed another person in the romantical sense since I started dating the woman I married.  That means it's been like eleven years!  That's amazing!

Now, for most people, since they are making the commitment to be married, they understand that, & it's cool.  I haven't met anyone in the last decade with whom I wanted to kiss more than my spouse.  I still enjoy kissing her, although I think she could make it through the day without kissing me.  She tries, anyway.

I am always there with my lips puckered to foil her antiromantical plans!

The show will be on the air tomorrow from 7 till 9am on the 88.1 fm frequency in Lexington, Kentucky, streaming simultaneously from the WRFL website.  It'll be lip-smacking good!

All right, probably not.  But whether it's good or not, I'll try to have it on the Self Help Radio website in a timely manner.