Friday, July 19, 2019

Self Help Radio 071919: Voices

(Original image here.)

So many voices on today's show!  & not just in song - there are four guests on today's show!  What a delight!  What a mess!

My voice is shot now, spending all that time talking & singing along.  I made need some special kind of tea.  Or alcohol.  Tea with alcohol?  Alcohol with a splash of tea?  This is the most accommodating cafĂ© I've ever seen.

What else is there to say?  Save your voice, listen to this show instead.  Tons of songs, a voice coach, a voice actor, a spiritual mentor, & a surgeon.  It'll make you hoarse in some way.  Maybe just mentally.

It's now at the Self Help Radio website, & once there you'll need a username (which is SHR) & a password (which is selfhelp) to access.  What you'll hear - including the interviews, is below.

Life up every voice & listen!

Self Help Radio Voice Show

"The Voice" Ultravox _Rage In Eden_
"V.O.I.C.E." Poeme Electronique _The Echoes Fade_
"The Voice" Boys Next Door _Door, Door_

introduction & definitions

"Voice" Sacred Paws _Strike A Match_
"Voices" The Cavalcade _Many Moons_
"Voices" Sunscreen _Just A Drop EP_
"Voices, That's All" Chumbawamba _ABCDEFG_
"New York Voices" George Carlin _Occupation: Foole_

interview with the Rev Dr Howard Gently

"Hearing Voices" Galaxie 500 _This Is Our Music_
"I Hear Voices" Screamin' Jay Hawkins _I Hate CDs: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection, Vol. 1_
"She's Hearing Voices" Bloc Party _Silent Alarm_
"Golden Voice Announcer's School" Gary Owens _Put Your Head On My Finger_
"Voices Inside My Head" The Police _Zenyatta Mondatta_

interview with cosmetic voice surgeon Dr. Herbert Humekake

"Other Voices" The Cure _Faith_
"My Other Voice" Sparks _No. 1 In Heaven_
"The Voice In My Head" Aaron Aryanpur _In Spite Of_
"Sacred Voices" Red Letters _Kilt By Death: The Sound Of Old Scotland_
"The Hidden Voice" TV21 _Something's Wrong_

interview with voice coach Dr Jacob Melodious

"Information In The Voice" Malcolm Middleton _Summer Of '13_
"Voice Yr Choice" The Go! Team _Rolling Blackouts_
"Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)" Donny Hathaway _Everything Is Everything_
"Little Voice" Ashby _Looks Like You've Already Won_
"Now Your Smile Comes Over In Your Voice" The Wave Pictures _Beer In The Breakers_

interview with aspiring voice actor & cousin, Larry
+ goodbye!

"Voice From The Mountain" Nick Drake _Time Of No Reply_

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Whither Voices?

(Image from a website explaining how the voice works.)

It seems unfair, to me, that you get to hear my voice all the time & I never get to hear yours.  It would be so cool if you'd record yourself talking about one of my dumb themes & I could play it on the show.  What do you sound like?  I have no idea.

A few months ago - maybe before we left Texas - I started thinking about a show about voices.  It started out as a purely acapella show - but that proved a little difficult.  Maybe one day.  I discovered there were lots of songs that purport to be about voices, & that settled it: the path of least resistance, songs about voices.

Turns out there are hella songs about voices.  So much so that I could easily do a three-hour show.  I'm not going to - no one needs to hear my voice that long - but I could.  There are so many songs, though, I'm afraid I might not make it by noon tomorrow.  But I will try!

Noon tomorrow.  Self Help Radio dot net.  The next time you'll hear my voice.  Hopefully not the last.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Preface To Voices: The Voice I Will Hear Tonight

(Image from here.)

Not only the voice - I'll get to see him, too!  In a couple of hours, I'm heading to my first Portland comedy experience - which also happens to be my first Portland comedy festival experience, as it's the first night of the Portland Queer Comedy Festival as well - seeing the great Scott Thompson of The Kids In The Hall as his character Buddy Cole.

This is true: I wouldn't have found out about the show if I hadn't gone Saturday to be trained at yet another station in town.  That makes three I am involved with.  More about that soon.

But for now!  Off to see the great man!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Today I had my teeth cleaned for the second time in three months.  It reminded me of another dental story.  Here is that story:

When we lived in Huntington, West Virginia, we looked for a dentist a few weeks after arriving because we believe in dental care.  Friends - a couple the wife met through academic colleagues - recommended a dentist within walking distance of our house.  That was cool.  We went there, & I luckily didn't need any work, but the wife needed to have a filling replaced.  That wasn't fun.

A year later, after we had moved to Lexington, Kentucky, the wife began experiencing pain when the replaced filling was.  She went to a different dentist & discovered the Huntington dentist had simply done a terrible job, the filling was not properly done, & it had to be replaced.

The wife was furious.  She called her friends & told them about the experience.  They said, "Oh yeah, it's happened with us, too."

It was a quintessential West Virginia experience: she's not a very good dentist, but she's our dentist.

My experience today only somewhat reminded me of this story, & what happened was, even though three months have passed since my last cleaning, my mouth was a mess.  Without going into any detail, the hygienist did a marvelous job, making me reflect that if I were a masochist, I might specialize in the weird pain/pleasure sensation of someone scraping at your gums.  It also make me realize that our dentist in Fort Worth wasn't any good.

Afterwards the wife asked me if I liked the dentist.  (I did not like our dentist in Kentucky & after three visits I found another on my own.)  She was not only relieved when I said yes, we both were surprised our teeth were in such terrible shape.

This time, though, it was entirely our fault.  We picked a dentist in Fort Worth near the wife's work, which was convenient for both of us.  & he was very kind last year (or was it the year before) when I had to have a crown replacement.

But boy his hygienists were terrible.  I haven't had my teeth cleaned that well in ages.  I look forward to six months from now!

This is probably not very interesting but it's on my mind.  I should've written about some radio meetings I had this week.  Damn.  Okay, tomorrow.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Folk Espresso The Second Time

This morning I subbed Folk Espresso the second time.  I got one very nice call from a person who appreciated my style & what I played, but two negative calls - one is which the fellow simply yelled at me to shut up & play music & then hung up - & another which came after the positive call also suggesting I talk too much & also letting me know that "people don't give shit about birthdays" - a reference to me both playing musicians who have birthdays under my voice as well as playing songs by musicians who had a birthday today (Ian Curtis, Washboard Sam, Linda Ronstadt, & Roky Erickson).  It left me with a bad taste in my mouth & I probably won't sub the show again, mainly because I get the impression that the folks who listen to the show - to the 5:30 to 7 folk block every morning on KBOO - are people who have been listening a long, long time, & I think they'll be happiest with people they're familiar with - who apparently don't talk as much as I do.

It's weird to think of people who get angry at the radio & it's not talk radio, isn't it?

You can listen to the show here, if you want.  What I played is below.

"Katmandu" Cat Stevens _Mona Bone Jakon_
"Clever Songs" Four Eyes _I'd Rather Be Ghost Hunting_
"Losers Like Me & You" Erik Koskinen _Burning The Deal_

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" June Tabor With Oysterband _A Beginner's Guide To English Folk_
"Jubilee" Jake Xerxes Fussell _Out Of Sight_
"Wild Mountain Thyme" Judy Collins _Maid Of Constant Sorrow & Other Hits_
"The Wild Man Of The Sea" Elliott Morris _The Way Is Clear_
"I Drink" Mary Gauthier _Mercy Now_

"Bucket's Got A Hole In It" Washboard Sam _When The Sun Goes Down, Vol. 3: That's Chicago's South Side_
"Georgia" Aviva Le Fey _Lovesick_
"Ramblin' & Tumblin'" Spider John Koerner _Spider Blues_
"Highway Blue" Erin Durant _Islands_
"You're A Big Girl Now" Bob Dylan _Biograph_

"Walk Away Renee" Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy _Adieu False Heart_
"You Don't Love Me Yet" Roky Erickson _All That May Do My Rhyme_
"Summertime" Carolyn Hester _At Town Hall_
"The Long Game" Johnathan Rice _The Long Game_
"Heart Of Black" Gold Light + Snakemusk _Shadows In The Shallows_

"Ada & Asa" Jenny Adkins _Ada & Asa_
"Written In The Book" John Tams _The Reckoning_
"Heart Still Beats" Eva & The Vagabond Tales _Uncharted Ocean_