Friday, July 26, 2019

Self Help Radio 072619: Mine! All Mine!

This show is hella late.  The fault is mine - all mine.

There's not much to say.  Go listen, if you've been waiting for it.  I need to nap.

The show is at Self Help Radio dot net, & you'll need a password (try "selfhelp") & a username (try "SHR") (don't use the parentheses).  What you'll hear is below.

Yes.  I take all responsibility.

Self Help Radio Mine! All Mine! Show

"She's Mine All Mine" Blacktop _I Got A Baaad Feelin' About This_
"When You Were Mine" Allo, Darlin' _Capricornia_
"(I Can't Seem To) Make You Mine" The Clientele _Strange Geometry_


"Is He Really Mine" Dream Diary _You Are The Beat_
"Mine" The Aquadolls _Stoked On You_
"Make Her Mine" Hipster Image _The Mod Scene_
"Be Mine Tonight" Lloyd Williams _Searching For Soul_
"Mine All Mine" Anna Oxygen _All Your Faded Things_

interview with storage space owner Ernest Froelich

"Can't Seem To Make You Mine" Alex Chilton _19 Years: A Collection Of Alex Chilton_
"When U Were Mine" Ida _Poor Dumb Bird_
"She Is Mine" The Psychedelic Furs _Talk Talk Talk_
"Gotta Make You Mine" Velvet Crest _Gotta Make You Mine_
"Till You Say You'll Be Mine" The Primitives _Echoes & Rhymes_

interview with sociologist Mesa Rob

"I Me Mine" The Beatles _Let It Be_
"Make You Mine" The Drums _Summertime!_
"Sort Of Mine" Heavenly _Le Jardin De Heavenly_
"If You Were Mine" Billie Holiday _The Quintessential Billie Holiday, Vol. 1: 1933 - 1935_
"I Wish You Were Mine" T-Bone Walker _The Original Source_

discussion of Gary's radio adventures
phone call by lawyer Bobcat Sloan

"Mine All Mine" Jimmy Wakely _The History Of Country & Western Music, Vol. 15 (1948)_
"He's Mine" The Platters _Enchanted: The Best Of The Platters_
"Click & You're Mine" Miss World _Waist Management EP_
"Be Mine" Burnt Palms _Back On My Wall_
"That Boy Is Mine" The School _Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything_

discussion of Gary's radio adventures

"Mine Mine Mind" Roky Erickson & The Aliens _The Evil One_
"She's Mine" The Frowning Clouds _Listen Closelier_
"Tell Me That You're Mine" This Happy Breed _Woosh! Little Teddy Recordings 1991-2001_
"She Was Mine" The Beaux Jens _Scream Loud!!! The Fenton Story_
"I'll Keep It With Mine" Rainy Day _Rainy Day_

conclusion & goodbye

"Mine" The Ramonalisas _Wintersliding_
"You Were Mine" The Hit Parade _More Pop Songs_

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Whither Mine! All Mine!?

(I forgot where I downloaded this old jpg, sorry!)

Another damn show with too many songs.  I beg your indulgence if I don't play the first one that pops into your head - or the second one - or the ninth one.  There. are. too. many. songs. that. fit. this. theme.

Perhaps I should've thought of "be mine."  Or "he's mine."  Or "make you mine."  Or something else more specific.  Alas, hindsight is a dish best served cold.  Hmm.  That didn't make any sense.  I blame it on my new floss.  It's tough but fair.

There's nothing more to day, as I have seventeen more hours of songs to listen to.  Just wanted to remind you the show will happen I really hope around noon tomorrow, Friday, July 26, over at Self Help Radio dot net.  It'll be mine, & then it'll be yours.  & then you'll want to return it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Preface To Mine! All Mine!: The Wednesday That Time Forswore

This evening I took a spinach sesame noodle casserole over to the neighbors for what I was told was a "block party" but it was just the wife & me & some neighbors who liked each other.  The people across the street weren't invited & neither were the youngsters who, our next-door neighbor said, deal drugs!  

It was otherwise fun but I drank a lot of wine & need to get to sleep.  So forgive me for this brief posting.  The day was not mine.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Primary Care

Today I had my first doctor's appointment in Portland.  Nothing's wrong, I just like to have a doctor.  It seems so strange because, while technically we had a doctor when I was a kid, he was mainly there to get drugs without a prescription (we were quite poor) & for emergencies.  He was very fond of my mother & my sister Pat & seemed a kind soul.  His name was George Molhusen & although I can't find any reports online, my sister told me he died in a house fire after rescuing both his wife & his dog.  He was 79 years old.

Anyway, I think my first real doctor was a fellow who didn't give a shit about me in Kentucky.  I saw him every six months & I don't think he remembered me once.  He remains the first man ever to penetrate me anally, albeit with his finger, & I hope he remembers that act as fondly as I do.

We had a great GP in Fort Worth, one of the five best things about my time there.  She was very kind, very supportive, & she hugged me goodbye when I said we were moving.  I think I actually was healthier when I moved than when I first saw her.  She liked horses.

This doctor today was fine & dropped the s-bomb in my presence, which I approve of.  But later on - after both a urine sample was given & blood was drawn - I discovered the wife had misunderstood the insurance information & this doctor isn't in our network, or whatever that language is.  So I probably won't see her again.

All that blood!  All that urine!  I hope I'm all right.  Will I ever know?  Ah well.  I have another appointment scheduled for September.  Hopefully this one will be in network.

Monday, July 22, 2019

First Freeform Portland Sub Show

On Saturday night/Sunday morning, I subbed my first show on KFFP, better known as Freeform Portland, the low-power FM here in town.  It's a wonderful place, & I am glad to be involved, even if I probably didn't do a show exactly like the one I subbed.  I basically did me.  That's always a dodgy proposition.

You can listen to the show at the Self Help Radio website if you'd like.  What I played is below.  I celebrated a few birthdays, I talked to myself in the middle of the night, & some people walked the streets below me.  It was fine.

Remember: password is selfhelp, username is SHR.

Basement Boogie Sub Show 

"It's Not Explained, It's Delaware" Tullycraft _The Railway Prince Hotel_
"Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Take 19)" The Beatles _The Beatles (White Album) [Deluxe]_
"Innocence" The Other Two _The Other Two & You_

"The Trip" Kim Fowley _Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era, Vol. 2_
"The Boy Is A Tramp" Crocodiles _Boys_
"1972" Broken Social Scene _Let's Try The After_
"Heavens Above" The Pastels _Heavens Above_
"Tanto" Sessa _Grandeza_

"Kindergarten Of The Stars/A Touch Of Fairfax" Robin Williams _Reality... What A Concept_
"Love Insane" Dif Juz _Extractions_
"Beguine" Olivia Neutron-John _Olivia Neutron-John_
"Bashibazouks" Momus _Scobberlotchers_
"Aus Birgittes Tagebuch" Bangkok Impact _Lektroluv 5_

"The Hurt" Cat Stevens _Foreigner_
"Half Life Crisis" Jim O'Rourke _Simple Songs_
"Anyways" Harlan _Anyways_
"Conesuela" Tyrannosaurus Rex _Prophets, Seers & Sages The Angels Of The Ages_
"Country Girl" Jacobites _Robespierre's Velvet Basement_

"Single Girl, Married Girl" The Carter Family _Anthology Of American Folk Music_
"Mandolin Boogie" The Armstrong Twins _The History Of Country & Western Music, Vol. 10 (1945-1946)_
"The Randall Knife" Steve Earle & The Dukes _Guy_
"Lonely" Tom Waits _Closing Time_
"Be Still" Robyn Hitchcock _Love From London_

"Dedication Not Medication" The Fall _Sub-Lingual Tablet_
"Where My Mind Goes" Apex Manor _Heartbreak Manor_
"Just Who Is The Five O'Clock Hero" The Jam _The Gift_
"Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" Bob Dylan _Live 1966 (The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert)_
"Believe In Nothing" Peter Perrett _Humanworld_
"1-2-3" Professionals _I Didn't See It Coming_