Friday, November 10, 2023

Self Help Radio 110923: Hazel

(original image here)

People named Hazel. Hazel eyes. Hazelnuts. Even witch hazel, which isn't related to the other hazel at all. This show about hazel encompassed all the hazels. & maybe more. Did you tell your friend Hazel about it? You really should.

Listen to the show at the Self Help Radio website. Use the username SHR & the password selfhelp. Everything that happened on the show is below.

Seriously, I have nothing more to say about hazel. I used up all the hazel conversation I had for this show. There's only so much one can say about hazel. But luckily it filled two hours!

Self Help Radio Hazel Show
"Hazel" Ken Nordine _Colors: A Sensuous Listening Experience_
"Hello, Hazel" Jule Styne, Helen Gallagher, & Benay Venuta _Hazel Flagg: Original Cast LP_
"Hazel" Onie Wheeler _Onie's Bop_
"Hazel" Ronnie Dawson _Rockin' Bones - The Legendary Masters_

introduction & definitions

"Hazel & Jean" Don Sharp _Rock-A-Socka Hop!_
"Hooray For Hazel" Tommy Roe _Tommy Roe's Greatest Hits_
"What Have They Done To Hazel?" The Swinging Blue Jeans _Hippy Hippy Shake: The Definitive Collection_
"Hazel's Hips" Oscar Brown Jr. _Sin & Soul ...& Then Some_
"Hi Hi Hazel" Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band _Where The Action Is!_

memories of Shakespeare - with Sir Edwin Porridge

"Hazel Autumn Coca Brown" The Cascades _Maybe The Rain Will Fall_
"High Flyin' Hazel" Larry & The Greatest Of Ease _High Flyin' Hazel_
"Hazel" Bob Dylan _Planet Waves_
"Hazel & Charlie" David Rea _The Brass Ring_
"Witch Hazel" Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, & Cindy Mangsen _Voices Of Winter_

interview with aromatherapist Eden Parker

"Hazel" Cocteau Twins _BBC Sessions_
"Hazel" Smack Dab _Majestic Root_
"Slow Fast Hazel" Stereolab _Emperor Tomato Ketchup_
"Hazel" Tim Smith's Spratleys Rats _Hazel_

interview with color researcher Edwin Prince

"Hazel Eyes" The Flower Machine _Lavender Lane_
"Hazel" Weekend _Red_
"Hazel Eyes" Redd Kross _Researching The Blues_
"Hazel Street" Alela Diane _About Farewell_

Ned Dry tells us about one of his favorite television shows

"Hazel" Bobtown _Chasing The Sun_
"Hazel Eyes" Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh _The Barn Birds_
"Hazel" Andrew Combs _Canyons Of My Mind_
"Hazel Woods" Andy Jenkins _Sweet Bunch_

conclusion & goodbye

"Hazel Irvine" The Wave Pictures _When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings_
"Hazel" The Woolen Men _The Woolen Men_

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Whither Hazel?

(Pantone 17-1143 - Hazel)

It was just time for another color. In fact I can't remember the last time I explored a color on Self Help Radio. Why, I think it might have been turquoise! It did indeed seem like it was time.

Colors are pretty easy themes, especially the primary & tertiary ones - of which I think I have only explored green, & that was something of a nightmare - too many songs! - so naturally I gravitate to the ones that might take a little more work to explore. But why hazel? It can't be because I have hazel eyes, can it? (Or do I? See the previous post.) No, it was just happenstance.

At some point in the past, not the dim past, but let's say sometime in the summer, I was working on a graphic for something & I noticed a color that struck my attention. I didn't think it was beige, but I thought it might look like darkened amber. A quick search discovered that it was close to hazel. & although I have been told I have hazel eyes most of my life, I don't think I ever really knew what that color looked like.

Usually when my brain has to travel some kind of circuitous path to figuring something out, it will say to me, "Maybe that will make a good radio show theme." & so I made a note of it.

& now that theme is today's theme on Self Help Radio. Which you can listen to today from noon to 2pm on Freeform Portland - 90.3+98.3fm in town & online at freeform portland dot org.

Hazel's also a name too so tell anyone you know named Hazel there's a show about them!

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Preface To Hazel: Hazel Eyes

(image from here)

That stunning picture above comes from an article online called What Determines Hazel Eye Color? Click above to read it. Here's the thing: since I was a kid, I've been told I have hazel eyes. It's said so on every driver's license I've had since I was 16. But do I really?

My wife just took a picture of one of my eyes. Here it is:

It doesn't look like the one above, does it? I think it's slightly more green.

Have I been living a lie for those forty years? Do I actually have green eyes?

It's a good thing that the show this week isn't about my eyes. More tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

How To Listen To The 1968 Project

(a Melody Maker page from 1968, from here)

Yesterday I promised you that I'd point you to where you can listen to the six installments (so far) of the 1968 Project. If you don't know what that is, read the previous post on this blog. If you don't care, you're in good company - most listeners don't.

The first three episodes were done as sub shows in late-night timeslots on KBOO, & as such, they were not archived on the station's website. You can listen to them on the Self Help Radio web site, however, but you'll need to make sure you use a username/password combo to listen. Those are SHR/selfhelp. Here are the links:

Part I (November 1, 2022)
Part II (November 15, 2022)
Part III (December 27, 2022)

When Self Help Radio moved from KBOO back to Freeform Portland in the spring, I suddenly had three hours in which I could do & play anything. Sometime in the summer I thought I should return to the 1968 Project. & so I have. Here are the other three shows archived on the KBOO website:

Part IV (July 25, 2023)
Part V (September 19, 2023)
Part VI (November 7, 2023)

These shows (except the last one) are on the Self Help Radio website as well. (I'll put the most recent one up on Friday). You can find them by scrolling on the front page of the website. I don't want to link them here because come January those links will be incorrect & I won't remember to come back & update them.

One thing is true: I find this fun to do. So let me go now listen to some more records from 1968 & maybe I can do one more of these before the year ends.

Monday, November 06, 2023

The 1968 Project, Part Six

(The top four haven't changed since September)

Previously. Don't want to read? I'm using the top albums of 1968 at Rate Your Music to go through & listen to as many full-length records from 1968 & then playing the longest song on the radio. Tonight on Corporate Standardized Programming on KBOO, I'll continue to do so for the sixth time.

Tomorrow I'll provide links to the earlier shows. They're all on my website but three of them are also on the KBOO website. (I did two as KBOO sub shows, & those aren't archived at KBOO's website.)

This has been hella fun. Even if I didn't like some of the songs. & I promised I'd do another one after the Fall Drive ends. It's happening tonight.

Midnight to 3am. 90.7fm in town. everywhere. See ya there.