Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Glimmer Of Hype

This is of interest mainly to the subset of Huntington, West Virginia, residents who listen to WMUL 88.1 fm with some regularity. Next week (starting, I suppose, Monday) the entire university shuts down for Thanksgiving week. (Which I find astonishing.) (School lasts till Wednesday at the university in Austin.) (My dentist told me it might be because next week is the beginning of hunting season.) (But who knows?) This means several things about my radio work next week. Here they are:

1) Self Help Radio & Dickenbock Electronics will air regularly, during the 6 to 9am time on Wednesday. That's super news! I'm not affected by either hunting season or Thanksgiving!

2) Plus, I'll be doing the three hours after my shows, which means three hours of jazz oh boy! until noon. So that's six hours of me on the radio Wednesday. Pretty soon after, I'm sure, someone will make that illegal.

3) Plus also, I'll be doing a freeform show Monday at 2pm to 4pm. Just because I haven't done freeform for a while. It might be fun!

4) Plus also too, on Tuesday at noon, till 2pm, I'll be playing some hip-hop, & the same on Thursday. Tuesday will be old-skool, while Thursday will be an overview of the hip-hop I liked this year.

I may archive those shows, but probably not all of them. Still, how exciting! Don't you wish you lived in Huntington? Or, alternately, aren't you glad you don't live in Huntington?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shows Up, Hose Down

Yes yes yes yes yes yes. This week's Self Help Radio (full of impertinent questions like "are you sure?" & "are you certain?") as well as this week's Sugar Substitute (which will satisfy your ear's sweet tooth) are both available for listening at There are lots of shows there. These are but two. But they are the newest two, &, maybe, the only two you haven't heard yet. Have a listen.

Meanwhile, I am embarrassed that I referenced this ridiculous documentary, which I don't think I ever saw - there was another one that was better-reviewed & -respected - but back in my video store days, people did love to check that movie out.

Self Help Radio is much better for you than a documentary about pimps & hos. Trust me. Of that I am sure.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Years Ends

Rapidly comes to a close the years 2009. What is to follow except perhaps 2010? Does that means to you for the beginning of the next of the decades of this or any other century? No!! We want to feel more like positives in numbers, not so much like they will negative be.

Certainly the trees die in the autumn of seasons where it is in West Virginia. Any leaves are scattered waiting for picking up or perhaps someone will blow. Dogs and tenants alike crunching through the dead dying litter leafs saying to the world "Yes!! Yes!! It is the end of someone's year!!"

Alternatively nothing makes a closing sale celebration or some other excuse to or from partying is Self Help Radio, which authorities submit finds 88.1 fm dial on days like Wednesdays exactly when the crow flies at 7:30 am. We live like so many do in West Virginia but someone doesn't always, & luckily therefore often find itself strewn with the previous of shows. Huzzah!! Hurray!!

Naturally one expects listening. Or if so, much grateful!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Whither Are You Sure?

- Are you sure?
- I'm not sure.
- Are you sure you're not sure?
- I'm sure I'm not sure.
- Then you're sure.
- I'm sure I'm not sure, but I'm definitely not sure.
- I'm not so sure about that.
- No?
- Certainly.
- So you're sure that you're not sure but you're not sure that I'm not sure.
- I'm not sure - can you repeat that?
- Sure.
- Wait. You're sure you can repeat it but are you sure you're really repeating it correctly?
- Surely you don't think I'd be so unsure in my faculties that I'd forget something I just said.
- I'm sure some people do.
- I'm sure most people don't.
- How can you be so certain?
- Scientific studies on the nature of certainty.
- I heard that those results were uncertain.
- You're thinking of the uncertainty principle.
- Assuredly I am not!
- For someone who thinks he's so unsure you're sure sure of yourself.
- I'm not sure I'm explaining myself well.
- Then why do you sound so sure?
- Are you sure I sound sure? I sure don't hear it.
- Sure you do. It's the certainty in your voice.
- I'm not sure it's certainty.
- What is it then?
- I'm not sure.
- But you're sure you're not sure.
- I'm positive!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Preface To Are You Sure?: In Praise Of The Humboldt Current

Not enough bloggers or their blogs, in these troubled times, choose to take time out of their busy schedules of reading politicians' new ghost-written books or complaining about the price of cheese in Shinola to simply sit back & appreciate the little bits & pieces of Nature that make our world the terrifying & lovely place it has always been & may yet one day be. Take the Humboldt Current. You have to go to South America to do it, but take it. Take what the Wikipedia says for granted:

"The Humboldt Current is a cold, low-salinity ocean current that flows north-westward along the west coast of South America from the southern tip of Chile to northern Peru. It is an eastern boundary current flowing in the direction of the equator, & can extend 1,000 kilometers offshore... [N]amed after the Prussian naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, [it] is one of the major upwelling systems of the world, supporting an extraordinary abundance of marine life... It is the most productive marine ecosystem in the world, as well as the largest upwelling system... [&] support the world’s largest fisheries. Approximately 18-20% of the world’s fish catch comes from the Humboldt Current LME. The species are mostly pelagic: sardines, anchovies & jack mackerel... The cold, nutrient-rich water brought to the surface by upwelling drives the system’s extraordinary productivity."

Fuck yeah! You can read the whole article here, & if you do, your friends will call you Jack Mackerel. & you'll say, "Of course! & thank you, Humboldt Current!"